Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3010 Nine Cauldron Church’s Lu Chunyang

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Chapter 3010 Nine Cauldron Church’s Lu Chunyang

A massive area of destruction was present within a winding mountain range. Within the dirt were some golden fragments that looked like a layer of golden powder.

These golden fragments were something that Long Chen had seen before. They were Bai Shishi’s metal energy. She could draw out the metal energy of the land, but that metal energy could only be used by her, not absorbed. Thus, after the battle, that pure metal energy sank back into the land, while these little fragments simply dispersed.

A terrifying pressure remained on the battlefield. Ordinary people would feel like their skin was being stabbed just by getting close.

Once they approached the core of the battlefield, a portion of these people were unable to endure it and had to pause. Any further and they would be injured.

They were shocked inside. Was this the true power of peak experts? They didn’t even have the power to set foot on their battlefield.

Long Chen then brought Luo Bing, Luo Ning, Mu Qingyun, and the others into the core of the battlefield. He picked up a fist-sized lump of gold, and it immediately fell apart into golden sand.

“This battle occurred three days ago, and the opponent was an earth element expert. The metal energy here isn’t pure. It’s mixed with sand. The other side came prepared specifically to counter Bai Shishi,” said Long Chen gravely.

“Then isn’t Bai Shishi in danger?” asked Luo Ning.

“No. All the blood belongs to the other side. The Heaven Female Alliance wasn’t harmed. Most likely, Bai Shishi sensed the opponents and sent the Heaven Female Alliance away first so that she could face them alone. In this battle, the metal energy suppressed the earth energy. Clearly, the one to suffer was not Bai Shishi,” said Long Chen.

Hearing this, Luo Bing and the others were relieved. Bai Shishi was truly worthy of being the High Firmament Academy’s number one expert. On her own, she had managed to drive off their enemies.

“Amongst the people we know of, only the Nine Cauldron Church’s number one expert is a terrifying earth cultivator. It seems that he’s the one chasing her down,” said Luo Bing.

The impact of Luo Qingyang and the Luo Alliance’s disciples’ deaths had been a large blow to her, but she suppressed that grief for now.

“That seems to be the case. The Nine Cauldron Church’s master is also an earth cultivator, with many earth cultivators in their sect. Lu Chunyang is their number one expert of the junior generation. Only he would dare to chase after her. But he clearly overestimated himself and underestimated Bai Shishi. If my guess is correct, if it weren’t for their numbers, Bai Shishi might have managed to slay Lu Chunyang,” said Long Chen.

Everyone nodded. With Bai Shishi’s arrogant character, being hunted by others would be a huge provocation. She would definitely kill them.

Through an investigation, the marks on the battlefield seemed to confirm Long Chen’s words. There were marks of a group fleeing in a panic, and that showed that Bai Shishi had scared them off.

However, she hadn’t pursued them. Once her enemies ran, she also left. It was unknown if the reason was because she was worried about her subordinates’ safety, so she chose not to give chase.

“I wonder who is stronger, Zhao Wuzheng or Lu Chunyang,” said Luo Ning curiously.

“It should be Zhao Wuzheng. Although we only clashed with our physical power, a simple probing exchange, this fellow’s foundation runs deep. He gave me a large sense of pressure,” said Long Chen after a moment’s thought.

Hearing that, everyone felt a chill. Only a probing blow relying on pure physical power had caused such terrifying aftermath. Then what about a full-power attack? Looking at this vast, ruined battlefield, these disciples felt a profound feeling of powerlessness. The power disparity was too great.

“What we should do right now is find Bai Shishi as fast as possible. If she is killed, we will be in even greater danger,” said Long Chen. They continued rushing deeper into the Jialin Immortal Land.

After finding Bai Shishi’s battlefield, things became much easier. Bai Xiaole had a kind of spatial divine art to track Bai Shishi’s metal energy.

This was not a bloodline divine ability. Bai Shishi and Bai Xiaole only had the same father, but both of their individual bloodline divine abilities came from their mothers. Perhaps it was due to this that the two didn’t feel very close.

Originally, Bai Xiaole didn’t want to find Bai Shishi. He encouraged Long Chen to go find Lu Chunyang. As long as he killed the latter, that would be a slap in Bai Shishi’s face. If someone that Bai Shishi hadn’t managed to kill was instead killed by Long Chen, that would be amazing.

However, he didn’t dare to go against Long Chen’s orders, so he led them after Bai Shishi. On the way, Long Chen felt that things were off.

Bai Shishi seemingly didn’t encounter any other experts on her path. Was it that the other side was gathering their forces? Or was it that they were injured from the last clash and were recovering?

After a full day and night of traveling, Long Chen suddenly sensed something. He looked in a certain direction and saw a pile of ruins. According to Bai Xiaole, Bai Shishi was in that direction as well.

Long Chen led them rushing over. They saw the remains of many ancient sects on the way, but they didn’t bother checking them for treasures. Bai Shishi also hadn’t checked those areas on her way. She seemed to have been rushing straight here.

These ruins were so damaged that there was no way to tell what they had looked like before. However, it seemed that it had once been a flourishing sect.

Long Chen then led everyone carefully through these ruins. He seemed to be sensing something and was looking around as he walked. Suddenly, he knelt and pushed aside a rock.

The rock fell to the ground and raised a wave of dust. Behind the rock was a broken corner of a sign.

The disciples quickly helped him excavate what he had found. They dug up a broken board hundreds of meters long, and there were two ancient immortal characters written on it.

Luo Bing and the others didn’t recognize it. These immortal characters were very different from the immortal characters that they had studied.

“Starry River.”

Long Chen recognized them. They were the same style as the Starry River of the Sky Art he had learned. Even after continuing to investigate, no one could find the complete board.

Long Chen shook his head. This board was already broken. This large piece had been partially protected through time by the runes on it, but the smaller pieces had probably completely decayed.

“This is probably the remains of the Starry River Sage’s Dao-path. Bai Shishi actually came here.”

They knew that Bai Shishi had come here. But this place was too big for them to pinpoint her location. Furthermore, if they could track her to here, then perhaps others could also find this place. Long Chen told everyone to suppress their auras and carefully continue searching the ruins.

This place didn’t seem any smaller than the High Firmament Academy. The damaged buildings and broken walls seemed to say that a large battle had occurred here.

However, so much time had passed that the buildings had already eroded, making it impossible to see what they were supposed to look like, let alone find any corpses.

Long Chen suddenly raised his hand, having everyone go silent. Just as they were puzzled, a flying boat suddenly appeared in the sky, and a group of people walked off. When they saw those robes, Luo Bing and the others were shocked.

“The Clear River Palace!”

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