Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2994 Karma

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Chapter 2994 Karma

“Are you testing me?” asked Long Chen darkly.

The middle-aged woman smiled slightly. “Don’t be angry. As my son’s boss, you can count as my junior. I’m just joking with you.”

Bai Xiaole’s mother was truly terrifying. It was unknown what method she had used, but she had actually provoked the power of the primal chaos bead. If she was an enemy, he would be truly doomed. That was his greatest secret.

However, he was still angry. Even though he didn’t sense any malice from her, his expression was ugly.

“Haha, the nine star line does have explosive tempers. I already said it was just a joke. Why do you need to look like that? After all, if my foolish son wishes to be with you, I naturally must test you to see who you are. But I didn’t think you were such a dangerous person,” said the woman.

Long Chen felt profoundly powerless. This person had also seen through his identity. Then it wouldn’t be too long before he was exposed.

“Don’t worry. I was able to see through your status because our line has a certain connection with the nine star line. Furthermore, I used my innate ability just now. There are not many inheritances in this world that my divine ability cannot see through. For it to be repelled in such a domineering fashion from just a look, even forcing karma onto me, then it could only be a handful of techniques. That still wasn’t enough to confirm that you were a nine star heir though, so I tested you with my words just now, and well, everything is confirmed now,” said Bai Xiaole’s mother with a smile.

Long Chen bitterly smiled. “I really am still too young.”

“I should have been able to tell you were a nine star heir from the start. However, your character is different from other nine star heirs, so I had to test you. The nine star heirs I know of are all lone wolves. They are so domineering and cold that no one can be near them. They are wild and dangerous. However, you are different from those nine star heirs. You can actually get along very well with others. I cannot comprehend such a thing,” said Bai Xiaole’s mother.

“Get along very well with others?” Long Chen shook his head. He hadn’t been in the academy for long, but he already had enemies everywhere. Did that count as someone who got along well with others?

“Nine star heirs are solitary existences with no family or friends. They have nothing tying them down, nothing that they care about. They are the bane of others’ existence, madmen no one dares to provoke, because as soon as a nine star heir is provoked, they will fight recklessly without even caring about their own lives, all to protect the dignity of nine star heirs. Due to this character, nine star heirs rarely manage to grow up. They don’t know how to endure and will jump into obvious traps without hesitation. It’s a distressing level of stupidity, but no one can change their character. You, however, are different from them. You have a slight softness to you. That slight softness might let you live longer. If you were the same as other nine star heirs, even if I had to break my son’s legs, I wouldn’t let him go with you,” said Bai Xiaole’s mother.

“Senior, you’ve seen other nine star heirs?” probed Long Chen.

“You will also see them in the future.”

Bai Xiaole’s mother didn’t directly answer him. Instead, she gave him a square jade plate. “If you encounter some danger that you cannot handle, you can crush this. It will save your life. I leave Xiaole to you.”

After saying that, Bai Xiaole’s mother vanished. As for Long Chen, he appeared in the ruined headquarters of the Luo Gate with the jade plate in his hand.

“Boss, did my mom say anything to you? Did she threaten you to drive me away?” asked Bai Xiaole worriedly.

“No, not at all. Your mom has given permission for you to follow me.” Long Chen shook his head and probed Bai Xiaole’s injuries. He was injured all over, with even his bones broken and his internal organs damaged. That father of his had not been light-handed.

However, Long Chen found that these wounds were healing on their own without any medical aid. Furthermore, there was some kind of special energy within those wounds. Long Chen was startled and suddenly understood.

Bai Xiaole’s father definitely had his own reason for beating Bai Xiaole. He was infusing his own energy into Bai Xiaole’s body. That would be his foundation for cultivating.

To send his own life’s core into someone else’s body, that was not so simple. It came at an immense price, like shortening a person’s lifespan.

It was no wonder Bai Xiaole’s cultivation base progressed so quickly even with such low intelligence. So it was all thanks to Bai Xiaole’s father.

Long Chen also realized what his father and mother were thinking. In order to keep their energy locked within Bai Xiaole’s body longer, they needed to leave a deeper impression. To leave a deep impression on Bai Xiaole, it needed to either be a happy memory or a painful memory.

Painful memories were always remembered more deeply. Thus, every few months, the palace master would viciously beat Bai Xiaole. But every time he did, his own heart was pained. He couldn’t say it, but neither of them had any other solutions.

Realizing this, Long Chen was moved inside. He couldn’t help thinking of his own parents. If he could see them, he would be willing to be beaten every day.

“Xiaole, take this jade. This is my peerless killing divine talisman. If your life is in danger, crush it and boss will descend from the heavens to save you.” Long Chen handed the jade plate to Bai Xiaole.

Long Chen didn’t say that it was given by Bai Xiaole’s mother. He knew that in Bai Xiaole’s mind, his father and mother weren’t worthy of trust.

Since Bai Xiaole treated Long Chen’s words as true, he excitedly took it. He was very careful, as if afraid he might accidentally break it.

Within the void, with layers of space folded around them so no one could see them, Bai Xiaole’s father and mother quietly watched as Long Chen handed the jade plate to Bai Xiaole.

Bai Xiaole’s mother sighed. “Nine star heirs really are arrogant. They disdain accepting other people’s favors.”

“That little fellow’s not bad. He’s worthy of being my son’s boss. Tch, fine, I won’t quibble with him over that punch,” said his father.

“Zhantang, do you think that this is the will of the heavens? If it wasn’t to save that nine star heir back then, I wouldn’t have been injured, and Xiaole wouldn’t be like this. Now Xiaole has encountered Long Chen, and he has changed. Is this the workings of destiny?” Bai Xiaole’s mother looked at Long Chen and Bai Xiaole.

“Hmph, who cares if it’s destiny? If it weren’t for my father not permitting it, I’d have long since dragged out that bastard and gotten our vengeance. Who cares about a disciple of Brahma? If they didn’t have numbers, and it was instead one against one, I’d have definitely been able to kill him,” said the palace master irritably.

“The dean’s wisdom is unfathomable. He understands the workings of the heavens, so he naturally has his own reasons for not letting us get revenge. Our vision is too shortsighted. We should listen to him,” advised Bai Xiaole’s mother.

“Fine. I won’t bother with those things. Since my father can accept a nine star heir into the academy, I feel like sooner or later, we’ll have another chance to fight against Jia Luo. If that chance comes, I’ll definitely kill him for you and Xiaole.”

“Alright, let’s go. However, I feel like your chances for revenge aren’t high.”

“What? Are you looking down on me?”

“Fool, I just mean that you won’t have that chance. Within the cycle of karma, the one to settle things might not be you. Jia Luo injured me, but he has also slain an unknown number of nine star heirs.” Bai Xiaole’s mother looked at Long Chen with a profound smile.

Her actual combat power was not as high as the palace master’s, but she had a special innate divine ability to see through a person’s potential. Bai Xiaole had also inherited a bit of that ability. He might not even be aware of it, but this was why he was determined to follow Long Chen. As for herself, she was even clearer than him on just how terrifying Long Chen was. This was something that even the palace master was unaware of.

“I have a feeling that rivers of blood will flow this time in the Jialin Immortal Land,” said Bai Xiaole’s mother.

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