Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3029 The Confident Zhao Wuzheng

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Chapter 3029 The Confident Zhao Wuzheng

The current Zhao Wuzheng had fully transformed into a giant. He had been especially talented even as a child, with a strangely good aptitude. Hence, his family always focused on raising him with their full power.

His physical body was absolutely terrifying, and even when he was a youth, his name had spread far and wide. Later he was discovered by the head of the Golden Bell Gate and taken as his disciple. His master then gave him the Golden Bell Gate’s priceless Immemorial Ape Devil’s essence blood for him to merge with.

Zhao Wuzheng worked hard, spending three years merging with that essence blood. During these three days, he spent day and night tormented by that devil blood.

Although he managed to merge with it in the end, it also affected his character. His temper grew more explosive, and he became easy to anger. He would kill someone at the slightest offense. Other than a few higher-ups in the Golden Bell Gate, no one dared to offend him.

Being tricked into drinking Long Chen’s divine elixir and facing setback after setback had completely enraged him. He no longer cared about the consequences. Hence, he unleashed that devil bloodline, summoning an ancient heroic spirit to bring his power to the absolute limit.

However, with his current cultivation base, doing so would result in a terrifying price. He had to end the battle before all his essence blood was ignited. If he could preserve a bit of power, he could at least defend against the backlash and avoid death.

He had black fur on his skin and fangs protruding out of his mouth. He then glared at Long Chen with his viper eyes. His aura was completely devilish, very frightening.

At this moment, he was no longer Zhao Wuzheng but a monster possessed by the devil ape. The aura of the Immemorial Ape Devil filled this world, as if they had been transported back in time to when the devil apes reigned supreme.

That aura was ancient, desolate, cruel, and bloodthirsty, making people’s souls quiver. All the lifeforms of that era were frightening. Legend was that the human race of that era was at the bottom of the food chain. It was those beasts that were the true overlords of that time.

Xie Tianyu, Lu Chunyang, Zhen Meilian, Lu Zihao, and Chu Yang were shocked. Although they had heard that Zhao Wuzheng had a terrifying trump card and their Elders had sternly warned them not to offend him, they hadn’t expected it to reach this level. But along with that shock, there was a trace of disdain.

There was no question as to Zhao Wuzheng’s power. But he was truly foolish.

Everyone was supposed to join forces against Bai Shishi and Long Chen. But in his anger, Zhao Wuzheng had started burning away his own life without worry. Even if he killed Long Chen and Bai Shishi, that terrifying price might cripple him.

No matter how strong he was, someone without a brain wasn’t worth fearing. Hence, the rest of them were happy to watch as Zhao Wuzheng killed himself fighting Bai Shishi and Long Chen. They would be the ones to benefit.

Furthermore, they had a valid excuse for not fighting. When they had first gathered, Zhao Wuzheng had told them not to interfere in his battle, or he would kill without differentiating friends or foes.

Those words had almost caused Lu Chunyang and Lu Zihao to turn hostile. After all, they were all peak heavenly geniuses with their own dignity. Zhao Wuzheng’s domineering words had insulted them.

Thus, they were a bit delighted to see him throwing away his life like this. They didn’t help.

Chu Yang and the others simply watched, and Bai Shishi was the same. She didn’t know what they were thinking, but as long as they didn’t interfere, it would be her and Long Chen benefiting. After all, one against one would definitely be easier than two against six.

Furthermore, Bai Shishi found that Long Chen’s expression was still calm, as if Zhao Wuzheng’s transformation didn’t bother him at all. At the same time, she noticed that the stars around him were moving according to some mysterious rhythm. With every revolution of the stars, their auras condensed a bit more.

Although she didn’t know what Long Chen was doing, based on the current state, this was more favorable to them. Holding her golden sword, she simply stood in the sky to keep an eye on the others.

Zhao Wuzheng moved, stamping on the air. At the same time, the void rumbled as if he was stamping on ice, and a strange sound rang out.

A footprint was left in the sky, and it lasted for a long time before fading.

“An ancient heroic spirit, someone whose spirit was not distinguished despite having their flesh destroyed. A single drop of essence blood can be the carrier that summons the will of the heroic spirit. As expected, the lifeforms of the archaic era cannot be comprehended by the current era,” said Long Chen as he looked at Zhao Wuzheng.

The Immemorial Ape Devil’s name was just a generic term for certain devil ape lifeforms.

The devil ape’s aura that came from Zhao Wuzheng might be powerful, but there was no legendary manifestation that followed it. Hence, Long Chen judged that the essence blood Zhao Wuzheng had obtained came from a devil ape of the archaic era.

Even if it was just from the archaic era, it was still so terrifying. It was able to summon the undying will of its master. This showed just how terrifying the experts of that era were.

“Growing afraid now is useless. What awaits you is death.” Zhao Wuzheng stepped forward, his voice rough and icy, as if his voice was transmitted from the archaic era.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes and suddenly thought of himself. Should he also think of obtaining some essence blood to strengthen himself? His azure dragon essence blood came from the lower plane. If he obtained true dragon essence blood from the immortal world, how much would it strengthen the Dragon Blood Battle Armor? A hundred times? Thousand times? Ten thousand times?

Seeing that Long Chen didn’t reply, Zhao Wuzheng’s black furry face smiled sinisterly. He slowly extended his hand. Blood marks appeared on his nails.

His fingernails swept through the air lightly, and a sharp whistling sound rang out. Long scars were left in the space wherever his nails passed. It was as if the void had been torn open, and it was a long while before the scars healed.

“When I summon the ancient heroic spirit, I am unrivaled. Even my sect’s Elders aren’t a match for me. So against you, I just need one move. A few minutes? That would be as long as ten thousand years for you. As for that backlash, it’s negligible to me. It won’t harm my foundation. Those idiots are just like you, and think I’m a fool. If it weren’t for the gate master’s orders, I’d kill them along with you,” said Zhao Wuzheng, his gaze passing across Xie Tianyu and the others. That sinister light in his eyes made their hearts shiver.

Their thinking had actually been seen through by Zhao Wuzheng. Furthermore, it seemed that this wasn’t his first time summoning this ancient heroic spirit, and that everything was still within his control.

“Have a taste of death, ignorant ant!”

Zhao Wuzheng suddenly accelerated. Like a black meteorite, he charged toward Long Chen. Black ripples spread throughout this entire space and devil qi soared.

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