Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3008 Cleaning the Family

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Chapter 3008 Cleaning the Family

Seeing Zhao Wuzheng’s body, Long Chen suddenly thought of Wilde. Wilde was even bigger than this guy, but Long Chen didn’t know where he was right now. Amongst everyone, he was most worried about that foolish oaf.

“Long Chen!”

Zhao Wuzheng was leading a group of over two hundred people. Luo Qingyang instantly shouted in delight when he saw Long Chen.

“Kill him, kill him! Other than Bai Shishi and Xu Changchuan, he’s the strongest expert of the High Firmament Academy!” shouted Luo Qingyang.

Zhao Wuzheng looked at Long Chen and frowned. Long Chen’s cultivation base was at the initial Divine Flame realm, and he hadn’t even reached the first Heavenstage. Moreover, he looked weak and was wearing tattered black robes. Those clothes even had patches covering them. At this moment, he was lazily sitting on a rock, chewing a stalk of grass. He looked more like a beggar than some supreme expert.

“You are Long Chen?” asked Zhao Wuzheng coldly.

Long Chen didn’t reply. Instead, he looked at Luo Qingyang with a hint of pity in his eyes. “You weren’t stupid before, but your emotions have clouded your vision. My relationship with Luo Bing is completely clear and innocent, and I even expressed my own position to you. But you continued to make things hard on me and pushed yourself into opposing Luo Bing. Now you don’t even mind betraying your own family and putting your family’s people in danger. Although I feel like you’re pitiful, you’ve really touched the bottom line of a person. Sorry, but I cannot forgive you.”

“What bullshit! You’re the one who seduced Luo Bing! She and I were childhood sweethearts, and she only grew astray because of you!” shouted Luo Qingyang furiously.

Long Chen sighed. “Since you’re childhood sweethearts, you should understand Luo Bing’s character. In her heart, the family’s prosperity and glory are above any personal romantic feelings. The family is even more important than her own life in her eyes. If you really loved her, you would not do such a thing to harm her. True love is given, not demanded. Your love for her is simply demanding to obtain her, but not protect her or devote yourself wholeheartedly to support her. Well, fine. I’ll give you a chance. Go back with me and apologize to Luo Bing. This is your last chance. I hope that you will grasp it.”

“Hahaha!” Luo Qingyang laughed. “Are you an idiot? Acting like some gentleman. All I want right now is for you to die! Do you think I can go back now? Luo Bing already knows. I can’t go back. If you really want to give me a chance, then you’ll kill yourself.”

“I already gave you a chance. Don’t blame me.” Long Chen sighed. He suddenly shot forward like a bolt of lightning at Luo Qingyang.

“Brat, don’t be impudent!”

Zhao Wuzheng roared. Long Chen had ignored him when speaking to Luo Qingyang, treating him as nothing more than empty air.

Zhao Wuzheng then stepped forward, unleashing a punch. This one punch sealed the entire space up and down, left and right. Although it appeared to be a simple punch, it clearly showed his immense combat experience.

Long Chen’s palm smashed into his fist, and he instantly felt an immense power pass through. This fist’s power was condensed perfectly and only erupted at the moment of contact.

His power was truly immense. But when the fist landed, Zhao Wuzheng suddenly found that all his power seemed to have landed on a pile of cotton. His arm was drawn in.

By the time he reacted, Long Chen had slipped past him and appeared in front of Luo Qingyang.

Luo Qingyang was shocked, not expecting Zhao Wuzheng to be unable to stop Long Chen. He hastily retreated, and the two experts beside him also defended him.


With a single punch, Long Chen blasted those two experts away. They let out muffled grunts.

“No!” Luo Qingyang hastily retreated, but he found that even with so many people around him, no one could help him. He then saw Long Chen’s icy eyes get closer and closer. The next moment, a palm landed on his body.


Luo Qingyang’s body shuddered for a moment before stiffening. The light in his eyes faded.

“I gave you a chance, but you didn’t grasp it.” Long Chen shook his head.

Although he disliked Luo Qingyang, in the end, the latter was just an infatuated fool. But to use Luo Bing’s words, anyone who betrayed the family had to be executed.

Even then, Long Chen had made an attempt to save Luo Qingyang’s life. If he admitted his mistake to Luo Bing, Long Chen could take responsibility for this. Although the Luo family would punish Luo Qingyang, they wouldn’t execute him.

Regretfully, his hatred for Long Chen had reached such a level that he only wanted him dead. All Long Chen could do for him was leave him with an intact corpse.

He then put away his corpse. But suddenly he felt the world tremble and the land sink. A roar rang out like a god’s shout as Zhao Wuzheng leaped into the air, his Blood Qi erupting.

“Long Chen, die!”

Zhao Wuzheng was infuriated. Luo Qingyang was just a traitor of the academy and unimportant to him, so he didn’t care that Luo Qingyang died. However, since Long Chen could kill Luo Qingyang despite him trying to prevent it, that was a slap in his face.

Those Golden Bell Gate experts instantly fled when they saw Zhao Wuzheng’s current state. Those familiar with him knew that they couldn’t stick around.

“You think you can kill me?” Long Chen sneered, and he rolled up his sleeve. Dragon scales covered his fist.


As their fists smashed together, the mountain beneath them instantly collapsed. Powerful astral winds destroyed the surroundings, and those disciples that fled were struck and coughed up blood. They were sent flying to unknown places.

A giant mushroom-shaped cloud of dust exploded, spreading in every direction. In the distance, Luo Bing and the others watched as it bloomed. They were pale with fright. This kind of power had surpassed their current comprehension.

“Brother San… he… he’ll be alright… right?” asked Mu Qingyun.

Luo Bing and Luo Ning were also stunned. Zhao Wuzheng was definitely a monster. If something happened to Long Chen, there would be no recovery from it.

For the family’s glory, they had to kill Luo Qingyang, but they were unable to do so. Unable to bear seeing them in such a state, Long Chen made this move to help them clean up their family.

Before this, Long Chen had said that he wasn’t a match for Zhao Wuzheng. Seeing this terrifying sight, they couldn’t help feeling worried and regretful.

“That fellow really is a tough one.”

Just as they were getting worried, Long Chen descended from the sky, relieving everyone.

“Brother San, you’re injured?!” exclaimed Mu Qingyun when she saw Long Chen’s bloody arm.

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