Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3036 Stone Spirit Exterminates Golden Bell

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Chapter 3036 Stone Spirit Exterminates Golden Bell

Long Chen and Bai Shishi’s vision flashed. They then appeared inside a giant plaza packed with experts.

Xie Tianyu, Zhen Meilian, Lu Chunyang, and Lu Zihao were all present, reporting something to a group of elders, when Long Chen and Bai Shishi suddenly appeared beside them.


Zhen Meilian just so happened to be facing Long Chen directly, and seeing his gaze, she screamed.

With a single point of his finger, a ray of lightning shot through her head.

Just as he killed Zhen Meilian, Bai Shishi’s golden sword swung through the air. She didn’t give Xie Tianyu, Lu Chunyang, and Lu Zihao a chance to react. Three heads flew into the air.

Xie Tianyu and the others had never dreamed that Long Chen and Bai Shishi would dare to follow them through their transportation gate. Without any defenses up, they were instantly slain.

“I already said that I wouldn’t let a single one of you live. You dare to say that my word doesn’t count?” Long Chen sneered at their four corpses.

Under normal circumstances, after their heads were cut off, the three of them wouldn’t instantly die due to their powerful divine flame energy. But Bai Shishi’s sword contained her terrifying metal energy, and as soon as their heads were cut off, that metal energy invaded their heads, turning them to gold. When they landed on the ground, they turned into golden dust and were instantly killed.

This sudden change left even their elders that had lived countless years completely stunned. By the time they reacted the four of them had been killed.

“Boss Long San is present. If you don’t want to die, hurry up and run. Today, Boss Long San’s mood isn’t good. This place will be destroyed. Those who flee too late, don’t blame Boss Long San for not having any mercy,” announced Long Chen, his voice spreading far into the distance.

“Brazen interloper, who are you?!” barked one of the elders.

“That girl, isn’t she the High Firmament Academy’s Bai Shishi?”

They didn’t recognize Long Chen, but they did recognize Bai Shishi. After all, her name was famous.

However, Long Chen was wearing worn-down black robes with no mark of being a disciple of the High Firmament Academy. His extreme arrogance cowed them.

After all, the immortal world had countless terrifying sects, and there were many people that they couldn’t offend. Hence, even though they were infuriated, they didn’t immediately move to wipe out Long Chen. They wanted to know who this other party was.

“You don’t even know the name of the renowned and famous Boss Long San? Just how have you lived for so long? I’ll give you to the count of three. Either scram or die. Boss Long San is going to take over this sect,” said Long Chen, being the very picture of utmost arrogance and disdain.

“Who are you?! If you don’t report your origins, don’t blame us for attacking!” roared one of the elders.

They had to know who he was first. He was so arrogant that he had to have a powerful background. Otherwise, how could he dare to act so arrogant?

“Stand steady! Don’t collapse when you hear this! Boss Long San comes from the High Firmament Academy!” announced Long Chen.

“You fucker!”

Those elders instantly went crazy, launching their attacks. They were as quick as lightning, their claws reaching toward Long Chen.

“Tch, I gave you face but didn’t receive any in return. Since you want to die, don’t blame Boss Long San for being vicious.”

Long Chen formed hand seals. Just as those elders were about to reach him, the void shuddered and a giant fist smashed down.


That group of over ten experts was blasted to smithereens, and the fist continued to strike the plaza, causing the entire plaza to collapse. The surrounding tens of thousands of experts were transformed into blood mist.

The Heaven Merging Stone Spirit appeared and roared, his voice shaking the heavens. The grand formations here were destroyed.

Long Chen and Bai Shishi stood on his shoulders. Staring at the devastation resulting from a single punch, they were shocked. His power was absolutely terrifying.

“Who has come to my Golden Bell Gate? If the Golden Bell Gate has offended you, please let us atone for our crimes. Why don’t we sit down and discuss this instead?”

Within the dust, a simple and heavy voice rang out. That voice seemed to be one with the Heavenly Daos. Moreover, it came with the will of a ruler and shook Long Chen’s Blood Qi, leaving stars spinning in his eyes. This was another terrifying existence.

“It’s probably a Divine Lord expert,” whispered Bai Shishi.

“Brother, can you beat him?” asked Long Chen to the Heaven Merging Stone Spirit.

“No problem.”

“Then kill him.” Long Chen was delighted to hear it.

Long Chen was surprised to find that the Heaven Merging Stone Spirit seemed even more excited than him. He leaped forward. At this moment, Long Chen and Bai Shishi felt a heavy weight crash upon them. The Heaven Merging Stone Spirit had actually brought them high into the clouds.

When his entire body glowed, Long Chen noticed that the stars around them also brightened. Then the Heaven Merging Stone Spirit smashed toward the ground like a meteorite.

“Hold on!” said the Heaven Merging Stone Spirit.

Bai Shishi then formed hand seals, summoning golden chains that bound her and Long Chen to his body.


The Heaven Merging Stone Spirit seemed to clash with someone, but the flying runes everywhere made it so that Long Chen and Bai Shishi couldn’t see who it was.

After that, the world became still. Long Chen spread his divine sense and sucked in a cold breath of air. The earth had been torn apart. A bottomless abyss had appeared where the Golden Bell Gate was. As for that Divine Lord expert, nothing remained of him.

The Heaven Merging Stone Spirit brought Long Chen and Bai Shishi to the edge of the abyss. The two of them then looked down at that abyss, unable to calm themselves down for a long time. The Heaven Merging Stone Spirit’s power far surpassed their expectations. In comparison to him, the little power that they were so proud of was nothing.

“What a pity…” Long Chen sighed.

“What’s a pity?” asked Bai Shishi.

“I didn’t expect him to be so powerful. I wanted him to wipe out the sect so I could take their treasury. Those treasures, those precious medicines, those secret tomes, those beautiful women, ah, they’re all gone.” Long Chen shrugged.

Long Chen had been planning on using the Heaven Merging Stone Spirit to establish his own fame and profit a bit. But he hadn’t expected the latter to wipe out everything. Now he didn’t gain anything, all because he had underestimated his power.

Bai Shishi was originally listening intently, but when Long Chen added on the beautiful women, she grew scornful. This fellow was spouting nonsense once more.

Long Chen found a nearby boulder and took out a dagger. He then left behind a line of bold words: Boss Long San was here.

“What are you doing?” asked Bai Shishi.

“Doing good things without leaving my name isn’t my style. I want everyone to know who did this. In any case, this can’t be covered up, so I might as well be direct. Wouldn’t it be better to be more heroic?” said Long Chen lightly.

The High Firmament Academy had so many people, and it was unknown just how many eyes from the outside world were placed there. The fact that he and Bai Shishi hadn’t returned with everyone would be well known to their enemies, so what the two of them had to have done would be obvious.

Long Chen also wasn’t planning on covering it up. He had found the correct way to cultivate, so it was time for Boss Long San to rise.

“Brother, our agreement has been completed. Let us part ways here. Thank you,” said Long Chen to the Heaven Merging Stone Spirit.

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