Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3017 Defeating the Stone Spirit

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Chapter 3017 Defeating the Stone Spirit

“We can’t do that. A promise is a promise. The Heavenly Stone Spirit race must keep its promises,” said the giant.

“What promise? That fellow tricked you. The Starry River Sect is already destroyed. Come with me. Once you’re out, you’ll have your freedom. We can all go back to our own homes. Isn’t that good?” proposed Long Chen.

The giant was shocked to hear that the Starry River Sect was already destroyed, but he shook his head. “If I don’t fulfill my promise, it would be breaking the promise. That would be a disgrace to the entire Stone race. I won’t do such a thing.”

“Then what can we do? You promised to fight others in the same realm, but you can’t suppress your cultivation base to the same level as mine,” said Long Chen, a bit speechless. This giant was truly stubborn.

“How about you come back when your cultivation base reaches the peak of the Four Peak realm?”

What? Long Chen couldn’t possibly stay here that long. But this giant’s power was overwhelming. If he could obtain his help, what would he have to fear?

However, no matter what Long Chen said, this giant refused to leave this place. He had to have someone defeat it and recognize them as master to fulfill his promise from back then.

Furthermore, through his explanation, Long Chen learned that his agreement was to only help his master once before the agreement was complete.

Hearing that, Long Chen was a bit disappointed. However, he suddenly had a thought. That person had at least had a bit of conscience to not make this giant their eternal slave.

Even just having this giant attack one time would be absolutely terrifying. This was definitely the strongest life-protecting talisman.

Unfortunately, Long Chen’s enticing baits were all rejected. Someone had to defeat him for him to leave.

Long Chen’s mouth ran dry. It was useless. Long Chen was starting to get vexed.

Outside the barrier, Bai Shishi and the others didn’t know what was going on. They only saw Long Chen constantly gesturing and growing exasperated, while the giant was essentially repeatedly shaking his head.

However, seeing that he wasn’t in danger, everyone relaxed slightly and just calmly waited.

“Alright, then what about this? My cultivation base hasn’t reached the peak of the Four Peak realm, and you can’t suppress your cultivation base any longer. We should have a fair competition,” said Long Chen helplessly.

“Alright. If you can come up with a fair way to compete, that would be best,” said the giant.

“We can do it this way. Stick out your fist. I will also stick out my fist. I will use a kind of power within my body to fight you. That’s no problem, right?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course that is no problem. I also want to leave this place, but I must fulfill my promise first. I know that you’re a good person. Thank you for helping me,” said the giant.

“I’m a good person?” Long Chen was surprised.

“Of course. You have the mark of the Butterfly Spirit race on your hand, as well as the aura of the rainbow crane race on your body. You must be a good person. The Butterfly Spirit race is from the same Spirit race as our Heavenly Stone Spirit race. Although we don’t have dealings with them, we can recognize their mark,” said the giant.

The Butterfly Spirit race. Long Chen instantly thought of when he had entered the Netherworld with the old man. On top of the nine springs, he had saved a beautiful woman with a pair of butterfly wings on her back.

She had gratefully kissed his hand, leaving a mark. That mark had long since vanished. But this giant still noticed it.

“The rainbow crane is an auspicious beast of the entire immortal world. You have their aura on your body, so you must have come into contact with them. They also dislike the human race, so for them to be willing to interact with you shows that you are truly a good person. That is why you are in such a rush to become my master. I trust you. But the Heavenly Stone Spirit race cares greatly about promises, so I can’t go back on my promise. I accept your feelings, but a promise is a promise. You must defeat me first,” said the giant gratefully.

“You’re making me very ashamed. I’m saving you because of your combat power. I want you to help me.” Even with Long Chen’s thick face, he felt a burning sensation. “Alright, let’s not talk. Helping you is helping myself. As for whether or not we have any destiny, we’ll see right now.”

Long Chen had the giant stick out his fist. He bent down and slowly extended his fist in front of Long Chen.

This fist was bigger than an entire house. Only at this distance did Long Chen see countless runes covering it like the lines on a stone. Those runes weren’t even activated, but their pressure hurt Long Chen’s skin. He was truly terrifying.

“My method to compete is a bit different. You have to listen to my directions and not mess around, or I might lose my life,” warned Long Chen. He felt like he was going crazy. He was actually doing something so dangerous.

The giant nodded, indicating that he would listen. Only then did Long Chen slowly press his fist against that giant fist. He slowly closed his eyes.

As soon as their fists touched, a layer of runes covered Long Chen’s fist. There were actually signs that his fist was turning to stone.

Long Chen was prepared for this. This giant had been slumbering for who knew how many years. His cultivation base had soared, but he hadn’t fought with anyone, so he couldn’t control its power.

That was why Long Chen couldn’t believe him when he said that he could control his power. He sensed the immense power in his body. It felt like he could destroy an entire world on his own.

As the stone energy invaded his fist and his fist gradually turned the color of stone, Long Chen drew a trace of this energy into his Dantian, sending it into the primal chaos space.

When that energy entered the primal chaos space, the land began to turn to stone. One mile… ten miles… a hundred miles…

The yellow soil turned to stone. When it finally reached a width of a thousand miles, the primal chaos space shuddered slightly. It seemed that it had been woken by this invading power.

The primal chaos space unleashed a wave of power. The stone earth was blasted apart. At the same time, a supreme will erupted. It seemed that the primal chaos space was angered.


Long Chen’s arm shook. His entire fist turned black as ink. An enormous power exploded like a volcano. The ground beneath his feet shattered. The giant was sent flying like a cannonball.

The giant landed on the stone wall of the fighting ring. The entire fighting ring shook. The formation shattered. The roof began to cave in.

“Not good!” Long Chen’s expression changed. With such a giant roof falling, all of them would be crushed.

Suddenly, the giant unleashed a cry, and slammed two hands on the ground. Four giant pillars soared out and kept the roof up.

Bai Shishi and the others turned pale. They hadn’t had any time to use any magical arts. They stared in shock.

“You’ve won. This warrior of the Heavenly Stone Spirit race is willing to fight for you.” The giant knelt down on one knee towards Long Chen.

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