Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3028 Bloodline Summoning

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Chapter 3028 Bloodline Summoning

The emotions that Long Chen had been suppressing for so long erupted along with his power.

The feeling of having power but not being able to unleash it was stifling. It couldn’t be described with words. Now that he had gained an insight from the Starry River Sage, he was using his dragon scales as his buffer. A portion of his power dissipated outside, while a portion stayed inside. Now he was finally capable of fighting with the power of the Divine Flame realm.

“Shameless boasting! You’re only fit to carry my shoes!” Zhao Wuzheng roared. As the palace collapsed, the disciples inside were directly killed. Hence, he no longer had any misgivings. With a beast-like roar, he charged at Long Chen.

“You’re only fit to drink my piss,” said Long Chen disdainfully. He was still immersed in the beautiful feeling of controlling the power of his stars.

“Fuck you!” Zhao Wuzheng let out a string of curses, and his face contorted with rage. So many veins popped on his forehead that his comrades were worried that his head might suddenly explode.

Zhao Wuzheng’s beast-like roar caused a giant illusory image to appear behind him. It was unclear, but it was filled with the aura of an ancient desolate beast. That wild bloodline power caused heaven and earth to change color.

Zhao Wuzheng then unleashed a punch. In that instant, the illusory image vanished, seemingly sucked into his fist.

Even before his fist landed, the earth already collapsed. This was an exceedingly ancient divine ability.

“Let me tell you, Boss Long San has always been fond of teaching people who think that they are very strong just what true power is.”

With a bright light in his eyes, Long Chen’s own astral power poured into his fist. The light coming from his body was like a sun. It was blinding.


Within that blinding light, a giant explosion occurred. One figure was then sent flying, smashing deep into the ground. Cracks spread throughout the land as far as they could see.

“You dare to challenge Boss Long San? Do you think that you’re qualified?”

Up in the sky, Long Chen was surrounded by revolving stars. Like a war god, the sight of him shook people’s hearts. Even Bai Shishi was shocked.

The current Long Chen was like a completely different person to her. It was like a devil god had torn off his disguise and revealed his true self.

The stars revolved with Long Chen at the center, leaving ripples through space. Moreover, that space twisted wildly simply due to Long Chen’s existence. It was as if all Daos were bowing toward him. It was unspeakably wild and domineering.

This was a powerful image, one that was completely different from his normal self, to the point that even Bai Shishi’s heart fluctuated slightly. It went without saying that Long Chen truly possessed an extremely coarse and wild flavor. She had seen plenty of handsome men, but it was her first time seeing someone who looked to be filled with wildness.

“Long Chen!”

Just at that moment, a furious roar came from underground like a curse from hell. That voice was filled with bloody resentment.

Zhao Wuzheng then came flying out of the ground. His current state was rather miserable. One of his arms was a bloody mess, and his forearm was broken. Blood dripped down from him.

Bai Shishi couldn’t help feeling surprised when she saw Zhao Wuzheng. He was truly worthy of being the number one figure of the Golden Bell Gate’s junior generation. Anyone else would have been flattened by such a terrifying blow. But it seemed that he was still fine.

Bai Shishi suddenly realized that Zhao Wuzheng specialized in countering her. As a metal cultivator, she was skilled in offense and defense, but her offense was not overwhelming enough. In a one-against-one, she would not fear someone like Zhao Wuzheng. But in a group battle, Zhao Wuzheng’s power would become her greater hindrance. Killing intent then filled her heart.

Suddenly, she had a thought. Could it be…? She then looked at Long Chen, the man that she couldn’t see through.

Long Chen had previously told her that they had to eliminate the assassin from the Bloodkill Hall, or that would be the greatest threat against both of them.

Thinking back, whether it was the assassin or Zhao Wuzheng, they were all specialized to target her. As for Long Chen, he was specifically picking them off. Was he fighting Zhao Wuzheng specially to reduce the threat toward her?

Thinking of that, ripples appeared in her heart. She was no fool. Just from some faint clues, she understood Long Chen’s thinking.

“Today, either you die or I die.” Zhao Wuzheng glared at Long Chen. At some point, his pupils had become vertical like a viper’s. The wounds on his arm rapidly healed.

At the same time, motley marks appeared over Zhao Wuzheng’s body. Fangs then appeared out of his mouth, and a tail appeared on his back. He became a monster in the blink of an eye. That was not the aura of a human.

“It’ll definitely be you dying.”

Long Chen looked at him indifferently, as if this transformation was nothing to him. He clasped his hands behind him and waited.

“Long Chen, careful! That’s the Immemorial Ape Devil’s bloodline divine ability! He is summoning his bloodline heroic spirit to possess him!” warned Bai Shishi suddenly.

Long Chen smiled slightly. “I know. With his current realm and that faint bloodline, summoning a heroic spirit to possess him will only let him last a few minutes. After that, his life will be over. The backlash will take his life. However, I don’t need to interrupt him. I did say that I would beat him in his strongest area so that he would be fully convinced in death. Then he’ll know what true power is.”

Long Chen simply stood there, allowing Zhao Wuzheng to transform. The latter was now covered in black fur, and his nails were like knives. Two of his fangs gave off a cold light.

Most terrifying of all were his eyes. There seemed to be something moving within his eyes, and it was exceedingly bizarre.

“Long Chen, you’ll regret your foolishness!”

Zhao Wuzheng opened his mouth, causing everyone to jump. That was not his voice. It was as if the Immemorial Ape Devil had come to life, giving off a devilish pressure.

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