Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2998 Old Man Offered to the Heavens

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Chapter 2998 Old Man Offered to the Heavens

This jade talisman that Chu Yang had just crushed was a transportation talisman. Since Chu Huairen had led people here and was on the outer edge of the Jialin Immortal Land, he was just barely able to be transported to this location.

This was one of the reasons that Chu Yang had chosen to make his move here. Once they were deeper within the Jialin Immortal Land, they would be well beyond the laws of the immortal world, and Chu Huairen would be unable to enter.

With the threat of death hanging over him, Chu Yang had no choice but to use this transportation talisman. It could be said that he had marked himself with a seal of shame for the rest of his life by doing this.

After working together with so many experts just to kill Long Chen, they ended up being slaughtered instead, and Chu Yang was forced to ask for aid from others. That was the greatest humiliation.

However, when the other option was losing his life, Chu Yang naturally chose to be humiliated. Chu Huairen appeared, and the entire world seemed to freeze.

This was the pressure of a supreme expert, something no one could resist. In front of Chu Huairen, they were like ants. The difference in realms was too great.

Chu Huairen’s appearance caused Luo Bing and the others to despair. However, Long Chen only looked at him contemptuously.

“Even with death at hand, you still dare to sneer at me. Have a taste of this old man’s methods today.” Chu Huairen glared at Long Chen viciously. His hatred of Long Chen was bone-deep. Hence, he didn’t want to kill Long Chen so quickly. He wanted him to suffer.

Just as Chu Huairen’s hand approached Long Chen’s throat, a jade plate appeared in Long Chen’s hand. This jade plate was inscribed with the characters ‘High Firmament’. When Chu Huairen saw that jade plate, his expression completely changed.

Before he could react at all, the High Firmament characters glowed. After that, a wave of energy shot out, and Chu Huairen’s overwhelming pressure instantly vanished.

A mysterious energy was restricting his cultivation base, causing his aura to plummet to the Divine Flame realm.

In that instant, Chu Huairen’s soul almost fled in terror. He looked at Long Chen like the latter was a nightmare. He then tried to stabilize his body and retreat, but with his cultivation base suppressed to the Divine Flame realm, he couldn’t stop. He continued flying toward Long Chen in panic.

Long Chen then grabbed Chu Huairen’s throat. With his cultivation base suppressed, he was even weaker than an ordinary Divine Flame disciple. Now, he was like a chicken before Long Chen.

“How can you have the deputy dean’s High Firmament Sacred Tablet?!” Chu Huairen was so terrified that his head was blank.

There were ten High Firmament Sacred Tablets in the academy, and they were jointly used to activate the most important mysterious land of the academy. In his thousands of years at the academy, Chu Huairen had only seen the deputy dean use it once. That was why he recognized it.

The tablet had a terrifying ability to suppress an opponent’s cultivation base to the same level as the user. As Chu Huairen had advanced out of the Divine Flame realm for countless years and long since forgotten how to use the power of the Divine Flame realm, suppressing his cultivation base to this level was no different than crippling his cultivation base.

“Do you not know? The academy sent you this time for a great purpose. Today is a good day. I will kill an old man as an offering to the heavens.”

Long Chen then clenched his hand, crushing Chu Huairen’s neck, removing his head from his body. A terrifying expert was killed just like that. With his cultivation base suppressed, he was unable to bring out any of his power and ended up dying to a Divine Flame realm novice.

Long Chen then tossed Chu Huairen’s head aside and shot after Chu Yang. Chu Yang was in the midst of recovering, and his Blood Qi fluctuations gradually rose in preparation for activating his bloodline power.

However, Long Chen didn’t give him that chance. The reason he didn’t waste words with Chu Huairen was to prevent Chu Yang from fully recovering. In this situation, he could easily kill Chu Yang.

Chu Yang’s expression was gloomy. Suddenly, the Daynight Furnace above his head unleashed divine light that enveloped him. As a result, Long Chen’s sword fell and ended up only striking an afterimage. Chu Yang and the Daynight Furnace had vanished with some unknown method.

In the distance, countless disciples of the academy stared in horror at Long Chen. The experts from the first and second batches had gone deep into the Jialin Immortal Land, but the remaining disciples were treated to a shocking sight.

Long Chen was like a devil king from hell. He had killed almost everyone in the fourth batch. Hence, those who had offended the Unfettered Alliance or the Luo Gate were now green with terror, afraid that Long Chen would settle that debt with them now.

“Boss, you’re so strong!” Bai Xiaole cried out excitedly, his eyes full of worship.

Ultimately, Long Chen failed to eliminate Chu Yang. He sighed inside. It truly was a bit unrealistic to kill an expert like Chu Yang with no effort.

Looking at those terrified disciples, Long Chen clasped his hands behind him and coldly said, “I, Long Chen, never bully the weak. Quite a few of you have provoked the Unfettered Alliance, the Luo Gate, and myself. But as long as you don’t test my bottom line, I won’t bother quibbling with you. You don’t need to worry about me settling matters later.”

Hearing his words, those disciples sighed with relief. They previously didn’t know Long Chen’s power because he had never displayed it in the inner academy, but after slaying so many experts this time, he shook them to the core. In an instant, their respect for him rose.

“Up ahead is the Jialin Immortal Land. You should all listen well. Other than the academy’s people, everyone from the other five powers is an enemy. If you want to live, don’t be stupid. In the past openings of the Jialin Immortal Land, our academy’s people were always robbed and suffering. This time, with Boss Long San present, such a thing will not be permitted. It has always been the Golden Bell tigers, the Clear River wolves, and the High Firmament sheep. Today, I’ll show them that there’s a new boss in the High Firmament Academy. Bai Shishi followed her own path and won’t be joining us, so don’t hope for them to help you. But I am different. I‘m not good at searching for treasures, but I’m good at fighting. I won’t quibble about the past. Now that Boss Long San has set foot on this land, then this place is now under my name. As members of the same sect, if you encounter someone you can’t beat, send out a distress signal, and I will definitely rush over as long as I receive it. Boss Long San didn’t come here to search for treasures; he came to fight for treasures. Conveniently, I can wipe away the humiliation left behind by the cowards before me. Good luck everyone! Time is precious. Go search for your own treasures, but take care of yourselves!”

Hearing this, all these disciples were excited. In the past, all their experts only looked out for themselves, but Long Chen was willing to stand up for them.

They were extremely moved, especially after having personally seen how powerful he was. Their confidence instantly rose.

Countless disciples charged into the Jialin Immortal Land following his words. Mu Qingyun then brought the Unfettered Alliance’s people over.

Mu Qinyun asked, “Brother San, are you really planning on helping them? You’re not going to search for treasures with us?”

Long Chen smiled. “Your brother San’s luck is extremely lacking. But when it comes to plundering treasures, hehe, my success rate is quite high. Helping them is helping myself.”

“What if you encounter their supreme experts? The five major powers all have powerful existences sent here this time,” said Luo Bing.

“Who cares about them? We still have Bai Shishi, don’t we? If things don’t work out, we might as well turn everything into chaos.” Long Chen laughed. That laughter was definitely sinister, leaving Luo Bing and the others speechless.

Luo Bing then left with Mu Qingyun’s flying boat, and they randomly picked a direction. As for Long Chen, he chose to be a nomad, flying off in a different direction.

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