Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3001 Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent

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Chapter 3001 Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent

Long Chen saw a giant cave easily hundreds of miles wide. He hadn’t expected there to be such a giant space underground.

At this moment, a group of people were fighting a golden horned python. It was three hundred meters tall and covered in strange runes. When the scales moved, water vapor would burst out, leaving layers and layers of ripples.

Hundreds of experts surrounded the golden horned python, but they were the ones being killed miserably. There were bloodstains everywhere, as well as some broken corpses. In the distance, there were dozens of people lying on the ground powerlessly.

“What is that?” Luo Bing jumped in shock when she sensed the aura of the golden horned python. Its aura was chilling.

“An ancient species, the Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent. When it’s mature, it’s a rank five immortal beast. At rank three, it gives rise to gold. At rank four, it grows wings. At rank five, it condenses its crystal. Seeing how its scales have turned golden, but it only has Water Qi wings, not true wings, it should be at the peak of rank three,” said Long Chen.

Having read through so many books in the academy, Long Chen was no longer a novice when it came to the immortal world. He had skimmed through all kinds of knowledge.

“We’re actually bearing witness to an immortal beast.”

Li Cai was shocked. Immortal beasts possessed the blood of the Immortal Dao and the blessing of the immortal world. They were the strongest of the beast races and rarely seen.


The Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent’s tail whipped toward those Clear River Palace disciples. But at this moment, a violet-robed fair-faced man with long hair smashed a water-thorn at its tail.

As a result, Water Qi exploded, unleashing a giant ripple. Those disciples blocked with all their power but were still sent flying by that wave, with half of them coughing up blood.

As for the man with the water-thorn, he once more attacked. His water-thorn was a rarely seen water attribute divine weapon. It was extremely sharp and had actually left long lines all over the serpent’s body.

The disciples that had been knocked down charged back, working together with the man to suppress the Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent. Based on their practiced movements, they had been fighting for a long time and had grown familiar with the Gold Crystal Soaking Serpent’s attack tempo.

“Are they trying to subdue it?” asked Luo Bing.

“With their power, subduing it is impossible. An immortal beast can only be subdued through absolute power. Without obtaining its approval, it would rather die than submit,” said Long Chen.

Subduing an immortal beast called for a one-against-one fight with it. Furthermore, it required an absolute power disparity. If both sides were evenly matched and the immortal beast was only beaten through luck, it would still not acknowledge the winner as its master.

For so many people to be attacking it jointly, forcing it to submit was impossible.

“Then is its corpse very valuable? Why would they attack it?” asked Luo Ning.

“Look behind it.” Long Chen pointed.

Luo Ning and others looked over. There was a pool of water behind the Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent, and mist swirled out of it. They could vaguely see a small platform on the stone border that was shaped like a plate.

A strange plant was growing on the platform. Its leaves were like a sword orchid pointing in four directions. At the center was a tiny trunk that was bearing a single fruit, which was scarlet like blood. Seven long whiskers hung on it.

“What is that?” asked Mu Qingyun. None of them recognized it.

Long Chen explained, “It is a Divine Whisker Daffodil. The whisker part comes from how it hangs like a person’s beard. What is most precious about it is not the fruit, but the seven whiskers growing out of the fruit. It takes eight hundred years to bear fruit, and a thousand years for its trunk to grow an inch. The trunk is over seven inches long, so it’s been growing for over eight thousand years. The Divine Whisker Daffodil is a special plant that doesn’t fit into classic medicinal ingredient tiers. It contains water essence, and such a thing can be merged with thousands of medicinal pills. It is a treasure that every water element cultivator dreams of obtaining. Even directly consuming it would be endlessly beneficial.”

“No wonder they are going all-out. Their leader is a powerful water cultivator,” said Luo Bing. The majority of the Clear River Palace’s disciples were water element cultivators.

The Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent was also a water element immortal beast and was clearly here to cultivate off of the Divine Whisker Daffodil. Since the Clear River Palace’s disciples wanted to take it, it naturally fought back with all its power.

“This beast’s Blood Qi is starting to drop! Just keep fighting steadily and avoid casualties. This Divine Whisker Daffodil has already entered our pocket!” shouted the leader.

His voice was sharp and thin, very unpleasant to listen to. It sounded half feminine and raised goosebumps. However, the Clear River Palace’s disciples were invigorated by his voice. So many of them had died, but they were through with the hardest part. With the Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent’s power starting to drop, it signified that the treasure was about to enter their hands. Everything had been worth it.

The Clear River Palace’s disciples grew even more careful, not daring to relax at all. They surrounded the Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent.

With it guarding the Divine Whisker Daffodil, when it knew it was definitely going to die, it might even destroy this treasure before its death. Thus, they didn’t dare to go crazy with their attacks just yet. As long as they didn’t force it, it would think that their power was also dropping, and it still had some hope.

As long as they exhausted all its power, it wouldn’t be able to destroy the Divine Whisker Daffodil at the end when it finally thought to. This was the crux.

“Brother San, they are very powerful. We’ll be at a disadvantage if we just charge in,” said Mu Qingyun. She appraised these disciples and realized that they had over five hundred powerful members. That was a hundred people more than the members that both their guilds had brought.

Leaving like this was something that they were unwilling to do. But just charging in, ignoring whether or not they would succeed or not, would come at a heavy price.

“It’s fine. Just listen to me. That Divine Whisker Daffodil is already mine, along with the Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent. Their lives are also mine.” Long Chen smiled. That Divine Whisker Daffodil was very useful to him. He had to obtain it.

Half an incense stick’s worth of time later, the Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent’s aura began to plummet, which delighted the Clear River Palace’s people. It was now unable to destroy the Divine Whisker Daffodil even if it wanted to. However, just to be safe, they chose to continue wearing it down until it entered its weakest state before killing it.

The Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent opened its mouth wide and spat out a wave of water swords that forced everyone back. However, they didn’t notice that within that Water Qi, a medicinal pill flew into its mouth just before it closed.

Suddenly, its scales lit up and its aura grew explosively. A terrifying pressure spread.

“Not good! It seems to be making a breakthrough!” shouted the leader with the water-thorn.

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