Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3002 Boss San Cons People

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Chapter 3002 Boss San Cons People


As the Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent’s body whirled, Water Qi soared, forming a whirlpool of death. The Water Qi contained astral winds that tore through space.


The leader with the water-thorn shouted, unable to comprehend how this Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent that was on the verge of death would suddenly make a breakthrough. Now, its aura indicated that it was nearing the level of a rank four immortal beast.

He held his water-thorn in front of him. As it glowed, runes and Water Qi merged together, and a giant shield spread to cover everyone.

Intense rumbling then rang out. Mu Qingyun and the others felt the astral winds blast across them. It was so strong that they felt like knives were brushing past their faces.

They were already so far away but still felt such immense power. Then the core of the battlefield had to be under unimaginable pressure. Mu Qingyun, Luo Bing, and the others felt a trace of pity for the Clear River Palace’s people for the first time. They knew that this was definitely Boss Long San’s masterpiece.

As a result, the land was in ruins, and the Clear River Palace’s disciples littered the ground. No, it should rather be said that some were hanging in the sky as well.

Broken limbs and flesh were everywhere: on the ground, on the walls, even hanging on the stalactites above them. Other than the close to a hundred people beside the wielder of the water-thorn, the rest had been killed.

The Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent then fell to the ground after that one attack, its aura extinguished. It died just like that.


The leader cursed furiously and smashed it with his water-thorn, causing a rain of blood. It was only after three strikes that he managed to cut off its giant head.

He almost went crazy. The power that the serpent had unleashed right before its death had destroyed everything here. So many experts had died. There was no need to even check the weak Divine Whisker Daffodil. So many people had perished, but they hadn’t gained anything.

“No need to be so angry. Look, isn’t the Divine Whisker Daffodil still in perfect shape? How are you going to thank me?” Just at this moment, a lazy voice rang out.

The Clear River Palace’s experts were shocked and hastily looked over. When the mist slowly scattered, they finally saw a black-robed man standing on top of the platform where the Divine Whisker Daffodil was. He was holding the Divine Whisker Daffodil, smiling at them with his teeth. That smile was warm and sincere, seemingly grateful.

Upon seeing him holding their treasure, the Clear River Palace’s disciples’ eyes instantly turned red. They surrounded him, killing intent surging out of them.

“Who are you?! Release the Divine Whisker Daffodil!” shouted their leader.

Long Chen smiled. “It’s impossible for me to release it. I, Boss Long San, have an ailment. What I can’t obtain, I will do everything to obtain. What I’ve already obtained, I will never let go.”

Long Chen directly tossed it into the primal chaos space. This was a precious medicinal plant. Many medicinal pills could have their quality increase by adding it, and it could also be used to specially refine dozens of water element medicinal pills. Every single one of those pills was incomparably precious. Hence, this Divine Whisker Daffodil was practically a priceless treasure.

When it entered the primal chaos space, it didn’t disappoint him. Even after leaving this water element cultivation ground, it continued to flourish. Moreover, it seemed to become even more vibrant.

“Brat, you’re courting death! What sect are you from!?” shouted the Clear River Palace’s disciples.

Just now, they hadn’t dared to attack for fear of damaging the Divine Whisker Daffodil. But seeing him put it away enraged them even more.

It had to be known that this was a priceless treasure that needed to be stored in special water element items in order to guarantee that its divine energy didn’t fade away. Seeing him putting it away so casually, they wanted to tear him apart.

Long Chen waved his hand, kindly saying, “Don’t get so emotional. It’s very safe with me, and it won’t be damaged at all. But in any case, I don’t need you to get so worried about my treasure, do I?”

“Who are you?!” shouted the leader, killing intent overflowing out of him. A sharp aura locked onto Long Chen.

In the face of that aura lock, Long Chen didn’t resist at all. He allowed himself to be locked down. “Is your head full of water? Or are your ears blocked? I am who I am, the one and only, the mighty, the one who stands tallest amongst the jade trees and blocks the greatest wind, the greatest hero of the nine prefectures, the High Firmament Academy’s Boss Long San.” Long Chen clasped his hands behind him and spoke extremely arrogantly, looking down his nose at them.

“So you’re trash from the High Firmament Academy. We are looking for you all, and you just have to send yourself to us,” sneered one of the disciples.

“Hand over the Divine Whisker Daffodil, or we’ll kill everyone from the High Firmament Academy!”

Those disciples roared furiously. So many of them had died, and now the treasure had been taken by Long Chen. If they weren’t afraid of him damaging the Divine Whisker Daffodil, they would have already pounced on him.

This little fellow who seemed to only be a novice in the Divine Flame was looking down on them. They all began to threaten him, as if that would make Long Chen submit.

Hence, Long Chen curled his lips and looked at the one with the water-thorn. “It seems that you would be a second-rate character in the Clear River Palace. Tell me, what’s the name of your rank one disciple? I wouldn’t want to kill him without even knowing his name.”

“Hahaha!” The disciples laughed furiously.

“Idiot, senior apprentice-brother Yu is rank seven on our Divine Flame rankings and can easily crush you like an ant!”

“You dare to ask about stronger people? Other than Bai Shishi and Xu Changchuan who are barely qualified to carry the shoes of senior apprentice-brother Tian Yu, the rest aren’t even qualified to ask for his name.”

Long Chen didn’t react at all, but hidden in the distance, Mu Qingyun and the others were shocked. They had originally thought that this fellow with the water-thorn would be the leading figure of the Clear River Palace. Even if he wasn’t number one, he had to be number two.

Just now, he had been the only one capable of blocking the Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent’s full-power attack. He was able to challenge a peak rank three immortal beast but was only rank seven in the Clear River Palace? Just how terrifying was the Clear River Palace?

Long Chen shook his head. “Isn’t rank seven only a second-rate character? Do you need to quibble with my wording? Fine, I won’t waste words with you. I don’t like communicating in this fashion. Let’s switch methods. For example… you kneeling and listening to me talk.”

Long Chen suddenly raised his hands and clapped once.

Just then, dozens of arrows silently rained down. By the time those disciples reacted, their heads had been pierced.

“Warriors of the High Firmament Academy, please start your show.” Long Chen sat down on the platform. A stalk of straw had appeared in his hand out of nowhere. After biting it, he lazily leaned back.

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