Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3040 Help

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Chapter 3040 Help

Long Chen returned to the headquarters of the Luo Gate with an escort of countless inner academy disciples. Seeing that Long Chen’s aura was still a bit weak, they didn’t want to keep him for too long, so they tactfully left. After all, he needed to recover.

The headquarters of the Luo Gate was previously destroyed by Bai Xiaole’s father, and was now reconstructed to be even grander than before.

There, Long Chen asked, “What happened to those bastards from the Chu family?”

Luo Bing smiled. “Chu Yang schemed to kill Bai Shishi. That’s gravely against the academy’s rules. The dean was infuriated, and captured everyone from the Chu family’s side. Curiously, when we entered the Jialin Immortal Land, many of the Chu family’s higher-ups secretly left the academy, but somehow, they were dragged back. Not one managed to escape.”

Long Chen sneered. The Chu family treated the academy’s higher-ups as idiots, without realizing that they were the true fools. Every single one of their movements were under the academy’s gaze.

The academy hadn’t put them in their place because they had their own goals. Now that they tried to run away, they really were dreaming.

Through the battle of the Jialin Immortal Land, Long Chen truly saw just how wily the academy’s old foxes were. They weren’t easily moved to action, but once they did? Then the Chu family’s people could only die.

“The Chu family is probably going to be ripped out by their roots this time. However, while everyone has been caught, they haven’t been executed yet. No one knows what the higher-ups are thinking,” said Luo Bing.

“Whether they kill them or not is no longer important. Those people of the Chu family are essentially dead already. In any case, they’re nothing more than pawns. If they’re lost, then they’re lost. The Chu family won’t cause trouble for the academy just for those people. The higher-ups must have their own reasons for not killing them. There’s no need for us to worry. In any case, on this battlefield, the Chu family can be said to have fully lost. Congratulations junior sister Luo Bing. You’ve managed to win for the Luo family,” said Long Chen.

The Luo family and the Chu family were mortal enemies. A large root of the Chu family had been ripped out this time. It was good news to the Luo family. From this moment, the Chu family would no longer have any power in the High Firmament Academy, while the Luo family’s disciples could freely set roots here.

Luo Bing had an urge to say some modest words, but considering how close they were, there was no need for her to act courteous. Chu Yang was slain. The Chu family’s power in the academy had been ripped out. Her grievance and resentment over Luo Qingyang also mostly faded. At least with this, she could give an explanation to the family.

“Boss, not good! My… my father… He asked me to go over to him tomorrow.” Bai Xiaole ran over, pale with fear.

Long Chen sighed inside. Last time, due to him, their power transfer was interrupted midway. In order to guarantee that Bai Xiaole’s cultivation didn’t regress, his father had to give him another beating.

What a pitiful father and mother. No father and mother didn’t cherish their own child. Last time, if it hadn’t been for Long Chen, Bai Xiaole’s beating would have lasted him at least half a year.

However, now, after only a short time, Bai Xiaole needed another beating. Long Chen had been busy with the Nine Prefecture Convention and the Jialin Immortal Land, so he hadn’t had time to properly study Bai Xiaole’s condition. He could only allow him to be beaten again.

“Don’t be afraid. Give me your ear. Let me teach you a move…” Long Chen whispered something into Bai Xiaole’s ear.

Bai Xiaole was bewildered after he heard it. “Boss, will this really work?”

“Don’t worry. A human’s heart is made out of flesh. Worst case, it will just hurt both sides. Just who is afraid of who?” said Long Chen confidently.

“Alright, since I can’t avoid it, I’ll try it,” said Bai Xiaole, running off.

Once Bai Xiaole left, Long Chen asked about the losses of this battle. Through Luo Bing, his guess was confirmed.

When the Chu family was ripped out of the academy, many hidden helpers were also exposed. When Long Chen had sent out the signal to gather, the majority of those who hadn’t come were actually the Chu family’s henchmen.

Those people had already been conned to death. Clearly, the Chu family’s methods were extremely vicious. They wanted to wipe out all the talented youngsters of this generation. They were truly brazen.

The disciples that Long Chen had managed to gather were those that the Chu family didn’t care about. It was precisely due to this that they managed to escape with their lives.

Learning this, those disciples were even more grateful towards Long Chen. Without him, all of them would have died inside.

Considering how strong Long Chen and Bai Shishi were, Zhao Wuzheng and the others wouldn’t have been able to kill them. All of Long Chen’s arrangements were to save them. It was just as he said, using the smallest price to get the greatest gains.

Although Bai Shishi was the number one junior of the High Firmament Academy, after this battle, it was now Long Chen who the inner academy’s disciples were filled with gratitude and worship towards.

Compared to the aloof Bai Shishi, Long Chen actually saved them. That was enough to make them wish to follow Long Chen.


Just after a while, Bai Xiaole came running back. When he entered, he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, causing everyone to jump in alarm.


Mu Qingyun hastily supported him. He was covered in blood, with many areas where even his bones were sticking out. It was as if his body had already been deformed. It was completely vicious. Those wounds gave others chills.

Seeing his miserable state, Long Chen angrily said, “He beat you into this state even after you said what I told you to say?”

Bai Xiaole cried, “That’s right! He’s not even human right! Boss, what you taught me, I said it wrong, and he immediately beat me into this state! He’s a demon!”

“What did Long Chen tell you to say?” asked Luo Bing.

“Boss said that when he’s about to beat me, I should say, ‘Dad, have you eaten yet? I’ll make you some food.’ Boss said that by saying this, his heart would be too soft to be so vicious.”

“How did you say it wrong?” asked Luo Bing immediately.

“It ended up being… Dad, have you eaten yet? And then…” Bai Xiaole wept so hard that he had no words.

Long Chen, Luo Bing, Luo Ning, Mu Qingyun, and the others were speechless. Long Chen shook his head. This child was actually quite thoughtful. Afraid his father would feel mentally burdened, he hadn’t been able to say those words.

Just as Bai Xiaole was weeping, Heaven Master Yun Yang arrived. He brought with him a middle-aged woman.

That woman walked over to Long Chen and placed a hand on his shoulder. A Grand Dao flower bloomed behind her. It revolved, and Long Chen was shocked to find that his injuries instantly healed. The remnant god will inside his body was completely expelled. Long Chen instantly reached his peak condition. He couldn’t help looking at that woman in shock.

She smiled slightly. “Alright, I’ve fulfilled my mision. Junior apprentice-brother Yun Yang, I’ll take my leave.”

Once she left, Heaven Master Yun Yang smiled at Long Chen. “I asked my senior apprentice-sister who was in seclusion to come out to heal your wounds. Now you need to help me out with something.”

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