Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3007 Killing Them All

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Chapter 3007 Killing Them All


An explosive sound rang out, and a blade swung at the sound, only to land on nothing but air. The next moment, the runes in the sky shattered.

“It’s a spy formation. It’s over. She saw me.” Luo Qingyang’s voice quivered. He was completely terrified.

He hated Long Chen. He hated Long Chen for taking the person he loved most. He hated Long Chen to an extent that could no longer be described with words.

Luo Bing had been growing more and more distant from him, not letting him see any hope. In his mind, this was all caused by Long Chen.

Just a few days before entering the Jialin Immortal Land, Chu Yang had secretly gone to see Luo Qingyang. He gave Luo Qingyang some enticing conditions, so that he would help him eliminate Long Chen.

In order to eliminate Long Chen, Luo Qingyang actually agreed. However, he had two conditions. One was to not harm the people from the Luo family, and the other was to keep it absolutely secret.

Chu Yang swore on his soul to agree to his conditions. But Luo Qingyang hadn’t expected that Chu Yang would use other people to kill Long Chen.

Despite that, he still used the Luo family’s secret art to help them track down Long Chen. But he hadn’t expected Luo Bing to learn what he was doing. Now he was panicked out of his wits.

He had originally wanted to form a good relationship with Luo Bing after Long Chen was dead. In the future, they would face Chu Yang together, and that wouldn’t count as betraying the family.

However, his actions had been discovered by Luo Bing, and this left him dumbfounded.

“Continue chasing!”

The towering man snorted. His voice was like a beast’s, and he led people after Long Chen’s tracks.

As for Luo Qingyang, he was ashen and lifeless, being dragged along by the others.

“Luo Qingyang…”

Luo Bing gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Her nails dug into her palm until it bled, but she didn’t feel it.

Although she was mentally prepared, seeing Luo Qingyang through the spying formation still caused her anger to explode. She was unable to accept such a betrayal.

It wasn’t just Luo Bing who was enraged. All the Luo family’s disciples were furious. The Luo family cared immensely for the family’s glory and reputation, and they would not allow such a thing to occur.

“Let’s kill Luo Qingyang and clean up our family status,” said one of the Luo disciples.

“Long Chen, are you able to hold up that large fellow?” asked Luo Bing. There was a pleading light in her eyes. As a disciple of the Luo family, cleaning up traitors from their family was a must.

Long Chen shook his head. “Those are experts from the Golden Bell Gate. That person should be their number one expert, Zhao Wuzheng, known as the Glowering Vajra. He gave me a sense of immense pressure. Right now, there are some problems with my body, and I’m not confident in being able to beat him. Even if I manage to stall him, there are no fewer than ten people in their group on the level of you and Qingyun. If we go, even if you can kill Luo Qingyang, at most, only four people on our side will survive.”

That large fellow was definitely the number one expert of the Golden Bell Gate. He was said to possess limitless power, and his body couldn’t be damaged by blades or spears. Within the same realm, he had never encountered a match for himself. His fame was resounding.

He was the one who gave Long Chen the greatest sense of danger. Based on his calculations, this person’s power should be on the same level as Bai Shishi.

Hearing this, the others sucked in a cold gasp of air. If Zhao Wuzheng was so powerful, then fine. But there were at least ten experts as strong as Luo Bing and Mu Qingyun in their group? That was absolutely terrifying.

Luo Bing and Mu Qingyun had only gotten a quick glance through the formation, but they could still sense Zhao Wuzheng’s terrifying aura. However, they hadn’t expected there to be so many other powerful experts in their group.

“Brother San, there’s something wrong with your body?” asked Mu Qingyun worriedly. The others also looked at him.

Long Chen waved his hand. “This problem is related to the merger of the Seven Supreme Yang Technique and the Starry River of the Sky Art. It’s not important.”

Long Chen had cultivated the Seven Supreme Yang Technique and Starry River of the Sky Art in order to cover up the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. The fact that he had merged the two had shaken the entire High Firmament Academy.

The actual problem though was that his Divine Flame realm was different from other people’s Divine Flame realm. He had 108,000 divine flames and was still unable to control such terrifying power.

He hadn’t expected the power of his 108,000 stars to grow so much. It was too overbearing. When he tried to use it, it almost blew him up.

Right now, he was like a titan with a giant sledgehammer smashing walnuts. One mistake and his hammer would strike nothing.

Since he had no master to guide him, he could only rely on himself to test out how to use the power of the Divine Flame realm. He was still getting used to this new power and was unable to reach the level of full control down to the smallest detail. Hence, he didn’t dare to raise his cultivation base any higher in this state. If he couldn’t even control a one-ton hammer, he definitely wouldn’t be able to handle a two-ton hammer.

During this period, he had been constantly testing the power of his divine flames. He had an initial control over them, and that was naturally enough to handle ordinary experts.

However, against an expert like Zhao Wuzheng, he would definitely need to use his full power. But that would be too difficult. Without absolute control, he was worried he wouldn’t be able to handle it himself.

“Then what are we supposed to do now?” asked Luo Ning.

“Aren’t we doing it right now?” Long Chen smiled. They were currently rushing around randomly, suddenly going left and then right.

After passing a large mountain, another group of experts appeared without warning.

“Kill them all!”

Long Chen gave the order. Luo Bing, Luo Ning, Mu Qingyun, and the others immediately attacked. With their previous experience, they understood just how important it was to grasp the initiative. They immediately launched sharp attacks.

Those experts were caught off guard, as Long Chen and the others had appeared out of nowhere. By the time they collected themselves, Luo Bing and Mu Qingyun had started a slaughter.


However, one expert managed to hold Luo Bing back. That person held a spear in his left hand and a shield in his right hand. Both the spear and shield looked as if they were made of gold. Runes flowed over them, and they possessed a shockingly heavy air. Luo Bing was actually at a slight disadvantage.

Luo Ning was shocked. This person’s reaction speed was very quick, and his power was shocking. That heavy earth aura meant that he was an earth cultivator.


His spear shook, and the land quivered. An immense power unfurled. All of a sudden, golden light shot out of his spear, and it stabbed forward with an ear-piercing boom.

Luo Bing was shocked. She hadn’t expected this person to be so powerful. He was another person disguising themself as a pig to eat the tiger. Furthermore, his reaction speed was incredible. Even with such a large move, he didn’t need to spend much time accumulating power.

Luo Ning rushed over, about to work together with her big sister to handle this person, when a black-robed figure appeared in front of them.

Long Chen reached out a hand covered in dragon scales. There seemed to be flames ignited, and just like that, he caught the golden spear.

After grabbing it, he shoved it back. The spear quivered and slammed into the chest of the wielder, blasting him apart.

After he was slain, the remaining experts lost their ability to resist. In just a few breaths’ time, over five hundred people were killed.

Once they were killed, Luo Bing and Mu Qingyun led everyone away without pause. But Long Chen stayed behind. He sat on a stone, waiting patiently.

Very quickly, he heard a lot of footsteps and smiled. A large figure was reflected in his eyes. The number one expert of the Golden Bell Gate, Zhao Wuzheng, appeared before him.

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