Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3030 Devil Ape Tears Apart the Heavens

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Chapter 3030 Devil Ape Tears Apart the Heavens

“Devil Ape Tears Apart the Heavens!”

Zhao Wuzheng roared and spread his claws. As a result, the void twisted and tore, shredded like paper.

Everyone was stunned. Zhao Wuzheng was still in the Divine Flame realm. Wasn’t it said that someone would only be able to tear through the void barehanded at the Divine King realm? Was this to say that he already possessed power on the level of the Divine King realm?

“An insignificant trick. You can’t even tear apart that layer of heaven and earth. How do you plan on tearing apart the heavens?” Long Chen sneered and pressed his palms together. The stars around him revolved, and the spatial tearing stopped in front of him.

At this moment, they realized that what Zhao Wuzheng had torn apart was not the void. Instead, it seemed to be a layer of something like paper that covered this world’s laws.

Despite that, this divine ability was still terrifying. If the laws of heaven and earth were like the table, then people were the cats crawling on top of the table. Zhao Wuzheng had used some ancient power to stick a piece of paper on the table beneath them.

When the paper was torn, the table remained unaffected, but the people standing on top of it instantly felt like they were thrown into chaos. If that tearing had reached him, Long Chen would also have been torn apart.

That was an extremely bizarre divine ability. In the current world, such a thing was almost nonexistent. However, Long Chen had still seen through it. When he pressed his hands together, it was like two starry skies were merged together, forcibly preventing the tearing.

Zhao Wuzheng was rather unlucky. Long Chen was only able to fully control a portion of his power, while the rest was leaking into the air. When Zhao Wuzheng tore apart the void, Long Chen could use his leaking power to stop it.

Zhao Wuzheng continued to attack, his claws unleashing tears through the void at Long Chen. However, no matter what he did, those tears were unable to progress past ten meters in front of Long Chen.

“My guess would be that your Immemorial Ape Devil’s essence blood is impure, and due to how much time has passed, it was not perfectly preserved. Most of its divine essence has already faded, resulting in its power dropping. Otherwise, someone like you wouldn’t have had the ability to merge with it. You are managing to use one of the Immemorial Ape Devil’s innate divine abilities, but the blood soul power is too weak, while your own power is trash. Perhaps this incomplete divine ability could work against novices, but against Boss Long San, haha, it’s useless,” said Long Chen indifferently, as if this devilized Zhao Wuzheng was nothing to him.

“Bullshit!” Zhao Wuzheng roared, and strange marks appeared on his arms. His Blood Qi once more erupted to another level.

Suddenly, a sound like jewelry shattering rang out from the void. The void in front of Long Chen wasn’t torn apart. But cracks shot past him to his left and right.

However, even as the void was torn apart, it wasn’t able to harm Long Chen in the slightest, proving his words. What was being apart was just a layer on the surface of the void, but it was a chaotic sight.


Seeing that this move was useless, Zhao Wuzheng shot forward like a black bolt of lightning, unleashing a punch.

“You are nothing more than someone for me to test my power on. You don’t know your own limits.” Long Chen snorted and also stepped forward. The stars around him revolved rapidly, forming a giant whirlpool.


The two of them clashed, and a twisting eruption of astral light and black devil qi spread.

At this moment, Bai Shishi formed a one-handed seal. The golden runes around her whirled and formed a solid shield in front of her.

Rubble battered her shield, and that tough shield actually almost cracked. Countless small craters appeared on it.

Bai Shishi’s heart shook. Both of them had reached a shocking level. This was the result of already being quite far away. If they were closer, this defense wouldn’t have blocked that monstrous power.

Meanwhile, Xie Tianyu, Chu Yang, and the others also blocked, but they were blown back wretchedly. The very terrain was changed, with the world looking as if someone had used a blade to cut off a layer of it. When looking at this new world, all that could be seen was destruction.

At the end of her vision, Bai Shishi saw the ground split open. That was Bai Xiaole’s group.

The cave system had collapsed from their exchange. The five powers’ experts had scattered throughout the cave system in small groups, allowing Bai Xiaole to easily lead the academy’s experts to them and slaughter them. With his spatial energy, he was easily able to pinpoint their locations. However, when the cave system collapsed, they were shocked. Just as they thought that they were exposed, they saw Long Chen fighting Zhao Wuzheng. The sight of that fight ignited Bai Xiaole’s blood.

“Brothers, work hard! Quickly slaughter the leftovers so we can watch the show!” Bai Xiaole hastily gave the orders to finish the mission that Long Chen had given him. He wanted to watch.

With the terrain completely transformed, those underground passageways were now exposed. Quite a few of the survivors from the five powers tried to charge out.

However, Bai Xiaole quickly formed hand seals. Another area split open, and Mu Qingyun and the others charged out as well.

“Big sister Qingyun, split your troops in two. One group hunts down the pigs underground, while another catches the rats that sneak out!” shouted Bai Xiaole.

Bai Xiaole was also able to track Mu Qingyun and the others, so he dragged them out to help. After all, Long Chen’s orders were to wipe out all of their enemies. If one ran away, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself to Long Chen. After all, this was Long Chen’s first time giving him a mission. He didn’t want Long Chen to look down on him.

Because of it, Mu Qingyun and Luo Bing led their disciples out, while the disciples of the Heaven Female Alliance stayed underground to hunt the leftovers.

On the other side, Long Chen was still fighting Zhao Wuzheng, with neither side able to suppress the other. With every exchange, the world shuddered. As waves of destruction passed through the land, more underground passageways were exposed, and more experts tried to flee.

Luo Bing, Mu Qingyun, and the others couldn’t keep an eye on Long Chen’s side. With Bai Xiaole guiding them, they hunted the disciples of the five powers.

Seeing their disciples being slain, Xie Tianyu, Lu Chunyang, Zhen Meilian, and Lu Zihao charged over.

However, just at that moment, golden pillars soared into the sky, forming a giant get around this battlefield.

“Do you want to come one by one or all together?” asked Bai Shishi, standing in their path like a war goddess.

“Kill her!” shouted Chu Yang, a sharp glint appearing in his eyes. The prayer beads on his wrist glowed, and he charged out first.

However, just at that moment, a figure smashed toward him like a shooting star, startling him and forcing him to dodge.


A person smashed into the ground, lying there weakly. His body was already deformed, his bones broken and his eyes listless.

“Zhao Wuzheng!”

Chu Yang and the others were appalled. This half-dead person in front of them was Zhao Wuzheng. They hastily looked over at Long Chen.

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