Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2995 Starting a Slaughter

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Chapter 2995 Starting a Slaughter

The day finally arrived to move out. Of the almost five million disciples of the inner academy, over one million had registered to participate.

Seeing those excited faces full of anticipation, as if they would be finding all sorts of treasures inside, Long Chen sighed inside.

The academy’s attitude was truly one of letting nature take its course. A portion of these disciples only possessed very average power. Once they went in, if a battle occurred, the chances of them surviving were far too low.

Long Chen couldn’t see any toughness in them. They were not true warriors at all. When the threat of death came, under that pressure, just how much of their power would they be able to unleash?

The academy had explained the danger to them. But clearly, many people didn’t care about the academy’s words.

Long Chen thought of what the sweeping elder said. A person’s fate was very difficult to change. You could help them once, but you couldn’t help them for a lifetime.

If they were fated to grow up, then suffering earlier would be best, so the academy didn’t meddle with disciples too much. This attitude looked a bit cold, but this kind of attitude had its own wisdom behind it.

Before this, Long Chen hadn’t been able to understand, but he gradually figured it out. The academy’s attitude was in accordance with the laws of the Heavenly Daos. Although he didn’t entirely approve, he had to admit that those who followed the Heavenly Daos always lived a bit longer.

He felt that the sweeping elder’s words were correct, and he had even questioned himself. But he quickly found that his own attitude wasn’t wrong either.

That was because what everyone was pursuing was different. The academy’s attitude was one for long survival, while Long Chen’s attitude was one willing to be a brilliant firework. As long as the firework was bright enough, as long as all his power was unleashed at that moment, once the firework was over, once everything was over, he would have no regrets.

At this moment, with some light encouragement from the deputy dean, millions of inner academy disciples set foot onto the transportation formation. What Long Chen hadn’t expected was that the one leading the way was Chu Huairen.

Long Chen’s expression changed slightly. What was the academy thinking to let that clown lead the way? Was that to make things hard on him?

However, he didn’t say anything. Chu Huairen was the one arranging the order for people to enter, and Long Chen saw a sinister glint in his eyes.

Long Chen then quickly understood the meaning behind that smile. The academy’s disciples were going through the transportation formation in batches and then taking flying boats to the Jialin Immortal Land.

However, Long Chen was in the same batch as the Luo Gate, Heaven Melting Valley, and Chu Alliance. Other than the Heaven Melting Valley and the Chu Alliance, the other guilds in that batch were all their allies who were hostile to the Luo Gate.

As for the Unfettered Alliance, they were sent through a different batch. Chu Huairen was intentionally separating them.

“Long Chen, how can the academy do this? Shouldn’t we…” Luo Bing was enraged. The academy was being crazy. What was the meaning behind this? She wanted to demand her rights. This was practically a death trap.

“No need. I understand what the academy is thinking.” Long Chen shook his head, smiling. Their group then entered the transportation formation and vanished.

Heaven Master Yun Yang and Heaven Master Dong Ming were standing together. Watching Long Chen vanish, Heaven Master Dong Ming shook his head. “I really can’t understand what the higher-ups are thinking. Are they not afraid of letting Long Chen down and giving up hope on the academy?”

Heaven Master Yun Yang smiled. “Letting him down? No, Long Chen won’t feel that way. He’ll be grateful.”

Long Chen and the others appeared on top of a large mountain surrounded by mist. It was as if this was the end of the world. It was filled with a desolate and ancient feeling.

At the end of the mist, he saw a star slowly rising and getting closer and closer. Its light gradually infected this entire space.

This was the Jialin Immortal Land, a lost world, a star whose inheritance had been severed suddenly, a place filled with unknowns.

When that star appeared, the first batch led by Bai Shishi flew toward the star. Then it was the second batch, the third batch.

Long Chen was part of the fourth batch. When he got close to the star, space began to twist. The star had its own force field. Long Chen felt that the flow of time here was different from the immortal world, but he was unable to grasp whether it was faster or slower.

Long Chen suddenly thought of when he had entered the immortal world. His age was somehow different from when he was on the Martial Heaven Continent. Perhaps that was related to the flow of time.

The Martial Heaven Continent’s laws were incomplete, and the Jialin Immortal Land was the same. This was a remnant star.

The High Firmament Academy’s disciples quickly flew into the Jialin Immortal Land in flying boats. But suddenly, Long Chen’s flying boat shook intensely. An explosive sound came from the tail.

The tail of their flying boat had been struck by another flying boat, causing their speed to drop.

“Courting death!”

Luo Ning was enraged. The flying boat that struck them belonged to the third ranking guild, the Heaven Melting Valley.

“Sorry, we slipped up with the controls.” Long Yanzong’s lazy voice rang out. His voice didn’t contain the slightest apologetic tone, and it was extremely provoking instead.

“They damaged our flying boat to lower our speed so we can’t escape. They are truly planning on tearing off any face and fighting with us,” said Luo Bing.

The Luo Gate’s flying boat quickly fell to the rear. The ones at the front were already charging into the Jialin Immortal Land, but they didn’t immediately scatter. Instead, they formed an encirclement.

The ones in the batches ahead of them had rushed off in search of treasures. Only Long Yanzong, Chu Yang, and the others slowed down.

”Bastards, you dare to be so openly brazen?!” Luo Bing clenched her teeth furiously. Chu Yang and the others had to have obtained the tacit approval of the academy to act like this to them. “Clearly, the higher-ups have been bought by the Chu family. We can only fight to the death.”

Luo Bing took a deep breath, and her Blood Qi began to slowly circulate. However, they were facing so many experts. Despite having a cool expression, she was full of nervousness inside. She couldn’t help looking at Long Chen.

She saw that Long Chen was smiling. His mood was particularly good. “You should have more confidence in the academy. The higher-ups of the academy cannot be bought by those idiots from the Chu family. It’s the opposite. We should thank the academy for giving us such a good opportunity. Luo Ning, detonate the speed talisman and crash into the Heaven Melting Valley’s flying boat. Let’s get off to a good, red start.”

Long Chen was already walking to the front of the flying boat. Following his orders, the rear of the flying boat exploded. The slow flying boat suddenly shot toward the Heaven Melting Valley’s flying boat like a bolt of lightning.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, you wish to die together? Keep dreaming.” Long Yanzong’s mocking voice rang out. After that, formation runes appeared on top of their flying boat.


The flying boats crashed into each other but were separated by the formation runes. The two flying boats were kept three hundred meters apart.

“Die together? You think you’re qualified?”

Long Chen sneered. A three-thousand-meter sword containing endless flame energy suddenly slashed toward Long Yanzong’s boat.


The Heaven Melting Valley’s flying boat was able to block a flying boat but not a divine flame sword composed of ten thousand Heaven Shaking Swords. Hence, the flying boat was cut in two, and the disciples inside didn’t even have a chance to scream before being turned to ash.

“I really have to thank the High Firmament Academy. Thank you for this chance to start a slaughter.” Icy killing intent filled Long Chen’s face. It was as if a slumbering dragon was waking with anger.

Only one person fled from the broken flying boat. That was Long Yanzong, a mix of shock and anger on his face. Before he could say anything, Long Chen stamped down on the air and shot toward him.

“Didn’t you want to fight me? Then let’s fight.”

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