Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3026 No More Misgivings

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Chapter 3026 No More Misgivings

Bai Shishi instantly sent Lu Yunchang flying. The two of them had exchanged blows before this. Back then, even while holding back, Bai Shishi had managed to force Lu Yunchang to flee miserably.

Now that she no longer had any misgivings, Lu Yunchang was instantly injured and stars spun in his eyes. He almost coughed up blood.

“Kill her together!” Lu Yunchang roared. At the same time, runes lit up all over him, and the earth shook. Earth energy poured toward him. Just as he prepared to unleash one of his ultimate moves, his expression suddenly changed. The same was true for Zhao Wuzheng, Xie Tianyu, Zhen Meilian, and Lu Zihao.

The plates on their waists were all flashing rapidly. That was a distress signal, and it meant that their disciples were currently facing a terrifying attack, and the situation was extremely grave.

“You…!” Zhao Wuzheng stared in shock and fury at the pleased Long Chen.

“You wanted to trap us like turtles. I suppose you didn’t expect to become the trapped turtles instead,” said Long Chen.

Bai Xiaole had made his move. The hundreds of thousands of the High Firmament Academy’s disciples were wiping out the disciples of the five powers left to guard the way back.

After Zhao Wuzheng found the pathway to this place, to save time, all their disciples also rushed in and probed the multiple forks in order to find Bai Shishi as fast as possible, as well as to find any treasures left behind.

With the five powers gathered here along with the supreme assassin of the Bloodkill Hall, they had long since viewed Long Chen and Bai Shishi as trapped prey. Hence, they had only left a few thousand disciples at the entrance of the pathway.

With over five hundred thousand disciples, Bai Xiaole’s side instantly wiped the guards out. They then entered the pathway, wreaking havoc on their disciples.

With Bai Xiaole’s spatial energy, he was able to clearly sense the positions of his enemies, so that cave system became his hunting ground. Moreover, since the exit was blocked, there was nowhere for them to run.

Suddenly, screams rang out from this side as well. The Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples, as well as Mu Qingyun and Luo Bing’s people charged out and into the passageway.

“Don’t let them escape!”

The five powers’ experts were startled. Without hesitation, they charged toward the exit. If these people managed to reach the exit, wouldn’t all their disciples within the cave system be surrounded?

Just as they passed through the exit, a giant golden ball exploded, sealing the exit. It unleashed countless roots that sank into the earth, completely sealing the path.

The five powers’ experts were startled. This golden ball was clearly Bai Shishi’s technique. It seemed that everything had been planned.

With the exit sealed, a relaxed smile appeared on Long Chen’s face. Just at that moment, as quick as lightning, Zhao Wuzheng unleashed a punch at Long Chen.

Zhao Wuzheng hated Long Chen to the bone. He, the peerless heavenly genius of the Golden Bell Gate, had actually drunk another person’s piss. That shame could not be permitted to spread outside.

Right now, the only thing they could do was kill everyone here to cover up that shame.

Long Chen smiled with his teeth. “It seems that the divine elixir is effective. Even your face is turning yellow.”

“Die!” Zhao Wuzheng roared furiously. It was as if all his hatred was concentrated within his fist.

Long Chen also unleashed a fist, and specks of light appeared on it. They were like stars twinkling. His entire arm glowed like a starry dragon.


Their two fists collided, causing the entire palace to shake. As a result, the roof began to fall apart, and giant pieces of it fell.

Astral winds erupted explosively from their two fists, like blades tearing apart the ground around them.

“Last time I let you escape. This time, I’ll blast you apart!” A vein throbbed on Zhao Wuzheng’s forehead. At this moment, the armor covering his fist suddenly exploded and an immense power soared rapidly.

Following that, people were shocked to find that the blood vessels of Zhao Wuzheng’s arms were swelling. His arms grew thicker and thicker, while those vessels were like serpents wriggling beneath his skin. As his power climbed, the palace shuddered even more dangerously. More and more pieces of the roof fell.

At the same time, the experts of the five powers that had entered this room were buffeted by the astral winds. They were forced to hide behind those giant chunks of rock.

This was the divine palace of the Starry River Sect, and it was built using the best immortal materials. Although the formation had long since sucked away their divine essence, their weight and hardness were still shocking. Perhaps a fist-sized chunk of rock could weigh thousands of tonnes.

As giant chunks fell like meteorites, these disciples were forced to flee from their cover, only to be buffeted by the astral winds. Some were killed in the resulting chaos.

Long Chen and Zhao Wuzheng’s fight continued. Meanwhile, the others grew hesitant when they saw this. Their original plan had been to target Bai Shishi together. But if they joined in as well, the chaos destroying the palace would guarantee that the hundreds of thousands of disciples that they had brought with them into this room would perish.

These people were their elites. Some were their family members, so they couldn’t not care about them.

“Slut, is your High Firmament Academy only capable of playing sinister schemes?!” demanded the Silver Moon City’s Zhen Meilian.

The instant Zhen Meilian saw Bai Shishi, she was filled with jealousy. Compared to Bai Shishi, she was like a toad.

Everything had clearly been planned by Bai Shishi and Long Chen. While the two of them drew everyone else’s attention, the other faked pretending to prepare for battle, only to suddenly charge through the exit and seal it behind them. Now all the disciples that the five powers had brought were trapped here.

Even Zhao Wuzheng and the others would need some time to break Bai Shishi’s seal. Furthermore, Bai Shishi and Long Chen wouldn’t just wait for them to break it. If they wanted to do so, they had to stop the two of them first.

However, once they unleashed their full power, this palace would become a land of death. Other than a few of them, the others would be killed. This scheme was truly sinister.

Normally, Bai Shishi would immediately attack Zhen Meilian, but today, her mood was particularly good. Rather than getting angry, she felt a trace of sympathy.

She gained an even deeper understanding of Long Chen’s sinister schemes. Despite seeming thoughtless, any random move from him could con people to death.

“Slut, why aren’t you speaking? Do you know that you’re shameful and thus have no words?” raged Zhen Meilian.

Bai Shishi shook her head. “Someone who has drunk the piss of men isn’t qualified to speak to me.”

“You…!” Zhen Meilian’s face contorted, and a venomous light appeared in her eyes. She then reached out behind her.


Just at this moment, the fiercest astral winds so far shook the entire palace. Even Bai Shishi and the others were blown back. As for the other disciples of the five powers, quite a few were directly killed.

When Bai Shishi was forced to retreat, out of nowhere, she suddenly slashed her golden sword behind her.

A figure was cut in two, and that was the Bloodkill Hall’s expert. He was completely shocked. With him hidden in space, no one should have been able to sense him.

Not giving him any chance, Bai Shishi’s sword unleashed an explosion of golden light, cutting him into countless bloody pieces.

“Hahaha, well done. Now that this fellow is dead, there are no longer any misgivings. We can fight freely!”

Long Chen suddenly raised his head and unleashed a roar. His hair then fluttered madly, and silver scales covered his entire body. As the stars within those scales revolved, an aura that caused the nine heavens to shake climbed.

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