Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3022 Playing Big

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Chapter 3022 Playing Big

Long Chen’s instructions shocked everyone. The channel to the palace was the best place to defend. A single person could block an army there.

However, Long Chen wanted them to just get in for free? The Heaven Female Alliance’s experts looked at Bai Shishi.

Bai Shishi also frowned. She asked, “Do you have a better battle plan?”

“It can’t count as a battle plan. But just blocking a path doesn’t have any meaning. If we were to do so, perhaps we could block many of their numbers. But it would come at a price. They have more numbers, so we can’t fight a battle of attrition. Furthermore, there is one person that we definitely can’t block. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about,” said Long Chen.

“You mean the assassin from the Bloodkill Hall?”

“Yes. That assassin will be able to slip through a chaotic battlefield as easily as a fish swimming in water. Perhaps you and I aren’t afraid of his assassination, but other than the two of us, no one can block his sure kill blow. Me, I like to get the biggest gains for the smallest price. Thus, I don’t want the people by my side to be in such danger,” said Long Chen.

“If you’re so afraid of death, what can you possibly accomplish,” muttered one of the Heaven Female Alliance’s experts quietly.

Although it was quiet, everyone heard it clearly. Her voice clearly contained a trace of disdain that caused Luo Bing and the others’ expressions to grow ugly.

This woman actually mocked Long Chen for being afraid of death? It didn’t just infuriate them, it also infuriated the other disciples that Long Chen had brought with him.

Although they hadn’t been in contact with Long Chen for long, Long Chen had led them through their enemies without a single person on their side dying. That was probably an existence on par with a divine general.

His exchange with Zhao Wuzheng had unleashed destructive power that had convinced all of them of his strength. For this woman to say that he was afraid of death was practically the greatest insult.

Although they also respected and worshiped fairy Shishi, they were still infuriated. They glared at her.

Bai Shishi also felt like she had gone too far, and was about to chide her when Long Chen said, “You are right, I’m truly afraid of dying. This life of mine doesn’t belong to just me. It belongs to all the brothers and sisters who love me. I know that if I die, they will be so pained that they’d wish that they were the ones to die. My own death isn’t important, but to cause so much pain to others would be too selfish. So you are right, I’m afraid of dying. Although I will also put my life on the line at times, I will make sure to lower the risk. I cherish my life, and I cherish other people’s lives. If you feel like this is unsuitable, we can split up and fight on our own.”

Long Chen’s tone was cold. Although there was no anger in his voice, everyone knew that her words had displeased him.

“If you feel that you are strong enough and not afraid of dying, you can block that path on your own,” sneered Luo Ning. By fighting off the five powers’ forces on your own, won’t you make a name for yourself? You can prove to everyone here that you are a peerless hero.”

Although she also verbally fought with Long Chen, she had never seen someone as brave as Long Chen. She was also angered. She didn’t care who the other person was. She directly retorted, not even giving Bai Shishi face.

Didn’t she think that she was a badass? Was she not afraid of death? Then why bother fighting with everyone else? She could fight on her own.

That woman was enraged, but before she could say anything, Bai Shishi coldly said, “Keep your mouth shut. Starting now, you are not permitted to speak. Another word, and you’re expelled from the Heaven Female Alliance.”

Although Bai Shishi was arrogant and stubborn, this time that disciple of hers had gone too far. Despite not knowing Long Chen for long, she knew that every expert had their own pride, especially an expert like Long Chen. For this disciple to suddenly stir up trouble intentionally at such a time was absolutely brainless.

That woman’s expression finally changed. She no longer dared to make a sound. Instead, she found that even the other disciples of the Heaven Female Alliance were acting like they didn’t know her, as if they were also offended by what she had just said.

“Long Chen, my apologies. I did not discipline my disciples enough,” said Bai Shishi.

Long Chen smiled and shook his head. “It’s fine. We should still be working together. I also am truly afraid of dying. My words just now were nothing personal. The combat style between the two of us is different. Perhaps you like facing your enemies directly on the narrow path for a brave battle to the death. It’s simple, direct, and quick. It truly is the most suitable method for the immortal world’s law of survival. However, I prefer getting the biggest gains with the lowest price, to get the greatest victory with the fewest casualties. If you trust me, hopefully you can cooperate with me. If you feel like my style doesn’t suit you, we can each fight for ourselves.”

For a moment, everyone’s eyes focused on Bai Shishi as they waited for her decision. Bai Shishi had always been proud and aloof. Luo Bing and the others were a bit worried.

Unexpectedly, Bai Shishi smiled. “I’m very curious as to your smallest price for the greatest gain. Just treat it as me taking a lesson. I’ll leave you to direct this battle.”

That agreement astonished the Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples. They didn’t recall Bai Shishi ever cooperating with others like this, especially not with a man.

Luo Bing and the others cheered. Long Chen truly was powerful. Even Bai Shishi was willing to listen to his direction. Now they could truly be said to be united.

Long Chen smiled. He felt much more relaxed. If Bai Shishi refused to cooperate, they would probably suffer in this upcoming battle.

“I previously felt that other than being beautiful, you didn’t have any strong points. But you’re actually pretty good.”

“The way you praise people is quite special. It’s just a bit far-fetched,” said Bai Shishi indifferently. She was already numb to other people’s praise. But for some reason, this praise did cause some tiny fluctuations inside. It was as if obtaining his praise was something worth being happy about.

“Xiaole, I’m giving you an important mission. Since fairy Shishi has agreed to work together, let’s go big. We’ll exterminate all the experts from the five powers,” said Long Chen with a rare excitement. He wasn’t aware that black spots appeared deep within his eyes. It was as if the eyes of a fiend were slowly awakening.

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