Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3042 Information on Long Aotian

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Chapter 3042 Information on Long Aotian

Long Chen had activated the palace hall’s formation. Even if the people in front of him were ten times stronger than they were, they would still be instantly wiped out.

Those experts’ expressions changed. In that instant, all their lives were held in Long Chen’s hands.

Those sharp swords hovered in the air. With just a single move from Long Chen, all of them would die.

Long Chen stood and coldly said, “I said that you’re nothing more than ants beneath Lord Brahma. Even if I kill you, Lord Brahma won’t wage war against the High Firmament Academy. If you don’t believe it, then stand up. I’ll kill one just to show everyone. We can treat it as an experiment, alright?”

An experiment? An experiment with their lives? Anyone who wasn’t tired of living yet would naturally refuse such an experiment. Their expressions were ugly, but no one dared to make a sound.

Luo Bing and the others were standing behind Long Chen and couldn’t help finding it funny. As expected, evil people were best handled by even more evil people.

Only once he saw that they didn’t dare to even fart did he slowly say, “You ants really are funny. You conspired to kill my academy’s heavenly geniuses, and when your plan was ruined, despite only having yourselves to blame, you actually had the shamelessness to come demand an explanation from the High Firmament Academy. My guess is that there was someone behind the scenes directing you for the strategy in the Jialin Immortal Land. But your current actions are the result of your own intelligence. None of you understand the High Firmament Academy. You don’t know just how powerful the High Firmament Academy is. A wily fox wouldn’t order a bunch of rabbits to demand an explanation from a tiger. Based on your expressions, I can see that I’m right. Then let me just brazenly guess that amongst your rabbits, the ringleader is this one.”

Long Chen pointed at the expert from the Chu family, infuriating him.

“You… you go too far!”

“No, no, compared to you conspiring to kill our disciples and then demanding an explanation from us, how could anyone dare to say that we’re going too far?” Long Chen laughed indifferently.

Heaven Master Yun Yang and the others nodded inside. If they weren’t completely sure about Long Chen’s age, they really would suspect he was an old demon inside a youngster’s shell. He was in complete control over everyone here, and every word struck them in their vitals. From their subtle changes in expressions, it was possible to tell that his guesses were definitely correct.

Although these higher-ups had also expected such a thing, they definitely wouldn’t be able to act as confidently as Long Chen did about it. Just from this display, they felt that Long Chen would do even better than any of them in the Nine Prefecture Convention. Picking him was the wisest choice.


“Shut up!”

Long Chen shouted suddenly, “I don’t have time to argue with you. You should bless your luck that I am not the dean, or ants like you would have been wiped out. Actually, I’d have wiped out your sects already. Lord Brahma’s subordinates actually dare to fart in front of me? Who gave you that courage?!”

Long Chen walked up to them, pacing in front of them, pointing at their noses and cursing.

“All of you are like dogs, your heads packed with shit. You have faith in Lord Brahma, but Lord Brahma treats you like pawns-”

“You shut-”

“You shut up!” Long Chen slapped the expert from the Chu family, interrupting and finishing his words.

“Courting death!”

That expert’s fury soared, but just as his aura rose, dozens of sharp swords pierced his body.

Blood speckled the palace. That expert instantly turned still, not daring to move.

“An ant trying to shake a tree. How laughable. The formation here is able to instantly wipe you out a thousand times. I thought that the Chu family relied on sinister schemes to survive? Why would they produce an idiot like you?” asked Long Chen. At the same time, he sighed in amazement inside over how powerful the academy’s formations were.

Bai Shishi had told him that he couldn’t imagine just how powerful the academy’s foundation was. Now, through some clues, he finally saw through a corner of this immense existence. It was truly far stronger than he had expected. However, it had been constantly concealing its power.

Long Chen walked over to the Chu family’s expert. Just as he was about to slap him a few times, his heart skipped a beat.

“This aura…”

From this expert, Long Chen sensed the slightest trace of a barely discernible aura. That aura was incredibly familiar to him.

“It’s the aura of the primal chaos bead!”

Long Chen instantly thought of Long Aotian. He hadn’t killed the latter on the Martial Heaven Continent. Instead, he had fed him a poison pill to serve as a marker so that he could lead Long Chen to the Long family.

When this Chu family’s expert’s blood splashed, Long Chen sensed the aura of the primal chaos bead. That was the marker he had placed on Long Aotian.

“So Long Aotian is likely in the Chu family. Perhaps he is still staying there for a while.”

Perhaps the Chu family people could counter the poison pill. But they were definitely unable to expel the power of the black soil. It seemed that they had used multiple experts to dilute the power of the black soil.

As long as the people to absorb it were strong enough and they had enough numbers, the black soil’s power would no longer have any effect. The bindings on Long Aotian had actually been undone like this. No wonder Long Chen had been unable to sense what direction Long Aotian was in despite raising his cultivation base.

This expert in front of him had definitely helped Long Aotian dispel the poison pill. Long Chen had not expected Long Aotian to be viewed so highly by the Chu family.


Long Chen smiled sinisterly. He hadn’t expected to find a trail toward Long Aotian today.

It seemed that he had underestimated Long Aotian. For him to be viewed so importantly, it couldn’t just be due to his status. Perhaps his body had some unknown secret. However, he didn’t know if Long Aotian would be attending the Nine Prefecture Convention.

Long Chen then waved his hands, and those swords retracted from the Chu family’s expert’s body. His blood once more splattered the palace hall.

“This is a diplomatic exchange. Killing ants would make others say that we’re bullying the weak, so I will simply give you a warning this time. A person can be stupid, but do your best to leave a way out for your descendants at least, or you will very likely follow the footsteps of the Golden Bell Gate. The Golden Bell Gate was destroyed, but whoever is directing you didn’t even say a word. Yet you had the guts to run over here and be stupid. You really are tired of life. Furthermore, you have your own competitors in your own powers for your positions. I’m sure you’re the ones who know the most about that. When you go back, you should think about why you were the ones sent here, and not them. Using your lives to test the attitude of the academy, haha, it seems your higher-ups really value you,” laughed Long Chen.

His last words caused their expressions to change. They seemed to think of something.

“Scram.” Long Chen lazily waved his hand. As a result, those people hastily slipped away like a pack of beaten dogs, not even daring to raise their heads.

“Well done.” Once those people left, Heaven Master Yun Yang and the others clapped for Long Chen. He had handled things perfectly. He had given them a vicious lesson but also knew not to go too far.

“Junior was just messing around.” Long Chen said some courteous words. He was about to say something to Heaven Master Yun Yang when another Elder suddenly ran in and handed a golden card to Heaven Master Yun Yang.

Looking at the card, he smiled slightly and handed it to Long Chen. “The invitation card to the Nine Prefecture Convention has arrived. The High Firmament Academy’s instructor corps will be depending on you to win us some face.”

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