Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3034 Six Stars, Half Open?

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Chapter 3034 Six Stars, Half Open?

When Fallen Daynight’s figure appeared behind Chu Yang, heaven and earth rumbled. It was vaguely possible to see spatial cracks throughout his existence, as divine energy flowed through those cracks. It was as if the world could not contain that power.

This was different from Chu Kuang’s manifestation. This manifestation had a trace of the will of a true god, a will that stood above the laws of the world. Hence, the very void was crushed.

“Long Chen, do you see this? What are you going to use to fight this power?!” roared Chu Yang, his eyes scarlet. At this moment, cracks appeared in his eyes, and blood slowly flowed out of his seven orifices.

Clearly, the Fallen Daynight Divine Radiance could not be summoned casually. He had to sacrifice a portion of his own longevity and Yuan Spirit to do so.

“Divine radiance descends, ten thousand Daos rise and fall. All of heaven and earth are under my control. No one can match me!” Chu Yang roared.


The statue fully concentrated on his body. As he formed hand seals, the void exploded and a giant pill furnace appeared. When it showed up, brilliant light shattered the ten thousand Daos.

After that, a terrifying wave of divine might erupted, and Bai Shishi and the others were actually forced to stop and were blown back. Their magical arts crumbled in the face of that divine might.

The surrounding land was crushed, turned to smithereens. Whether it was stone mountains or ancient buildings, they were crushed by that divine pressure.

“Long Chen…!”

Even as blood dripped out of her mouth, Bai Shishi turned toward Long Chen. Her runic golden shield had no use at all, so she stared in shock at that giant pill furnace. It revolved through the air, unleashing waves of power. Long Chen appeared incredibly miniscule in front of it.


Xie Tianyu, Lu Chunyang, Zhen Meilian, and Lu Zihao were covered in blood. Their backs had been facing Chu Yang, essentially turning them into her shields. They were almost killed.

Bai Xiaole and the others had already fled far into the distance, but those shockwaves still reached them. Fortunately, they were far away enough that no one was injured.

“Are they really human?” One of the Heaven Female Alliance’s experts stared in horror at that distant battlefield. Fortunately, they were cultivators. If they were ordinary people, they wouldn’t even be able to see the slightest bit of somewhere that far.

They saw the giant pill furnace spinning in the air, the ten thousand Daos crumbling around it. That power sparked despair.

“Good thing we escaped. If we were any slower, we’d be the same as those unlucky ghosts, not even knowing how we died.” Zhong Ling wet her lips, still feeling some lingering fear.

They had fled, but the remaining disciples of the five powers were still underground. They had been crushed to bits without even knowing what had happened.

“Boss really is boss. Everything is under his control.” Bai Xiaole’s eyes shone like stars. That expression of worship could no longer be described with words.

Luo Bing, Luo Ning, Mu Qingyun, and the others were also amazed. Not only was Long Chen incredibly powerful, but whether it was the crafty Chu Kuang, the wily Chu Huairen, or the patient Chu Yang, they all seemed to be fools in comparison.

In terms of age, Long Chen was actually a few years younger than them, but they all felt incredibly immature compared to him. He was simply a demon.

Fortunately, they were Long Chen’s friends, not his enemies. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to even sleep without being woken with fright.

As the divine furnace revolved, the power of heaven and earth’s ten thousand Daos seemed to be absorbed by it. A supreme will then rose.

“Long Chen, this is my ultimate power. Now, do you understand the difference between us?” Chu Yang raised his head and laughed. That laughter was full of furious killing intent.

He was Fallen Daynight’s follower. However, summoning the Daynight Divine Radiance came at a huge price for him. He had sacrificed his own longevity for this supreme divine power.

“Are you afraid? Why don’t you crawl on the ground in inferiority as you wait for your death?” Chu Yang slowly formed hand seals. The next moment, the divine radiance slowly descended upon Long Chen.

Long Chen ignored the pill furnace. Instead, he was staring at the statue. Looking at the runes revolving around the statue, he felt a slightly familiar feeling.

“To merge heaven and earth into one, to refine the ten thousand Daos into a single furnace…” Long Chen muttered to himself.

“Long Chen, what are you doing? Are you still not going to ask him for help?” In the distance, Bai Shishi shouted to him when she saw him muttering to himself like a fool.

Long Chen was drawn out of his stupor. Looking at her anxious expression, he smiled. “Pretty girl, are you worried about me?”


Bai Shishi was enraged. Even at this time, this bastard was in the mood for this nonsense? Was his head broken?

Hearing her words, Chu Yang’s pupils shrank. Based on what she said, Long Chen still had a trump card that could resist his divine ability.


Not letting the divine furnace continue absorbing the power of heaven and earth, Chu Yang directly made it crash toward Long Chen.

Luo Bing and the others were shocked to find that when the divine furnace fell, time and space seemed to stop. They couldn’t move. Even they were affected.

“Long Chen, what are you waiting for?!”

In the distance, Bai Shishi grew even more anxious. The stone giant had yet to come out, and this attack contained the will of Divine Venerate Fallen Daynight. Ignoring the power of the ten thousand Daos that it had absorbed, just the will of such a supreme god could kill him.

Long Chen gestured for her to be at ease. “I was planning on using that trump card, but if it’s just on this level, it’d be too wasteful. It’s just the will of Fallen Daynight. Is that so amazing? Boss Long San will take a look today.”

“Six Star Battle Armor!” Long Chen let out a cry inside. The next moment, six stars lit up within his divine ring, and lines began to connect them.

However, this time, the first star, the FengFu Star, was lit ablaze. In that instant, Long Chen felt like a volcano erupted within his body. A line of fury exploded out of the FengFu Star and ignited the Alioth Star, and then the Life Fate Star.

When the Life Fate Star was ignited, a triangle shape appeared within his divine ring. Heaven and earth resonated, and the world changed color.

Long Chen suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. He was shocked to find that when these three stars ignited, his 108,000 stars suddenly stopped. All their power poured into those three stars, causing their power to explode over ten times. Cracks covered his dragon scales, as they had reached their limit.

“Fuck, I can only activate three stars? What a miscalculation.” Long Chen cursed inside. He hadn’t expected the Six Star Battle Armor’s power to have become so monstrous as well. His dragon scales were already at the limit with just three stars.

At this moment, that terrifying divine furnace smashed down, covering the heavens. There wasn’t even time to summon the Heaven Merging Stone Spirit. Clenching his teeth, Long Chen unleashed a single punch.

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