Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3023 Arrival

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Chapter 3023 Arrival

“Boss, just tell me what you want to set up!” Bai Xiaole patted his chest excitedly.

Bai Xiaole was never given a high opinion, and his father was always beating him. Because of it, he started to feel inferior inside. But ever since he started following Long Chen, everyone viewed him as a friend. No one was looking down on him. Furthermore, when he had used his divine ability to transport everyone through space, their stunned gazes of admiration had definitely satisfied his vanity.

“Use your spatial energy to leave this place. After that, use my status plate to gather all the disciples of the academy here,” said Long Chen.

“Boss… this place is too deep. My spatial energy probably can’t pass through,” said Bai Xiaole.

His spatial power was inherited from his mother. However, he hadn’t awakened his latent talent and could only do short-distance moves through space. Furthermore, with the earth as a barrier, his range was further limited.

“You’ll be fine. Go in that direction. There’s a cave-in there, and the walls are thin. With your power, you can easily pass through.” Long Chen pointed.

Bai Xioale formed hand seals and sensed it. He was surprised. “Boss, how did you know? You’re amazing!”

Long Chen smiled slightly. This was information given to him by the Heaven Merging Spirit Stone. Although he had said that he would only help Long Chen once, other than fighting, he could help out due to Long Chen’s favor. With his Heaven Merging Eyes, he could see through the earth.

“Xiaole, once everyone is gathered, have them surround the entrance. When you receive my orders, you launch an attack and completely seal that path. I want all the experts of the five powers to be buried here,” said Long Chen.

Bai Xiaole was incomparably excited. He directly used his spatial divine ability and vanished.

Long Chen sighed inside. Having a good father and mother was truly important to a cultivator. Due to his circumstances, Bai Xiaole hadn’t managed to awaken his talent. But he already had such amazing abilities. If he did awaken those latent abilities, he could probably slip through heaven and earth with only a few being capable of stopping him.

Upon hearing that Long Chen wished to bury all the experts of the five powers here, even Bai Shishi’s heart shook. Despite that usual naughty smile that wasn’t dependable at all, Long Chen was so ruthless.

“You wish Xiaole to do something so big? Are you not worried about a slip-up?” asked Bai Shishi, staring at Long Chen closely.

“Those who can follow me must have the ability to stand on their own. I trust him,” said Long Chen.

Seeing that she was about to continue arguing, Long Chen suddenly laughed. “What, are you worried about something happening with the plan? Or are you worried about him?”

“Why would I be worried about him?” snorted Bai Shishi coldly.

Long Chen simply looked at her with a smile.

“What are you looking at?!” raged Bai Shishi. His gaze made her uncomfortable. It was as if his gaze could see through a person’s soul.

“You have good skin,” said Long Chen.

“Do I need your praise?!” This sudden change caught Bai Shishi slightly off guard. Her beautiful face reddened ever so slightly, and she turned away from Long Chen.

Bai Shishi was cold and aloof, and she rarely interacted with men. This behavior could even be considered an inexplicable distaste for men. It was to the extent that even the number one handsome man of the academy, young master Changchuan, was an existence that she never gave a second glance. The two of them had definitely not exchanged more than ten words in the academy.

Within the High Firmament Academy, both men and women were toppled by her beauty. Most men weren’t even capable of speaking in front of her.

However, the very first time she encountered Long Chen, she felt him to be different from others. When Long Chen first saw her, other than his eyes brightening ever so slightly, he returned to complete calm very quickly. That was the first time she ever encountered such a thing, so she became curious.

Although she suspected that Long Chen was putting on such an act to draw her in, as time passed, she found that he truly was a strange person.

He had beautiful women like Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and Mu Qingyun by his side, but he always maintained a distance from them. Many people assumed that the reason he had interjected himself into the conflict between the Luo family and the Chu family was due to a romantic relationship with Luo Bing, but reality showed that despite there being so many beautiful women beside him who also depended on him, he didn’t even seem to understand romantic feelings. He continued to act carefree and casual.

Originally, Bai Shishi thought him to be a foolish brat, but just now he said that he had hot-blooded brothers and women waiting for him. That didn’t seem like someone who was inexperienced with emotions.

To sum up, there were many mysterious parts to Long Chen that Bai Shishi found herself growing curious about. Even the way he spoke was strange and difficult to see through. Sometimes he could enrage a person with a single word, and sometimes he could make them laugh. He was an oddity.

Seeing Bai Shishi redden from Long Chen’s gaze, Luo Bing smiled inside. That odd fellow Long Chen was something that even the number one beauty of the academy couldn’t completely defend against.

After that, Long Chen just looked at his own hands as if he had nothing to do. It was unknown what he was thinking.

“What about us? How should we prepare?” asked Bai Shishi after a moment passed.

“No need. We just need to wait. We’ll stall until Bai Xiaole returns,” said Long Chen.

“How will we stall? The formations and maze won’t last much longer. At most, they’ll arrive here in four hours.” Bai Shishi frowned.

“No problem. Leave it to me.” At this moment, thin scales appeared on top of Long Chen’s palms, and there were stars shining within those scales. Long Chen was silently circulating the power of his divine flames as a warm-up.

Bai Shishi stopped disturbing him after that. Everyone then sat and circulated their power, making sure to stay in their peak condition.

Time passed bit by bit. As Bai Shishi had calculated, they heard footsteps right as the fourth hour mark arrived.

Those footsteps were intentionally let loose. The other side wanted Long Chen and the others to know that they were arriving.

“Bai Shishi, you slut, come out and face your death.” A voice rang out within the palace. Upon hearing this, the Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples’ expressions darkened.

This voice belonged to Chu Yang. This person, who was like a loyal dog to Bai Shishi, actually dared to say such a thing here.

Long Chen looked at Bai Shishi and saw golden runes revolving in her eyes. It seemed that Bai Shishi had been struck where it hurt. If this killing intent leaked, they would be instantly exposed.

“The wrath of Divine Venerate Brahma causes immortal blood to infect the starry river. Those who come have destiny. Life and death are decided by just a thought.”

Just at this moment, the entire palace vibrated. Long Chen’s mouth was open, but what came out was the Heaven Merging Stone Spirit’s terrifying voice.

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