Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3035 Wiping Out Chu Yang

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Chapter 3035 Wiping Out Chu Yang


Long Chen’s fist smashed into the divine furnace. Only then did Long Chen realize that the divine furnace was composed entirely of a god’s will, something that merged the ten thousand Daos with the laws of heaven and earth as the foundation.

The supreme will erupted from the furnace. In front of it, Long Chen appeared completely miniscule, like a drop in the ocean.

For some reason, when that will appeared, Long Chen’s eyes turned scarlet, and all his power erupted. Even if his bones were crushed to bits, he couldn’t retreat even half a step.


That heaven-encompassing divine furnace shattered. As for Long Chen, he hacked up blood, his entire body cracking like porcelain.

When the divine furnace crumbled, the ten thousand Daos were broken, the laws of heaven and earth were torn apart, and the sun and moon lost their light.

Chu Yang also coughed up blood. The statue behind him exploded, leaving him bloody and mangled. Both Long Chen and Chu Yang almost lost their lives and were seriously injured.

Seeing this result, Bai Shishi was the first to react. She rushed over to Long Chen, who was only a breath away from a dead person. If he wasn’t saved now, anyone could simply hit him lightly and take his life.

Xie Tianyu and the others quickly realized this as well. A single long-range attack could take Long Chen’s life, so this was their best chance. Even Chu Yang’s life or death wasn’t as important to them.

Covered in cracks, Long Chen heard his body cracking with the slightest move, as if it would collapse. This was truly a grievous wound.

After struggling to stand, he circulated the primal chaos space’s life energy to recover. Fortunately, the countless precious medicinal plants contained immense life energy that helped him recover. Although it wasn’t an instantaneous recovery, at the very least, it stopped his condition from worsening.

On the other hand, Chu Yang crawled up and vomited several mouthfuls of blood. Even some broken bits of his insides came out.

Contrary to Long Chen, he wasn’t directly attacked, so his condition looked a bit lighter than Long Chen’s. But his physical body also wasn’t as tough as Long Chen’s. Even if it was just the resulting backlash from the divine furnace’s explosion, he was almost torn apart.

Long Chen began walking slowly to Chu Yang. He smiled coldly. “Although there were some surprises, in the end, I’m the winner. You’re the one who’s going to die today.”

Seeing that Long Chen still seemed to have power, Chu Yang finally grew terrified.

Just at this moment, a ripple spread from the distance. It was like the setting sun casting its final burst of light. When that ripple covered the two of them, Chu Yang’s body began to glow. A spatial gate appeared behind him.

“Hahaha, you want to kill me? Keep dreaming! You never thought that I had my own independent transportation gate, did you?!”

Time was up. Chu Yang was prepared and had his own transportation gate appear. Without hesitation, he charged in. Needless to say, the place that he was leaving to would not be the High Firmament Academy’s gathering place.

Just as he dived into the spatial gate, a ball followed him inside.


Chu Yang’s startled cry rang from inside, and then a large explosion blasted apart the spatial gate. Water Qi exploded and space twisted.

“The Decawater Divine Lightning is quite powerful.” Long Chen nodded as he watched the twisting space.

Although he felt a bit aggrieved to have to waste such a precious treasure on a half-dead Chu Yang, his own wounds were too heavy for him to have any better options. It wasn’t as if he could just watch as Chu Yang escaped.

Bai Shishi and the others were stunned. They hadn’t seen the Decawater Divine Lightning. They only saw Chu Yang enter the spatial gate and then Long Chen wave his hand to make the spatial gate explode, blasting Chu Yang out of existence.

Xie Tianyu and the others were particularly stunned. Long Chen was clearly on the verge of death, no? How could he still be so powerful?

Suddenly, a lightning dragon appeared, and Long Chen stood on Lei Long’s head. With a whip of its tail, Lei Long brought Long Chen rushing toward them. Originally, they were the ones charging toward Long Chen. But seeing him suddenly come over, their expressions changed.

Although Long Chen’s aura was extremely weak and he was covered in blood, as if a single finger could make him crumble, his calm gaze terrified them, especially after he had crushed Chu Yang and his spatial gate using some unknown method. Since their courage had been broken by him, they fled.

Just at this moment, divine light covered this world, and their jade plates flashed. Without hesitation, they activated their own spatial gates.

Four spatial gates appeared, and the four of them instantly fled through the gates, vanishing.

Once they were gone, Long Chen went to Bai Shishi. Seeing him covered in blood, she asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. It’s just losing half a life. Let’s go chase after them,” said Long Chen. He grabbed Bai Shishi, and before she could react, she was pulled into one of those spatial gates by Long Chen.

“Xiaole, bring everyone away. We’ll be back soon!” shouted Long Chen as he vanished into a spatial gate along with Bai Shishi. Her startled cry also echoed.

Bai Xiaole and the others were too far. Before they could do anything, Long Chen and Bai Shishi had vanished.

After a moment, the ripples also covered them. Bai Xiaole then activated his jade plate, and a giant transportation gate appeared. This gate would only last for less than an incense stick’s worth of time, so Luo Bing ordered everyone to hastily rush through.

Once everyone else was through, Luo Bing and the others glanced back into the distance. They saw that Xie Tianyu and the others’ spatial gates had vanished. Hence, they also rushed through.

Once through, they saw that they were in the High Firmament Academy’s plaza. The vice dean, Heaven Master Yun Yang, Heaven Master Dong Ming, the head judge, and the other experts that had led the way for them on that day were all here.

Over four hundred thousand of the one million disciples who had entered returned. They were all covered in blood, and the bloody stench startled everyone.

Although they had said that there was only a fifty percent chance of surviving in the Jialin Immortal Land, in truth, that was a bit of an exaggeration. It was mostly a warning to the disciples for fear of them carelessly losing their lives.

Only a few select members such as the vice dean, Heaven Master Yun Yang, and the head judge had slight smiles upon seeing so many people return. Clearly, this was more than they had expected.

However, while they saw Luo Bing, Bai Xiaole, and the others, they didn’t see Long Chen or Bai Shishi.

“Where are they?” asked Heaven Master Dong Ming.

“Boss brought Bai Shishi to the enemy’s camp to play.” Bai Xiaole shrugged.


Everyone, including the vice dean, couldn’t believe their ears

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