Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3031 New Divine Ring Power

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Chapter 3031 New Divine Ring Power

Up in the sky, Long Chen was surrounded by stars, and a six-colored ring of light spun behind him. As it spun, the void trembled. A supreme will that superseded the ten thousand Daos shook the land.

This was Long Chen’s first time summoning his divine ring after igniting the divine flames of his stars. The energy of heaven and earth was sucked into the divine ring for Long Chen to control. It was as if he was the master of the world.

At this moment, Long Chen understood that the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art had two sources of power. The inner power came from his astral power, while the external power came from his divine ring.

When his astral power merged with the power of the immortal world, his blood flow quickened. It was as if ten thousand horses were stampeding through his body, like a tsunami was coursing through him.

He felt a slight ache in his flesh when he summoned the divine ring. Clearly, although he had finally grasped the method to use his divine flames, his current physical body was barely able to contain this power.

Despite that, the power of his fist contained apocalyptic power, and it almost killed Zhao Wuzheng directly. Now, black ripples continued to spread through the void. That was Zhao Wuzheng’s Immemorial Ape Devil’s aura.

“Zhao Wuzheng’s ancient heroic spirit has been shattered!”

Chu Yang and the others’ expressions changed. That ancient heroic spirit was a terrifying existence from the archaic era that had left behind their undying will. But it had been broken by Long Chen?

Seeing how heavily injured Zhao Wuzheng was, Xie Tianyu suddenly shot over to him and pressed a hand on him, covering him with a layer of water to heal his injuries slowly. In just a moment, Zhao Wuzheng’s listless eyes slowly grew bright once more. He was pulled back from the border of death.

However, while he didn’t die, his wounds couldn’t be healed quickly. Xie Tianyu’s heart grew cold. His water energy was trying to heal his wounds, but as soon as those wounds healed, they automatically broke again. It was as if there was some kind of law resting within these wounds that was sharply reducing his healing ability.

Although they all disliked Zhao Wuzheng, their current situation was not very favorable. So every bit of power that they could preserve counted.

Long Chen’s divine ring slowly revolved. Three of the six colors spun clockwise, and the other three spun counterclockwise. It was as if they were manifesting the mysteries of the ten thousand Daos.

As the divine ring spun, the pain in Long Chen’s body gradually lessened. He slowly got used to this merger of two kinds of power.

Before this, controlling just the astral power was already taxing for him, and he had to abandon over half of it. Now that two kinds of power were merging, he had to throw away even more. But he had to do this in order to grasp the secrets of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

Due to wasting ninety percent of his power and expelling it into the air, from a distance, Long Chen looked like a blazing sun. Ripples continuously poured out of him, crashing against heaven and earth, as if this world could not contain him.

Because of this phenomena, others were unable to see clearly. They didn’t know what was going on. But if this manifestation was already so terrifying, wouldn’t Long Chen be absolutely horrifying?

Even after summoning an ancient heroic spirit, Zhao Wuzheng was still almost killed by a single punch from him. Just who was a match for him?

“Boss is mighty!”

In the distance, Bai Xiaole shouted excitedly. Seeing how domineering Long Chen was, he felt like he was the one standing out.

Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and Mu Qingyun also couldn’t help staring at him as they hunted down the remnants of the five powers. They were excited as well. Long Chen was growing more and more powerful, more and more terrifying.

“What are you all staring blankly for? Hurry up and kill yourselves. Are you waiting for Boss Long San to personally do it?” demanded Long Chen coldly at Xie Tianyu and the others.

Xie Tianyu and the others were enraged. But Chu Yang sneered, “Long Chen, give up the act. Your current power isn’t under your control at all. This manifestation might be shocking, but your power is completely scattered. At most, you can control ten to twenty percent of the power you’re showing. Furthermore, all this energy is being wasted. How long can you last like this? If you think you can trick me, you are still too immature.”

Xie Tianyu and the others realized that Chu Yang was telling the truth. They now sensed Long Chen’s weakness. It truly was as Chu Yang said. If a person’s body was like a water reservoir, the power they could control would be like the valve at the bottom of the dam. The greater the control, the smaller the valve. With the smaller valve, the water sped through it faster due to the pressure. On the opposite end of the spectrum, with a larger valve, although more water flowed out, the weaker pressure meant that it lacked destructive power.

Long Chen’s current state was like a reservoir where the water was gushing out of the top. Although the amount was shocking, its destructive power wasn’t so great.

Such an obvious fact had actually been covered up due to just how shocking Long Chen’s current aura was, along with the fact that Long Chen had crushed Zhao Wuzheng in one blow. That fear had caused them to lose their wits temporarily.

“Who would have thought that the Chu family’s people actually had some brains? So you noticed. But even if a lion can’t control his own power, do you think a pack of rabbits can do anything to him?” Long Chen smiled.

“Long Chen, you’re too arrogant. Do you really think that you’re the only one with trump cards?” Chu Yang showed off his prayer beads.

“I know you have trump cards, but it’s too bad that you don’t have the brain capacity to use them. Do you realize that you missed your only chance to kill me?” asked Long Chen.

“Is that so?” Chu Yang was equally calm, speaking neither quickly nor slowly.

“Do you remember when we first entered the Jialin Immortal Land? At that time, I beat you so badly you couldn’t even counterattack. In the end, you fled miserably, and if it weren’t for that old bastard Chu Huairen, you would already be dead,” said Long Chen.

“Hmph, so what? That was nothing more than an accident. I won’t give you another chance,” snorted Chu Yang.

“No, you’ve given it to me. I had a fortuitous encounter in the underground palace and learned how to control my power. But mastering this new method required time. While fighting Zhao Wuzheng, I slowly grew familiar with my power, increasing my power step by step. If you had all directly attacked at the start instead of just watching, I really might have died full of regrets here, unable to unleash the power in my body. Now you no longer have the ability to kill me. What awaits you is only death,” said Long Chen.

“Oh really? I disagree. Your life is mine.” Chu Yang smiled. His previous panic and confusion vanished, replaced with calm. That calmness was due to absolute confidence, as if everything was under his control.

“Oh? Does your confidence stem from Fallen Daynight?” asked Long Chen. Chu Yang’s confident expression instantly vanished. He stared in shock at Long Chen.

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