Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3019 Mysterious Star Diagram

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Chapter 3019 Mysterious Star Diagram

With the giant’s reminder, Bai Xiaole used his spatial energy to sense a spatial gate.

This spatial gate normally required a special key to open, but with the destruction of the Starry River Sect and with no one to maintain the formation, the lack of energy supporting it made it easy for everyone to pass through.

“There’s so many murals!” Luo Bing exclaimed. Although they had also seen murals on the way here, those had been broken by others. These murals were still perfectly intact.

“These are records of cultivation techniques. They weren’t recorded with characters… Instead, the Dao was passed down through murals… careful!” Just then Bai Shishi pulled back one of the women beside her.

That woman hacked up blood. Blood poured out of her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Everyone was appalled. They looked around, but they didn’t see any attackers.

Long Chen pressed a finger against her forehead. A lightning rune flickered, and she woke up from her unconsciousness.

“Your soul has been severely damaged. You should focus on recondensing it while your soul energy has yet to scatter,” said Long Chen. He also gave her a medicinal pill.

After consuming the medicinal pill, her complexion improved. She gradually recovered. She nodded her thanks to Long Chen before closing her eyes and focusing entirely on healing.

“Brother San, what just happened?” asked Mu Qingyun. That had come out of nowhere.

Bai Shishi said, “Everyone, don’t try to study the murals, and don’t investigate them with your Spiritual Strength. Our realms aren’t high enough, and doing so will cause your soul to scatter. Qingyi just now was drawn in by the mental realm of the mural. By immersing herself in it, her soul almost crumbled. Be wary.”

Everyone jumped in shock. Just now, they had truly been intent on closely examining these murals. They hadn’t expected there to be such danger.

“It’s alright if you look at them, as long as you aren’t sucked in by them. Don’t instinctively try to cultivate them. Sisters from the Heaven Female Alliance, I’ll trouble you to gather these murals. When we give them to the academy, we’ll get a huge amount of points, as well as being able to cultivate these techniques for free once they’re translated,” said Long Chen.

He was giving face to the Heaven Female Alliance. These murals might contain the secrets of the Starry River Sect. On his side, he had too many random people. Other than the people from the two guilds, the others weren’t so trustworthy.

For Bai Shishi to be able to instantly find the spies within her ranks after her battle with Lu Yunchang showed that she was very strict with her management of her subordinates. There shouldn’t be anything like someone selfishly pocketing a few murals when it came to her people.

Seeing Long Chen let them take the murals instead of splitting them, the Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples were impressed. That was also a kind of trust. Their distaste for him lightened.

These murals were not directly carved into the stone walls. Instead, the walls had been built with specific grooves for the murals, and they were then added on.

These murals were incredibly precious. Although the formation was essentially out of energy, they were still extremely careful when taking them off. This was also why he had the Heaven Female Alliance do this work, because they were far more meticulous in comparison.

The first mural was quickly taken down. It was a three-foot square and three inches thick. Bai Shishi examined it and smiled. “The mural’s formation is one with the mural. Its energy has yet to scatter. The academy will definitely have a way to extract the cultivation technique inside.”

The academy might be lacking in other areas, but when it came to studying ancient tomes, they were definitely the strongest. Even incomplete inheritances could be restored.

However, they still didn’t know what level these techniques were. They had no way of appraising them. But for them to have been placed in such a hidden place, they were definitely the Starry River Sect’s highest level inheritances.

They progressed slowly here, as extracting the murals was difficult. They couldn’t make the slightest mistake. Some people took charge of recording how many they obtained. With so many eyes watching, no one dared to be careless.

“Long Chen, what about that Heaven Merging Stone Spirit?” Seeing everything going smoothly, Bai Shishi finally couldn’t hold back her curiosity.

“I accepted him as my junior brother,” said Long Chen casually.

“Junior brother?”

Everyone was stunned. They had seen that Long Chen and the giant had been saying something, but then the giant had been sent flying. Even now, they didn’t dare to believe that this was done by Long Chen.

However, if he hadn’t done that, this giant wouldn’t be willing to leave with him. Everyone felt befuddled. They didn’t know what had happened.

“Hehe, do you regret it? I told you that it was a huge opportunity that I was leaving you. Because of a promise, that giant was forced to stay here. He wanted to leave a long time ago, but no one came to defeat him, so he had to wait countless years. How could I have beaten him, you ask? Naturally he acted like I defeated him and took me as master. As a result, I’ve gained a junior brother that I can bring out to play,” said Long Chen. He was very pleased with Bai Shishi’s stunned expression.

Although it was a bit beyond belief, it was better than saying that Long Chen had used his own power to defeat the giant. No one would believe such a thing.

“Brother San, doesn’t that mean that you’re completely unrivaled now?” asked Mu Qingyun excitedly.

“No. The stone giant said that he will only help me once. After that, his promise will be complete, and we’ll have nothing further to do with each other,” said Long Chen.

“Ah? What a pity. But now we have nothing to fear when it comes to Zhao Wuzheng and the others. You can just summon that giant and crush them!” exclaimed Zhong Ling.

“Them? No. Does killing chickens require such a thing? I don’t want to waste such a trump card on them,” said Long Chen. With his immense power, the stone giant’s power had to be used at the right moment.

If Long Chen felt the urge, perhaps he could con the giant into continuing to help him, but he wasn’t willing to do such an immoral thing.

That giant looked big, but he was really like a child. And he wanted to go home. He wanted to see his family again. Long Chen couldn’t possibly hold him back for too long. But he also wouldn’t waste such a good trump card.

Hearing that he had obtained such a trump card, everyone felt greater confidence inside. The pressure that they felt from Zhao Wuzheng and the others lightened quite a bit.

“Pretty girl, do you regret it now?” Long Chen looked at Bai Shishi like a pleased, petty little person. That was an appearance that deserved a spanking.

“Scram. Call me pretty girl again and I’ll kill you.” Bai Shishi glared at him and clenched her fists.

“What about snotty girl?” asked Bai Xiaole.

“You scram as well!”

Bai Shishi’s voice rose a few levels. That appearance of hers was quite ominous. But it also contained another kind of beauty that didn’t ruin her image at all.

It felt as if she had truly gotten angry. Long Chen stopped teasing her and instead continued to watch as the murals were taken off. When they reached the end of the murals, Long Chen’s smile vanished. His heartbeat quickened.

Long Chen ran over to the murals at the end. He looked at the nine stars revolving around a ball of light within. He was instantly enraptured.

“Is this the legendary nine heavens, ten lands?”

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