Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3024 Dressing Up as God, Playing the Devil

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Chapter 3024 Dressing Up as God, Playing the Devil

As soon as Long Chen opened his mouth, Bai Shishi and the others jumped in shock. It was actually the voice of the Heaven Merging Stone Spirit.

His voice shook the entire palace. Although he didn’t release any divine pressure, just his voice was shocking enough.

Long Chen had long since discussed it with the giant so that the latter would cooperate with him. And in order to thank Long Chen for his favor, the giant immediately agreed. As a result, even Long Chen’s people jumped in shock.

“Welcome. You are the third group of invaders. There’s no need to hide the truth. I can sense the aura of Divine Venerate Brahma on your bodies. Enter,” said Long Chen.

A group of people walked in. Just as they walked in, the place Long Chen was hidden suddenly became transparent. Bai Shishi and the others then jumped in shock, thinking that those people could now see them.

However, this was actually the Heaven Merging Stone Spirit sharing his vision with them, allowing them to see what was happening outside, while those people couldn’t see them.

That group of people walked in with stunned expressions. They looked around nervously, trying to find the source of that voice. Their attention then landed on the corpses on the ground.

Amongst that group, Long Chen saw several figures. He saw Chu Yang, Zhao Wuzheng, Xie Tianyu, as well as the square-faced Lu Chunyang from the Nine Cauldron Church that Bai Shishi had given a beating last time.

He also saw two other new faces, one man and one woman. The man was slender like a stick of bamboo. It seemed that he lacked any meat on his bones. Even when he walked, it was as if a gust of wind would blow him away. He was like a moving corpse.

Not only was his body strange, but his face was also ugly. His face was covered in pockmarks, like a steamed bun covered in sesame seeds. He had triangular eyes and a large buck tooth. It was a face that made people not want to get a second look.

As for the woman, she was tall with long hair and had a wooden staff in her hand. Originally, she could only be considered average in looks, but standing beside that man, she appeared much more brilliant.

Long Chen smiled faintly. That man was Amethyst Heart Island’s number one expert, Lu Zihao.

As for the woman, she was the granddaughter of the leader of the Silver Moon City, the number one expert of the Silver Moon City’s junior generation, the one who called herself the Beautiful Lotus Fairy, Zhen Meilian.

The Golden Bell Gate’s Zhao Wuzheng, the Clear River Palace’s Xie Tianyu, the Nine Cauldron Church’s Lu Chunyang, the Amethyst Heart Island’s Lu Zihao, the Silver Moon City’s Zhen Meilian. The top figures of the five powers had all gathered.

“Ignorant junior, you dare to hide in front of this lord? Are you courting death?” demanded Long Chen coldly.

Space twisted. The black-robed expert of the Bloodkill Hall revealed himself and hastily bowed. “Junior was ignorant. Please forgive this offense.”

Zhao Wuzheng and the others were quivering in fear. They saw the countless terrifying corpses on the ground, and the voice of the Heaven Merging Stone Spirit made them quake.

This time, it finally realized that the voice wasn’t coming from the corpses. Instead, it came from that giant statue.

“This lord has been standing guard here for millennia. I didn’t expect the Divine Venerate’s followers to come. Good, very good.” Long Chen was very pleased by their quivering states. The Heaven Merging Stone Spirit was truly a convenient existence to have around.

“Senior, you said that we are the third group of invaders. What happened to the previous two groups?” probed Chu Yang cautiously.

Long Chen looked at Chu Yang and his heart clenched. He definitely saw a trace of doubt in his eyes. It seemed that he wasn’t as stunned as the others. Did he know something?

He replied, “They were already executed by this lord.”

“Executed?” Zhao Wuzheng and the others were stunned.

Long Chen indifferently siad, “This lord has been here for countless years, just to wipe out the disciples returning to the Starry River Sect in search of treasures. If I didn’t see that you had Lord Brahma’s aura around many of them, I’d have long since killed you.”

Lord Brahma was a supreme existence even amongst gods. No one knew how old he was. However, Long Chen had a feeling that the Starry River Sect was very likely implicated by its connection to the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, resulting in its destruction.

Although he couldn’t say anything for sure, Chu Yang and the others were Lord Brahma’s followers. For Long Chen to feign himself to be also one of Lord Brahma’s subordinates would make it easier to gain their trust.

“Senior, is Bai Shishi’s corpse still present?” probed Chu Yang again.

“You speak of that white-robed girl with the metal energy? The pretty one?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes, yes, her! Do you still have her corpse? The Divine Venerate ordered us to kill her. We need to bring back her corpse,” said Chu Yang hastily.

Long Chen rubbed his jaw and smiled. “That girl was quite pretty. This lord might be a spiritual body, but I took a liking to her. I wanted her as a servant girl… ah!”

Long Chen suddenly felt a sharp pain on his waist, and a hand was viciously pinching him. That hand looked weak yet was as hard as iron. He almost cried out.

Bai Shishi was glaring at Long Chen and refused to let go. Clearly, she was not going to permit him to continue talking nonsense. Who knew whether he was going to say something even worse?

Long Chen hastily raised his hands in surrender and swallowed his shout. “Ah… what a pity, but that girl was too stubborn and refused to surrender. I could only kill her along with the rest. She has already been turned to dust.”

Only then did Bai Shishi pull back her hand. Long Chen examined his waist and saw that the spot that she had pinched was already purple. He glared at her.

Despite his tough physical body, this body that would not lose out to a Spirit item had still been turned into this state. Bai Shishi’s techniques were truly vicious.

Bai Shishi cast a sideways glance at Long Chen’s angry glare and acted like nothing had happened.

“What about that one called Long Chen?” asked Chu Yang.

“Are you an idiot? How would I know which one is Long Chen? I already said I killed them all. Are you deaf? Or do you want this lord to kill you with them?” roared Long Chen.

This roar shook the entire palace. Chu Yang and the others quaked and stumbled, and blood gushed out of their ears. Their faces turned green.

They were still unclear on what this existence was. It seemed to be some terrifying figure with a deep connection to Lord Brahma. But why would this existence suddenly unleash such an explosive temper on them?

Seeing Long Chen angry and those experts outside shaking, Bai Shishi covered her mouth and laughed silently. Even Luo Bing and the others were shaking. Their previous nerves vanished.

“A pack of fools. If you weren’t Divine Venerate Brahma’s followers, this lord would have killed you instead of leaving the Heaven Merging Divine Elixir to you,” scolded Long Chen.

“Heaven Merging Divine Elixir?” Chu Yang and the others were surprised.

“Come over here. This lord will bless you with divine elixir.”

Long Chen indicated for Bai Shishi and the others to turn around. At first they didn’t understand, but when they saw him starting to untie his pants, they immediately turned red and fled as far as they could.

“This vulgar bastard.” Bai Shishi cursed inside. But at the same time, she surprisingly felt immense sympathy for Zhao Wuzheng and the others.

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