Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3038 The Academy’s Foundation

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Chapter 3038 The Academy’s Foundation

Bai Shishi suddenly recalled that after that battle, Long Chen’s body was riddled with wounds. It was just that he acted like he was fine, causing her to forget about his condition.

She then hastily took out a medicinal pill and gave it to him. Long Chen saw that it was a very precious healing pill that was probably at the third tier.

Long Chen shook his head. “Thank you. Medicinal pills are useless because this isn’t the wound of the body. Chu Yang summoned the Daynight Divine Radiance that contained the will of Fallen Daynight. My will clashed with that will, resulting in a Dao wound.”

Long Chen had his own medicinal pills, and the primal chaos space had the ability to heal him. But Chu Yang’s attack contained the will of a supreme god. That was the real issue.

“Who asked you to act so nonchalant? If you had said something, I would have helped block that attack. But you acted so indomitable that it made me think that you had enough assurance.” Bai Shishi shook her head.

She had almost interfered. But Long Chen had seemed completely confident, as if everything was within his control, so she hadn’t. That was because even for her, blocking such an attack would come at an immense price.

Back then, she was the final insurance, the one in charge of stopping the unpredictable. That was why she had to hold back, to be able to handle any unexpected changes. If both of them used up all their trump cards, then if their opponents still had a card left, that would leave them with no hope.

“Ah, don’t mention that. It was a miscalculation. I almost lost my life because of it,” said Long Chen helplessly. “Let’s not talk about such depressing matters. Will the academy be holding us accountable for killing so many people?”

“Most definitely they will be holding people accountable. The five powers lost their elite disciples, and the Golden Bell Gate was completely destroyed. The remaining four powers will definitely come to make a fuss out of this. But I trust that the academy won’t bother with them. They won’t get what they want even if they come,” said Bai Shishi.

“I want to ask you, since those fellows are followers of Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight, will our actions infuriate Lord Brahma and cause him to directly destroy our High Firmament Academy?” probed Long Chen.

“No, you’re overthinking it. Lord Brahma is one of the immortal world’s supreme experts. He has believers throughout the nine heavens and ten lands. Second-rate powers like the Golden Bell Gate, Nine Cauldron Church, Silver Moon City, Clear River Palace, and the like are nothing more than ants amongst Lord Brahma’s followers. They can’t even count as dogs. They aren’t even big enough powers and only dare to challenge our High Firmament Academy due to Lord Brahma’s support behind them. Lord Brahma has always wanted to subdue our High Firmament Academy, but the High Firmament Academy has always rejected him, resulting in his dissatisfaction. His disciples are the ones most dissatisfied and are constantly sending idiots to cause trouble for us. The academy normally doesn’t bother with them, but for them to dare to try to kill me this time, hmph, they really are courting death.”

Long Chen had a thought and said, “Maybe you should tell the dean about this. We can lead people to wipe out the remaining powers as well. To tell the truth, I made two mistakes this time. One is miscalculating my own power, while the other is miscalculating Shi Tongtian’s power. I wanted him to slaughter those experts, and then you could use your metal energy to find the underground treasury. But we didn’t get any treasures. To tell the truth, I’m still vexed. My stomach hurts; it’s almost an internal injury. I urgently need some treasures to settle my heart.”

Bai Shishi glanced at him scornfully. “Don’t try to use me. Let me tell you, Xiaole and I don’t get special treatment. All our resources are earned by ourselves. Although the dean is our grandfather, we’re treated like ordinary disciples. I’m not able to affect how the higher-ups deal with this matter. I can only guess.”

Long Chen deflated when he heard this. “Really? Then I’m not getting anything other than all these wounds? Ah, I’m really unwilling. I’ve never suffered such a loss in this lifetime.”

“The five powers’ elite disciples were all killed and you wiped out the Golden Bell Gate. You’ve managed to make a name for yourself with this battle. What else do you want?” demanded Bai Shishi irritably.

“It would be best to gain fame and fortune. I want both. Ah, I’m simply greedy,” sighed Long Chen.

“You really are too greedy. We found the headquarters of the Starry River Sect this time and have gained so many murals. Although there’s no way to estimate their value yet, I believe that every single one of us will obtain a huge amount of points once we return to the academy. The academy’s foundation isn’t something you can imagine. As long as you have enough points, you can exchange them for unbelievable treasures. Some of those treasures are even more valuable than the whole Golden Bell Gate. The ones in the treasuries that you’ve seen are only the lowest level ones,” said Bai Shishi.

Long Chen’s heart started pounding wildly. A single treasure could be more valuable than a sect? What kind of treasure was that?

“Was your golden war chariot also exchanged with points?” asked Long Chen.

“What do you think? That I stole it?” demanded Bai Shishi.

Long Chen tapped a nail and awkwardly laughed. “Fine, I admit that I underestimated the High Firmament Academy. I’ll work harder on getting points in the future.”

While looking at a mountain river passing by them rapidly out the window, a solemn light appeared in Bai Shishi’s eyes. She said, “The Nine Prefecture Convention is about to start. The other powers similar to the Golden Bell Gate, Clear River Palace, and the like will launch an attack on us at that time. Someone is definitely directing them. I suspect that Lord Brahma will use the Nine Prefecture Convention this time to wipe out his dissidents. At that time, the Nine Prefecture Convention will turn into a bloodbath. Long Chen, I hope that you can quickly increase your cultivation base. The two of us must get into the top ten so that…”

Bai Shishi suddenly realized that Long Chen didn’t react to her words at all. Hence, she looked over and saw that he was leaning against the window, asleep.

Vexation bubbled up within Bai Shishi. She was talking seriously, but he fell asleep. But seeing his worn-down face and cracked lips, her heart softened.

There was no need to doubt Long Chen’s power. If they had worked together, they would have had the power to resist their enemies. But then Long Chen had racked his brains to set up arrangements to wipe out their enemies, all to make sure that more people would leave this place alive.

If she had led them, although she was confident that they still would have won, she was unable to achieve that level of absolute control. Something unexpected could cause a large number of casualties. Even if they won, it would be a miserable victory.

Long Chen had said that his habit was to get the greatest gains with the smallest price. What he had said, he had done.

Looking at Long Chen, she suddenly found that this devil was actually like an innocent child when he was peaceful. It almost gave her an urge to protect him.

Eventually, Long Chen felt the chariot was at a stop. He opened his eyes but found that they hadn’t reached the academy.

Feeling startled, he asked, “Is someone chasing us?”

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