Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3043 Wood Foundation Divine Fruit

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Chapter 3043 Wood Foundation Divine Fruit

The golden invitation card had some information on the Nine Prefecture Convention, including the time, length, and location. It also requested a reply detailing the number of people from the academy participating in the Dao discussion and the martial competition.

“The martial competition is two months from now? It’s so soon?” Long Chen was surprised.

Time always felt like it was slipping past him quickly. These two months were quite a short time for the current Long Chen.

“Your cultivation base is growing too slowly. With such a cultivation base, to tell the truth, we don’t really recommend that you participate in the martial competition,” said Heaven Master Dong Ming.

The Nine Prefecture Convention would be a gathering of heavenly geniuses. At that time, those heavenly geniuses would have their cultivation bases at the peak of the Divine Flame realm. But Long Chen was still in the initial Divine Flame realm. He hadn’t even reached the first Heavenstage. In the Divine Flame realm, every single level caused one’s power to change immensely.

The Nine Prefecture Convention would be full of powerful opponents, and there might even be awakened Primals. Long Chen’s realm was too low to fight them. After all, the likes of Zhao Wuzheng, Xie Tianyu, Lu Chunyang, and the others would only be second-rate experts.

Even Bai Shishi would only be classified as being in the front ranking, and a Primal that had awakened their bloodline would be a first-rate expert. No matter what Long Chen did during these two months, there was no way that his cultivation base could catch up.

Heaven Master Dong Ming seemed to be saying that Long Chen should focus on the Dao discussion and simply give up on the martial competition.

“Heaven Master Dong Ming, are you not worried about the Battle God Palace causing trouble for you if you say such a thing?” said the head judge with a smile.

Heaven Master Dong Ming coughed awkwardly and said, “Of course, this is just a suggestion. You can decide for yourself.”

After all, the martial competition was arranged by the Battle God Palace. They wouldn’t be happy with Heaven Master Dong Ming if he persuaded Long Chen to back out.

Long Chen smiled slightly. “Senior’s words are heavy. Junior is well aware of the problem. However, I can’t miss such a good opportunity. Victory is victory, defeat is defeat. If I am defeated, I will be able to see where I am lacking. That’s not a bad thing.”

“Excellent. Such an attitude is good,” said Heaven Master Dong Ming.

“Senior Yun Yang, can you introduce me to the senior who healed me? I want to properly thank her. I also want her to teach me some things,” said Long Chen.

The one who had healed him this time was Heaven Master Yun Yang’s senior apprentice-sister. It seemed that her position in the academy had to be quite high. She didn’t usually reveal herself. However, she healed him to give Heaven Master Yun Yang face.

This person was an extremely powerful wood cultivator. Originally, Long Chen had thought that Fallen Daynight’s god will couldn’t be wiped out by external forces. However, she had easily done so.

Furthermore, Long Chen had sensed an extremely primal wood energy in her. He thought of a certain possibility, so he requested to meet her.

After that, Heaven Master Yun Yang brought him to an immortal cave. After reporting their arrival and obtaining permission, Long Chen entered.

The middle-aged woman seemed to have a smile in her eyes. It was as if she was seeing through his heart.

“What kind of benefits are you looking for this time?”

Long Chen was surprised to have his intentions read. He said, “Junior felt that senior’s wood energy should be a kind of source energy amongst the trees of the world. Thus, I wish to ask senior whether it is possible for me to obtain the object of that source.”

“You’re very impressed to be able to tell that my wood energy isn’t ordinary after a single healing. When I was young, I had a fortuitous encounter and found a Wood Foundation Divine Fruit. Using its essence, I was able to change my bloodline, awakening the Wood Foundation Divine Radiance. Thus, my wood energy is different from other wood cultivators.”

“Wood Foundation Divine Radiance. You… you are a Primal?” asked Long Chen. Someone who could awaken a divine radiance could only be a Primal.

She nodded. “I can barely count as an acquired Primal since this talent was not innate to me. After I absorbed the fruit, the pit was all that remained. There are four seeds in the pit containing its essence. Consuming a single one can heal someone on the border of death. If you want one, I can give you one. But if you want more, then I can’t.”

“Just one is enough.” Long Chen was delighted. He hadn’t expected this senior to be so generous and directly give him something so precious.

The Wood Foundation Divine Tree was from ancient times. Its wood was extremely tough, tougher than metal. The wooden spears made from it were often used as weapons.

However, its growth was extremely slow. It took thirty million years to flower, thirty million years to bear fruit, and thirty million years for the fruit to mature.

From its birth to its fruit being ripe took ninety million years. In the current era, this tree was almost extinct. It could not be found in the outside world. There were only some sects that had some, and they were viewed as their priceless treasures. They were often kept secret as well in order to avoid others growing covetous.

Long Chen obtained a peanut-sized seed that looked like a cashew nut. It emitted an immense amount of life energy. Those fluctuations refreshed him, filling him with energy. It was as if his longevity was increasing just by holding it. This was the seed of the Wood Foundation Divine Tree.

Long Chen profusely thanked the senior before leaving. At his residence, he carefully planted it in the primal chaos space.

After that, Long Chen’s 108,000 stars circulated, sending divine energy into the primal chaos space. The medicinal plants inside crazily grew. Time seemed to have increased by tens of thousands of times.

After gaining control of his divine flames, he could once more urge the growth of the plants in the primal chaos space. But after two hours, he was sweating. This was extremely taxing.

However, he was delighted to find that the Wood Foundation Divine Tree had taken root. A tiny soft shoot had appeared out of the ground, standing up like a chopstick and continuing to grow. Once it reached a height of three meters, it was the thickness of an egg but still remained one single, straight stick. It didn’t have any leaves or branches.

Breaking this sapling, he found that it was extremely heavy in his hand, like steel. It was very tough despite this being its weakest sapling state.

Long Chen broke it into pieces and planted half-a-foot-tall rods into the soil again. After another hour, a radiant smile appeared on his face. Small saplings were now growing.

Long Chen then spent a whole day and night breaking and planting the Wood Foundation Divine Trees. His primal chaos space was now full of saplings.

“Haha, now I don’t need to worry about being injured. Once they’re grown up, what will I have to fear?” Long Chen clenched his fists, an excited light in his eyes. Once they bloomed and bore fruit, he would essentially have an undying body.

After that, Long Chen took out a long and thin strand. This was the Divine Whisker Daffodil’s whisker.

“Hehe, two months? It’s time to increase my cultivation base.” Long Chen took out his medicinal furnace and got to work.

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