Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3033 Daynight Divine Radiance

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Chapter 3033 Daynight Divine Radiance

Zhao Wuzheng was already seriously injured. While it went without saying that he was extremely powerful, regretfully, he had run into Long Chen.

Long Chen had immense combat experience and was even specialized in close-range combat. When he and Zhao Wuzheng were fighting a battle of physical bodies, when Long Chen grasped a chance, he gave Zhao Wuzheng a serious wound.

Hence, that wound contained Long Chen’s astral power, which made it so that even an expert water cultivator like Xie Tianyu was unable to quickly heal him.

After that, Bai Shishi didn’t give him any chance. Her first target was him, and he instantly fell.

“It’s a cloning art!”

Xie Tianyu and the others suddenly realized that they had been tricked. Due to being injured, Zhao Wuzheng had chosen to stay at the rear. By the time Xie Tianyu and the others charged forward, Bai Shishi’s true body had already been concealed, while her clone baited Zhao Wuzheng.

That clone was not simply an illusory image. It possessed its own physical body. It was only once Zhao Wuzheng broke it apart that he realized that he had fallen for a trap.

“Don’t hold back! Kill her!” Xie Tianyu ignited his essence blood, and two coiling water dragons shot out of him, attacking Bai Shishi.

Lu Chunyang clenched his teeth and suddenly spat a mouthful of blood onto his warhammer. His warhammer seemed to awaken, as if an ancient beast was disturbed. With blazing divine light, it smashed toward Bai Shishi.

Zhen Meilian and Lu Zihao also took out their trump cards. A full moon curved blade and a supreme divine diagram appeared. Both of them were awoken and charged toward Bai Shishi with destructive power.

They had no choice but to do so. Bai Shishi was too powerful. Without Chu Yang, Zhao Wuzheng, and the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin, the four of them could easily die if they messed up.

They couldn’t hope for Chu Yang’s assistance either. Bai Shishi had specifically chosen to take action because she felt the situation wasn’t favorable, and she wanted to kill them to help Long Chen. if they wanted to stay alive, they had to go all-out.

With the four of them unleashing their power, they were not that much weaker than Zhao Wuzheng. As Bai Shishi’s golden swords danced, the golden dragon beneath her feet roared, and a torrent of golden swords rained down upon them. Both sides were relatively evenly matched.

The ground slowly fell as they fought. The terrain of this area deformed, and astral winds with broken runes flew out, shocking Luo Bing and the others.

“This is a battle between peak experts? We can’t even get close.” Luo Ning stared in shock, her face pale. Despite being in the Divine Flame realm as well, the difference was immense.

“Retreat!” shouted Bai Xiaole suddenly.

“What?” Luo Bing and the others were still guarding the caves, preventing the disciples of the five powers from escaping. Why would they retreat?


A group of women charged out, their white robes scarlet with fresh blood. It was the warriors of the Heaven Female Alliance.


As soon as they appeared, they fled. Luo Bing and the others could only follow.

As he ran, Bai Xiaole shouted, “Boss says to run as far as possible! Ignore the leftovers.”

“Why?!” shouted Luo Ning, pulling on Bai Xiaole.

“Do you need to ask? Look at your own waist plate!” Bai Xiaole pointed.

Only then did Luo Bing and the others notice a rune flashing rapidly on those plates.

“Time’s almost up?”

Luo Bing and the others were startled. They had been so immersed in the fighting that they hadn’t even noticed.

This indicated that their temporary stay in the Jialin Immortal Land was almost up. The exit would open soon, and they had to pass through it.

The transportation rune was originally with Long Chen, but he had given it to Bai Xiaole to look after. In other words, wherever Bai Xiaole was when the time was up would be where the transportation gate would open.

“Then can’t they leave as well? Weren’t we supposed to wipe them out?” asked Luo Ning.

“How am I supposed to know? Boss told me what to do, so that’s what I’m doing. You women are so vexing,” exclaimed Bai Xiaole irritably, feeling that Luo Ning was too long-winded. Just as he said this, she kicked him.

Bai Xiaole was speechless, now not only feeling that women were too long-winded but also unreasonable. Hence, he decided to ignore her and continued leading everyone madly rushing away.

Just as Bai Xiaole and the others were fleeing, the battle between Long Chen and Chu Yang continued to grow increasingly intense.

After fighting for so long, Chu Yang was shocked to find that Long Chen’s punches grew heavier and heavier. There was no sign of him running out of power. It was as if he had more power than he could use.

Furthermore, for some reason, a nameless kind of terror started to appear in Chu Yang’s heart. He began to feel like his life was in immense danger. That was the feeling that stemmed from being an expert. It was as if he was currently walking deeper and deeper into the abyss.

“You… your power is still rising…”

Chu Yang suddenly realized what was wrong. Previously, Long Chen had said that he had missed his best chance to kill him. That was why he chose to don his armor, to exhaust Long Chen’s power.

However, now he found that Long Chen’s power was still rising. It was as if he had been turned into a training partner for him. In that instance, he realized he had once more been conned.

“You’re only realizing it now? It’s too late.” Long Chen sneered, sending Chu Yang flying with a punch.

Chu Yang was shocked and enraged. He had always considered himself to be very smart, with only a few people able to beat him in intelligence. But he found that he was like a fool in front of Long Chen, repeatedly running into setbacks and simply walking headlong into Long Chen’s trap. No matter what he did, he did the wrong thing.

If it weren’t for his innate senses telling him that his mind was wrong, he would probably have continued fighting like this, trying to exhaust Long Chen into eternity.

These senses didn’t just stem from him. They came from his cultivation technique, as well as his faith in the Divine Venerate.

He was Fallen Daynight’s devoted follower, so he had Fallen Daynight’s divine mark, which allowed him to sense great danger.

“Your tricks are far too childish, far too low level. I’ve long since stopped playing with those things. You are someone skilled in waiting patiently, and you don’t wish to expose your true trump cards. I suppose your trump cards are supposed to be used to fight over the position of the head of your family. But have you ever thought that the real problem would be whether or not you could leave the Jialin Immortal Land alive?” The star diagram behind Long Chen continued to revolve, and endless power gushed into him. It was as if some explosive power hidden within those stars was about to break free from its seal and destroy the world.

“Fine. Then I won’t hold back. I’ll show you a supreme power within this world!”

“Daynight Divine Radiance!”

Chu Yang clenched his teeth. The eighteen prayer beads behind him exploded and a statue appeared behind him.

Divine light radiated from the statue, filling this world and shaking the heavens. This was a statue of Fallen Daynight.

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