Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3027 Finally Venting

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Chapter 3027 Finally Venting

Scales covered Long Chen’s entire body. A star shone in every scale, and every star had a flame burning on top of it. Right now, divine light filled the palace, and heaven and earth rumbled.

“What terrifying divine flame power!”

Bai Shishi stared in shock at Long Chen. She had never seen or even heard of someone’s divine flame energy igniting from the surface of their body.

After all, normal cultivators had their divine flame in their Dantian. Its power was unleashed from the inside to guarantee that it didn’t simply leak and dissipate in the outside world.

If it was unleashed outside the body, the majority of that power would simply dissipate back into heaven and earth with no use at all.


The one opposing Long Chen, Zhao Wuzheng, was forced further and further back by this overwhelming power.

Moreover, the entire palace began to crack, and it spread further and further. As Long Chen’s explosive power ran rampant, the palace began to swell.


The experts of the five powers inside the palace were horrified. Long Chen’s aura was constantly rising, and they felt like they were crushed by that power. They were pressed against the stone walls, unable to move.

The immense power was like a giant’s foot pressing down on the bodies of ants. Those experts screamed in terror but were unable to change their fates. They were then crushed to bits. Only a few of the stronger ones were still able to persevere, but it didn’t seem like they could last much longer.

Zhao Wuzheng, Xie Tianyu, Chu Yang, and the others were shocked. Long Chen’s power far exceeded their expectations.

As for their side, that terrifying assassin had been easily dispatched by Bai Shishi. They no longer knew what to do.

It had to be known that as long as the assassin was present, they could easily avoid being killed by Bai Shishi. His presence would be a constant worry for her.

However, their plan had been seen through by Long Chen. He had also recognized the assassin to be the greatest threat amongst them.

Whether it was Long Chen or Bai Shishi, if they had to focus all their power on their enemies, then a quick assassination attempt could easily give them a serious injury or even directly kill them.

If they had to be on guard against the assassin, then they couldn’t focus all their power fighting the others. Facing so many powerful experts, they would definitely be at a great disadvantage. That was why the assassin was Long Chen’s first priority.

When Long Chen had given them his divine elixir, the medicinal powder he had used didn’t contain poison. Instead, it would make a person unconcealable. It could be considered a mark.

He had told Bai Shishi about this special mark. That way, she could accurately tell where that assassin was.

That assassin had hidden himself back within space after Long Chen revealed himself. However, that pitiful fellow was unaware that every single one of his movements was under Bai Shishi’s gaze.

His original goal had been to kill Bai Shishi, but after drinking the divine elixir, his rage made him change his target to Long Chen. Hence, when Long Chen was competing in terms of power with Zhao Wuzheng, he intentionally gave the assassin a good chance. He unleashed an explosive power that blew back Bai Shishi and the others.

When Bai Shishi was blown back right near him, with such a good opportunity, he immediately slipped his way over to her.

However, just as that thought formed, Bai Shishi’s sword cut him in two. This pitiful assassin, a supreme expert, didn’t even have a chance to attack or even report his name. He was killed like some random passer-by. Just how sullen must he feel?

Without that assassin, if they wanted to kill Long Chen and Bai Shishi, they could only use real power. However, Long Chen’s full power was unleashing a qi wave that made it impossible for them to even approach him.

As for their other disciples, they were being crushed. If the five of them added in their full power as well, other than them, everyone else in this room would be crushed to death.

“We can’t continue like this! We must unleash our full power and kill Bai Shishi and Long Chen as fast as possible. The people within the cave system are being killed by them! Are you planning on saving these people here, or the millions of people inside the cave system? Think wisely!” shouted Chu Yang.

They had brought a few hundred thousand people into the palace, but only eighty thousand of them were still holding on. But in the cave system, millions of disciples were sending them distress signals.

“We can’t care so much. Slaughter them! We can’t be led by the nose by them!” Zhao Wuzheng clenched his teeth and charged forward. His Blood Qi fully ignited, forming a mist of blood around him.

An angry roar resounded throughout the palace. It was like an ancient beast had awakened. The heavy pressure emitted by Zhao Wuzheng instantly multiplied.

As a result, the instant he clashed with Long Chen, the other disciples of the five powers despaired. Under both of their pressures, tens of thousands of them instantly exploded.

“Long Chen, face your death!”

This space was too small, and these disciples had nowhere to go. Amongst the disciples that were just flattened were some of Zhao Wuzheng’s relatives as well as his most trusted subordinates. But he couldn’t protect them, so he could only place all this hatred on Long Chen.

An ear-piercing soundwave exploded. It was like a divine hammer had just smashed into Long Chen.

“Against just you?” Long Chen sneered. His entire body shone as if he was protected by astral battle armor. With the dragon scales, he was now already capable of controlling the divine flames of his stars.

However, contrary to others, a majority of his power leaked through the air. That was not a matter of control. That was intentionally done because even with his dragon scales, he couldn’t contain the full power of his 108,000 astral stars. He had to waste a portion to guarantee that he wouldn’t be injured himself. Else, if that power was locked within him, he was worried that his own body would explode.

Despite that, he could clearly feel their endless power. At this moment, he unleashed a powerful punch, his fist covered with astral light. Even space collapsed in front of this punch.


Space shattered from the immense power, and the palace collapsed. Dust and smoke erupted; even the very earth was torn apart.

Bai Shishi, Xie Tianyu, Chu Yang, Lu Yunchang, Zhen Meilian, and Lu Zihao’s figures shot out of the dust. Chu Yang and the others were shocked. As for Bai Shishi, she was pleasantly surprised.

She hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so powerful. The pressure that she was under lightened a great deal now. The two of them together were enough to fight the six of them.


Long Chen stood in the air, laughing. Astral light shone from his whole body, and he was a like a celestial god of war.

“I’ve been stifled for a long time, but I can finally vent. Today, I’ll use your blood to write the section of Boss Long San’s rise!”

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