Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3005 Primal Bloodline

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Chapter 3005 Primal Bloodline

It was unknown why the five powers would suddenly start targeting the High Firmament Academy, but while Long Chen didn’t like the academy’s disciples, he wasn’t willing to just watch as they died miserable deaths.

Hence, he directly sent out the order to gather, and more and more of the academy’s disciples gathered from nearby. After three days, five hundred thousand disciples of the academy had come.

They didn’t know why Long Chen had sent out this signal, but due to their respect for him, they all rushed over. The academy had originally sent a million disciples in, but now only half came.

The majority of these people were guilds with lower ranks. Those with higher ranks had either gone too far to receive the signal or ignored it.

Luo Bing and the others silently shook their heads when it came to those guilds that hadn’t come. If a person wanted to die, not even the heavens could stop them.

However, what worried Luo Bing slightly was that the Luo Alliance’s people didn’t come. Long Chen’s message would only be received by the leader of the guild. So, perhaps Luo Qingyang had received the signal and was ignoring it, making her uneasy.

When those people arrived, Long Chen directly told them that the five powers were declaring war on the High Firmament Academy. Their goal was to exterminate all the academy’s disciples.

Hearing that, everyone was stunned. They didn’t dare to believe it. Long Chen directly told them that if they believed him, they had to listen to his arrangements. If they didn’t believe him, fine, they could continue exploring as they pleased.

Ultimately, those disciples chose to believe Long Chen. After all, they didn’t feel like Long Chen had any reason to trick them.

Long Chen split the five million disciples into five groups, led by the experts that Long Chen picked out. He also picked out three thousand elite disciples to join the sides of the Luo Gate and the Unfettered Alliance.

Under his direction, they slowly pressed deeper in. All the treasures were put together and would be distributed once they left the Jialin Immortal Land.

Their main goal was no longer to search for treasures, but to protect their lives. They only searched for treasures while they were absolutely guaranteed to keep their lives.

As for the three thousand elites, they were essentially the leaders of the guilds and some rather powerful warriors. Long Chen led these disciples deeper into the Jialin Immortal Land.

Someone else would have great difficulty leading such a force. That was because these people were leaders of their guilds, and not so easy to order around.

However, Long Chen possessed an indescribable charisma, so these people quickly fell into line. In Luo Bing’s view, Long Chen was a natural leader.

In just a few sentences, he gained everyone’s trust. Seeing those prideful guild leaders listening to his orders, Luo Bing sighed in amazement. His charisma was truly powerful.

On the way, they encountered a group of experts from Silver Moon City. Long Chen then sent out a small squad as bait, causing those seven hundred experts to immediately surround and give the order to kill them.

Those orders had only just been given when Long Chen surrounded them with over three thousand experts. Without a word, those people were directly killed.

Through questioning the leader, Long Chen obtained the same answer he had gotten from senior apprentice-brother Yu. The higher-ups had ordered them to kill the disciples of the High Firmament Academy, but they didn’t know the reason.

However, from their leader, Long Chen learned that the top experts of the five powers had entered deep into the Jialin Immortal Land, not in search of treasures, but to kill Bai Shishi.

The higher-ups gave them an important mission, and it was to make sure Bai Shishi didn’t leave alive no matter the price.

The elite disciples finally experienced just how serious this problem was. The five powers were intent on killing all of them. Furthermore, their most important target was Bai Shishi. That had to contain some secret.

“Tch, are they trying to stop Bai Shishi from awakening her primal bloodline? Are they not afraid of the academy’s retaliation?” Bai Xiaole finally couldn’t hold back anymore.

Bai Shishi was his big sister from the same father but different mother. However, he had never called her big sister, nor had she ever called him little brother. There was no close relationship between them. Instead, there was almost a hint of enmity between the two siblings.

“Primal bloodline? What is that?” asked Long Chen in surprise. In all his books, he had not read anything about that.

“I’m not sure either. All I know is that transcendent ancestral bloodlines are all called primal bloodlines. It can be considered as the originator of a new bloodline. I heard that Bai Shishi has three kinds of divine flames, and when she reaches the peak of the Divine Flame realm and the three flames merge, when she enters the Four Peak realm, she has an eighty percent chance of awakening a primal bloodline. Those who awaken a primal bloodline will receive the recognition of heaven and earth, and the primal bloodline mark will merge with the Heavenly Daos, awakening an Immortal Dao manifestation. After that, they have the potential to reach the peak of the Immortal Dao,” said Bai Xiaole.

Long Chen’s heart shook. Was possessing this so-called primal bloodline essentially being an Empyrean of the immortal world? But the immortal world’s laws were complete, in comparison to the Martial Heaven Continent. If the immortal world gave rise to an Empyrean, wouldn’t they be completely unstoppable?

Bai Shishi hadn’t even awakened her primal bloodline but was already so terrifying. If she did awaken it, she would truly become a monster.

“Should we report this to fairy Shishi so she can prepare?” said Mu Qingyun worriedly.

“Killing Bai Shishi isn’t so easy. Don’t worry, she’s very powerful. Even if they join forces, at most they can manage to defeat her. They can’t kill her,” said Bai Xiaole.

“Xiaole, you’re wrong. If they have the ability to defeat her, they have a way to kill her.” Long Chen patted his shoulder.

“No way!” exclaimed Bai Xiaole in shock.

“It seems that you still care about her.” Long Chen smiled.

“Me, care about her? Hmph, I’d rather worry about myself.” Bai Xiaole shook his head.

“Long Chen, is Bai Shishi really in danger?” asked Luo Bing gravely.

Bai Shishi was the academy’s number one expert. If she was killed, that would be a calamity.

The five powers had joined forces just to target them. If they lost Bai Shishi, it would be even more difficult to escape from the five powers’ blockade.

“There is definitely danger. Although Bai Shishi is powerful, she has a temper and not enough experience. If she was my enemy, then I would trap the Heaven Female Alliance’s people and force Bai Shishi to protect them. By using words to trap her, she will fight to the death. Her weak point is very clear,” said Long Chen lightly.

Bai Shishi was extremely arrogant. Although she was powerful and smart, she had always grown up under the protection of the academy. Hence, she lacked this experience and could easily fall for other people’s traps.

“Then we should quickly reinforce her! Without her, we can’t fight the five powers’ forces!” said Luo Bing hastily.

“It’s not so serious. The Jialin Immortal Land is so big. Finding a single person inside this place is easier said than done… Unless…”

Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed.

“Unless there are traitors!” Luo Bing instantly understood. She had also been sold out by a traitor back then and almost died to Chu Kuang.

“We’re leaving immediately!”

Long Chen led his group rushing deeper into the Jialin Immortal Land.

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