Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3032 Daynight Armor

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Chapter 3032 Daynight Armor

Fallen Daynight was as famous as Lord Brahma, and his name shook the nine heavens and ten lands. He was said to be the ancestor of pill tools, but only a few had knowledge in that regard.

Contrary to Lord Brahma, Fallen Daynight had fewer believers. Fallen Daynight’s believers were all picked out from amongst Lord Brahma’s believers.

As a result, even amongst Lord Brahma’s followers, not many people even knew about Fallen Daynight’s appearance. Hence, Chu Yang was startled when Long Chen called out his name.

It had to be known that on the surface, he merely appeared to be one of Lord Brahma’s disciples but was actually one of Fallen Daynight’s followers. Even within the Chu family, the number of people aware of this did not surpass ten. But Long Chen had seen through it.

Long Chen sneered. Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight; one stood in the open, one stayed in the dark. But they were both snakes and rats from the same pit. He had seen the statue of Fallen Daynight in the lower plane and was familiar with his aura.

Curiously, here in the immortal world, he was unable to find any inheritances left behind by Fallen Daynight. But those prayer beads had a figure carved into them, and Long Chen was very familiar with Fallen Daynight’s appearance.

“No need to be curious. I am a Heaven Master of the High Firmament Academy. If I didn’t at least have this little ability, how could I participate in the Nine Prefecture Convention?”

Long Chen continued, “It is precisely because I saw through you that I worked together with this pretty girl to first kill that fellow from the Bloodkill Hall and then cripple Zhao Wuzheng. Can you not understand?”

“You…” Chu Yang finally grew uneasy. Long Chen seemed to have seen through everything, and the entire battle seemed to be in his control. Hence, Chu Yang’s heart sank.

“I know you’re very powerful and have immense trump cards. If we couldn’t knock them down one by one, the ones to die today would be the two of us. But now, that dislikable assassin is dead, and the only one who can threaten the pretty girl, Zhao Wuzheng, is crippled. The battlefield has been balanced. Now I can freely experience the methods of Fallen Daynight.” Long Chen stretched lazily, a crackling sound ringing from his bones.

Hearing that, Bai Shishi was startled. Long Chen’s calculations went so deep. But the truly surprising thing was that someone she had never cared about, Chu Yang, would be the strongest existence here.

It seemed that all the preparation that Long Chen had made in advance was just so that he could fight Chu Yang freely. Also, it was all to reduce the pressure on her.

“Pretty girl, I can only do this much. It should be no problem for you to handle the other five, right?” asked Long Chen, rolling his shoulders as if he was warming up.

“I’m called Bai Shishi. Call me that again and I’ll beat you to death,” shouted Bai Shishi.

Despite being a bit moved by Long Chen’s methods, his actual words still angered her. He had actually given her a nickname?

“Hahaha, it sounds like it should be no problem. Then… let’s start.”

Long Chen suddenly shot out at Chu Yang, moving so fast that he was like a phantom.

“Daynight Armor!”

The eighteen prayer beads around Chu Yang’s wrist dispersed and formed a ring behind him. After that, golden armor appeared around his body.


Long Chen’s fist landed right on Chu Yang’s armored chest. As a result, a brilliant explosion erupted and the entire world shuddered. Chu Yang was sent flying, but shockingly, the fist that almost killed Zhao Wuzheng was received by Chu Yang. The slight dent in the armor quickly repaired itself.

“Hahaha, I was right. Most of your power is simply dispersing. You can’t even break my Daynight Armor. Today, you will be buried in this Jialin Immortal Land.”

Chu Yang suddenly laughed. Although Long Chen’s blow had shaken him, he had still managed to block it. Hence, a weight fell from his heart.

“Ignorant fool, you will never understand just how great Divine Venerate Daynight’s power is!”

With his confidence inflating, Chu Yang’s armor glowed, and a pair of divine feather wings appeared on his back. He charged at Long Chen.


However, Long Chen’s foot landed on his stomach midway, sending him flying in the opposite direction.

“Who does Fallen Daynight think he is to dare act arrogantly in front of boss San?” asked Long Chen. He unleashed a tempest of attacks.

Chu Yang blocked with all his powers, but his close-range fighting skills with his fists and feet were far inferior compared to Long Chen. Long Chen unleashed ten blows, and he was only able to block three. The rest landed on his body. He didn’t even have the ability to counterattack.

Every blow left a dent in his armor. In just a short moment, Chu Yang was struck dozens of times by fists and feet, but he didn’t seem injured.

“Hahaha, fool, you can’t do anything to me! My Daynight Armor can block any attack. Have you not noticed that a portion of your attack power is absorbed, and the other portion is further dispersed into the void? I’m only enduring a very small part of it. The Daynight Armor can only be summoned with pure faith energy. It is not made of metal but composed of the weaving laws of heaven and earth. Even if you hit me for ten years, you wouldn’t be able to break it. Even without me doing anything, you will quickly exhaust yourself to death!” Chu Yang laughed as he received Long Chen’s attacks.

Just at this moment, explosions erupted in the distance. There, golden light flashed, Water Qi soared, and earth energy thrummed. Bai Shishi’s side had also started fighting.

It was Bai Shishi who initiated things. Chu Yang’s armor was too monstrous, and if Long Chen was unable to break it, then once he was out of energy, he would be doomed. She had to quickly kill all these people so she could go assist him.

Golden runes revolved within her beautiful eyes. The next moment, a giant golden dragon flew out of the ground, and golden swords flew in the air. This area became a land of death.

Xie Tianyu, Lu Chunyang, Zhen Meilian, Lu Zihao, and the just barely recovered Zhao Wuzheng hastily fought back.


Xie Tianyu shouted. Just as they pounced on Bai Shishi, they found that Bai Shishi had suddenly appeared behind Zhao Wuzheng. Her sword slashed toward him.

Zhao Wuzheng roared and unleashed a punch with the trace of power he had recovered. And beyond everyone’s wildest imagination, Bai Shishi and her golden sword were blasted into golden bits.


Zhao Wuzheng and the others were startled. Suddenly, Zhao Wuzheng felt a chill behind him.

Just as he turned, a golden sword stabbed through his back. The instant it stabbed through his body, he turned the same color as the sword, becoming a golden statue.

With a light pat from an elegant hand, that statue exploded. The Golden Bell Gate’s number one junior was turned into gold dust.

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