Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3011 The Hand Behind the Scenes

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Chapter 3011 The Hand Behind the Scenes

“Everyone, lower your heads. Don’t look.”

Long Chen suddenly sent a message to everyone. While they didn’t understand, they followed his instructions. They didn’t look at that flying boat.

Just as they lowered their heads, a person walked off of the flying boat. It was Chu Yang.

Although they were extremely far from the flying boat, if Luo Bing and the other disciples of the Luo family saw him after he had just killed the Luo family’s disciples, then no matter how they controlled themselves, their killing intent would flare. That would instantly expose them to Chu Yang.

Along with Chu Yang were two others, one wearing the robes of the Clear River Palace, and the other wearing a black cloak. That Clear River Palace’s expert was covered in mist, and the water energy of the world instantly grew lively wherever he went. He was an absolutely terrifying water cultivator.

As for the one in the black cloak, he was tall and skinny, but the hood of the cloak covered most of his face.

The most shocking thing was that even though he was clearly standing there and visible, it was impossible to sense any aura from him.

“Bloodkill Hall.”

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. He instantly recognized that person’s status because his body had a very dense aura of a god. Perhaps others couldn’t sense that aura, but it was like a lantern in the dark to Long Chen. He had fought against the Bloodkill Hall the entire time in the lower plane. If it wasn’t for Enpuda’s pleading and Dong Mingyu being raised by them, he would have pulled out the Bloodkill Hall and crushed it down from its roots.

At that time, he hadn’t realized that the Bloodkill Hall was the dog of the Nine Underworld Hall. They were all Lord Brahma’s subordinates. If he had known this back then, he would have completely wiped them out.

However, later on, Long Chen also grew curious. If Enpuda was Lord Brahma’s dog, then he should have recognized Long Chen’s status when they encountered each other. If that was the case, the Nine Underworld Hunters would have been sent after him long ago. That was something that he was still befuddled by even now.

Seeing the three of them together, Long Chen was essentially sure who that person covered in Water Qi was. It was the Clear River Palace’s number one expert, Xie Tianyu. The pressure he gave Long Chen was about the same as Zhao Wuzheng.

However, the cloaked figure didn’t seem to exist in this world. He seemed to pass through it, hidden. What a terrifying assassin. He was an even greater threat than Chu Yang, Zhao Wuzheng, or any of the others.

“Brother Tianyu, we’ve inspected the surroundings. Bai Shishi should be in this vicinity,” said Chu Yang. As expected, Long Chen’s guess was correct. This person was the number one expert of the Clear River Palace’s junior generation.

“That pig Lu Chunyang. We already told him that Bai Shishi was very powerful and that we were supposed to gather before attacking her together, but he refused to listen. He even alerted her to the danger. Ignoring how Bai Shishi almost cut off his head due to his foolishness, he even exposed the spies that brother Chu arranged. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be forced to waste so much time running around like headless flies,” said Xie Tianyu. His tone was not at all polite toward Lu Chunyang. In fact, he seemed infuriated with him.

“I also underestimated Bai Shishi. Even now, I don’t know how she managed to pluck out the spies I set up. There were three eyes I put in the Heaven Female Alliance, and none of them knew each other’s existence. But after her fight with Lu Chunyang, she managed to figure out who all of them were. That woman is not as simple as she seems,” said Chu Yang.

Long Chen was surprised. So Bai Shishi was quite capable. After that battle, she immediately sensed something was off and eliminated the spies in her group. Just like Chu Yang, Long Chen had thought her to be lacking experience and too arrogant to think of such a thing.

“This place is too big, so I’ve already told everyone to gather here. We’ll shrink our encirclement. The five powers have over six million experts. Bai Shishi couldn’t escape even if she grew wings,” said Xie Tianyu.

“Bai Shishi is on guard now. Without any spies, that’s all we can do. However, I still feel a bit uneasy. There’s still no news from Long Chen. That fellow is crafty, so I am worried about him ruining our plan,” said Chu Yang. Long Chen had the High Firmament Sacred Tablet and had even killed Chu Huairen. This alarmed him a bit.

“Long Chen is nothing more than a lower plane ascender. Even if his talent isn’t bad, he’s nothing to us. Our mission is to kill Bai Shishi, and Long Chen is your own personal grievance to deal with. I don’t want such a minor thing to cause this mission to fail. You should know that none of us can bear the consequences of such a thing. If we fail, the five powers will have no way to explain themselves to Divine Venerate Brahma. At that time, the wrath of a Divine Venerate will exterminate all of us,” said Xie Tianyu seriously.

“Chu Yang, we’re all working for the Divine Venerate. I know you want to kill that little fellow. During normal times, we would definitely help you with our full power, but now we have a more important mission. This mission supersedes everything,” said the cloaked expert.

“Junior brother understands. For you two big brothers, killing Bai Shishi is nothing more than raising your hand and clenching. After we kill Bai Shishi, I won’t need you to fight. As long as you can help me surround Long Chen so he can’t run away, I will personally kill him.” Chu Yang cupped his fists toward them.

“That will naturally be no problem.” Xie Tianyu and the cloaked expert both nodded.

“Then many thanks. When this junior brother fights for the family head position, I hope that you can also help me out a bit. Once I become the family head, I definitely won’t forget you,” said Chu Yang, striking while the iron was hot.

The two of them directly agreed, delighting him. Examining their surroundings, the three of them set off for a secluded place and hid themselves.

At this distance, Long Chen couldn’t hear their words. Fortunately, he could read lips and knew the contents of what they were saying.

No wonder the five powers would do this, so they were all dogs of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma truly was powerful. Apparently, he controlled a third of the forces within the immortal world’s nine heavens and ten lands.

Furthermore, some of his forces were still hidden. For example, the fact that the Chu family was devoted to Lord Brahma was known to the outside world now. But the five powers that had entered the Jialin Immortal World being Lord Brahma’s followers was a secret. It was said that the High Firmament Academy had been visited countless times by Lord Brahma’s believers, but the academy was unmoved by force or persuasion. They refused to join Lord Brahma’s side. It was even said that they had been threatened by people beneath Lord Brahma.

For the five powers to join forces to kill Bai Shishi here, it was clear that they were intent on stopping the High Firmament Academy from rising. They wanted the High Firmament Academy to slowly decline.

Long Chen then brought Luo Bing and the others away. He wanted to go around Chu Yang’s group, but suddenly, Bai Xiaole found a path within the ruins.

“Bai Shishi entered this place one day ago.” Long Chen and the others were delighted that Bai Xiaole sensed Bai Shishi’s aura. They hastily rushed down the path.

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