Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3037 Shi Tongtian

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Chapter 3037 Shi Tongtian

“Brother San, many thanks…”

The stone giant knelt on one knee and performed an ancient etiquette to Long Chen.

Bai Shishi stared in confusion. It was clearly the stone giant helping Long Chen, so why would he be the one thanking Long Chen?

“The Heavenly Stone Spirit race might have simple heads, but we’re not fools. You freed me from my promise so soon to give me my freedom.”

Only once the stone giant said this did Bai Shishi understand. No wonder Long Chen had pulled her into the transportation gate. He didn’t just want to kill those four.

Long Chen was also surprised that the stone giant saw through his intentions. He knew that the stone giant’s power was so immense that using this favor like this was very wasteful, but he couldn’t help thinking of the simple Wilde. After the agreement was complete, the stone giant could return home, so Long Chen had him freed up sooner.

“Brother San, you’re still too weak. I can guard you for three years…” said the giant.

Long Chen waved his hand, interrupting him. He then patted his giant arm. “If you stay by my side, I will grow too dependent on you. That’s not good for my own growth. You might be powerful, but it’s still not enough against my future enemies. I can’t depend on you forever. Since that’s the case, it’s better for you to regain your freedom so I can raise my own ability to handle danger. The path of cultivation depends on yourself. However, I understand your heart. You call me brother San, but you still don’t have a name. How about I give you a name? You are from the Heavenly Stone Spirit race’s Heaven Merging Stone Spirit branch. I’ll name you Shi Tongtian.”

“Many thanks, brother San. In the future, amongst the human race, my name will be Shi Tongtian[1].”

“Go. If fate allows it, let us meet again. Ah, promise me something first. Don’t talk to anyone from the human race before returning to your ancestral land,” warned Long Chen.

Considering his simple nature, he could easily be tricked. Long Chen didn’t want him to be freed from this place only to be tricked somewhere else.

Shi Tongtian bowed toward Long Chen and then with a single step, vanished. The world returned to calm. If it weren’t for that bottomless abyss, Long Chen might have forgotten about the existence of the Golden Bell Gate.

Staring at the bottomless abyss, Long Chen was silent for a long time. He had thought that he was already quite powerful. But compared to Shi Tongtian, he was incredibly weak.

Shi Tongtian wasn’t even a fully matured existence in the Heavenly Stone Spirit race. He hadn’t even received his race’s baptism but was already so terrifying. The immortal world was truly enormous. There were thousands of races, and there were far too many things that Long Chen hadn’t seen yet.

“What are you just standing there for?” Bai Shishi finally spoke up a bit impatiently.

“Sigh. All things have spirits. In the end, it is impossible to escape mortality. All living beings have their own troubles. Let me just have a moment of silence for them…” Long Chen had an expression of bemoaning the state of the world, a pity for the fate of mankind.

Seeing that appearance, Bai Shishi scornfully said, “If it weren’t for that delighted smile of yours, I might believe you.”

What kind of mournful saint did this fellow think he was? Despite his act, that smile of his could not be concealed no matter what.

“Hehe, as expected of the number one figure of the High Firmament Academy’s junior generation. Not even this can trick you. Let’s go. If we still don’t leave, we might not be able to at all,” said Long Chen.

Bai Shishi then took out her golden war chariot. When Long Chen entered, he found that the space inside was extremely large and very luxurious. Not standing on courtesy, Long Chen walked over to a corner with a blanket and sat down. There was already a cup of tea on the small table and he drank it.

The formation activated, and the golden war chariot sped off like a shooting star. Its speed was many times greater than a flying boat.

Seeing Long Chen acting like this was his own home and being so casual in his broken-down robes that were covered in blood, Bai Shishi frowned.

Most irritating of all, the spot he was sitting in was hers. That cup of tea was also something she had drunk from.

“That is my tea,” said Bai Shishi with a glare.

“I don’t mind,” said Long Chen, leaning against the window and watching the world pass by them.

“You…” Bai Shishi had an urge to slap him.

“Ah, how is the number one figure of the High Firmament Academy so petty? It’s just a cup of tea. Just pretend it was broken and thrown away. What? Do you think using your cup is like kissing you? Then since we’re all breathing the same air, isn’t that even more intimate?” said Long Chen.

“As expected of a scoundrel,” spat out Bai Shishi. “Hmph, you’ve managed to establish your fame with this battle. You’re probably the number one figure of the High Firmament Academy’s junior generation now. That’s why you don’t care about me, huh?”

“What kind of joke is that? You didn’t even activate your bloodline power in that battle, but you already managed to fight evenly against those four. If you had gone all-out, then even without me, you would have dominated them. I’m still not a match for you. I at least know my own limit,” said Long Chen.

Bai Shishi was surprised. She hadn’t expected him to be humble and even see through her holding back. She frowned. If the two of them had split up, wouldn’t they have managed to obtain more treasures? “If you knew that I had that power, why join me?”

“Because although you’re powerful, your head isn’t flexible enough. I was worried about you suffering,” said Long Chen indifferently.

When Bai Shishi’s expression sank, Long Chen waved his hand. “Don’t refuse to admit it. With Chu Yang’s character, he wouldn’t go directly against you if he wished to kill you. He would definitely use your subordinates. Considering your temperament, your heart would definitely be thrown into chaos if you watched as your subordinates were killed. That would definitely reveal many weak points for them to take advantage of. Once that assassin from the Bloodkill Hall grasped that chance, you would have to pay a price. If it wasn’t for Chu Yang or a schemer present, I wouldn’t have bothered you. With your combat power, you aren’t inferior to Chu Yang, but in terms of treachery, you aren’t a match for him.”

Bai Shishi’s expression softened. It was true. The most dangerous ones amongst them weren’t Zhao Wuzheng or Chu Yang. It was that assassin that they had eliminated from the start.

In terms of true combat power, if neither side was holding back, then even in a one against seven, she didn’t fear them. But if she fell for one of their sinister schemes, she would have to hold a grudge.

“Thank you.” After a moment of silence, Bai Shishi also sat and thanked him.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear you.” Long Chen raised a hand to his ear and tilted his ear to her.

Bai Shishi furiously grabbed Long Chen’s collar and shouted into his ear, “Do you hear me now?!”

Suddenly, Bai Shishi found that she was getting easy to anger. Seeing that smile on Long Chen’s face, she realized that she had fallen for it.

The two of them were almost pressed together, so she hastily let go of him. A slight redness appeared on her face.

“Alright, I won’t tease you. Let me ask you, how should we… cough!”

Long Chen suddenly went through a coughing fit. Blood dripped out of his mouth.

[1] Shi Tong Tian = Stone Merging Heaven

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