Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3044 Fifth Heavenstage of Divine Flame

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Chapter 3044 Fifth Heavenstage of Divine Flame

The pill furnace shuddered, and its runes lit up before gradually going out. Long Chen smiled.

“Moon Refiner, your control is growing greater and greater. It really is great having you two.”

Huo Long and Moon Refiner were working together flawlessly. With Long Chen as well, practically not even a trace of the medicinal pill’s energy leaked out. Their cooperation was so perfect that it couldn’t even be described with words.

The pill furnace opened, and nine round medicinal pills appeared before Long Chen. They were dark and gloomy, almost looking dirty. They looked like medicinal balls, not medicinal pills.

However, when he picked one up, he applied a bit of force, and that layer of grime shattered, revealing a crystalline pill.

Within it were some slender lifeforms moving about. They were like tiny dragons swimming through the sea.

“As expected of the Divine Whisker Daffodil. With it as the main ingredient, the Divine Whisker Flame Spirit Pill’s is extremely gentle. The water dragon power within it can completely absorb the medicinal energy without the slightest waste. Normally, the Flame Spirit Pill is explosive and violent, but with the addition of the Divine Whisker Daffodil, that wild beast became an obedient rabbit. It’s truly a priceless treasure,” sighed Long Chen.

The Divine Whisker Daffodil’s effect was marvelous. It even surpassed his expectations. This pill, which was used to explosively raise a person’s realm in the Divine Flame realm, normally had negative side effects. Other than a body being able to only absorb a limited amount of its power, the flame poison contained in the pill was particularly harmful. Consuming it in large amounts was taboo. The flame poison would attack the heart and invade the soul. Done badly, it could only lead to bedevilment.

However, with the addition of the Divine Whisker Daffodil, the medicinal pill became extremely gentle, and no matter how many were consumed, there was no worry about flame poison.

While water and flame could subdue each other, when used properly, they could actually support each other as well. The mysteries behind this phenomenon were still unclear to Long Chen.

Long Chen consumed one of the Divine Whisker Flame Spirit Pills. It melted the moment it entered his throat and spread throughout every inch of his body. His 108,000 stars quivered slightly, and absorbed that energy.

A portion of the Divine Whisker Flame Spirit Pill’s energy nourished his physical body, while another portion nourished his 108,000 stars. Long Chen could clearly feel his physical strength slowly rising.

However, the energy that went to his stars was clearly insignificant. It was unable to even cause a ripple.

“It seems that the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art also knows that my physical body isn’t strong enough. The majority of the energy is sent to my physical body to strengthen it, while only a small portion strengthens the stars.”

Long Chen consumed all nine pills, and found that his 108,000 stars didn’t change in the slightest afterwards. That made Long Chen sigh.

Perhaps the amount of pills that he would require in the Divine Flame realm would be unprecedented. After all, nothing like this had happened before, where consuming nine top grade pills resulted in no discernible change.

Long Chen refined pills as he consumed them. When he had consumed over three hundred pills, his 108,000 stars finally shuddered.

The flame seedlings on his stars split in two. Divine flame energy burst forth, and if Long Chen didn’t control it, that explosive aura would have destroyed this room that he was in.

“Second Heavenstage of Divine Flame.”

Long Chen’s heart shook. His divine flames didn’t grow with each realm. Instead, they split. Another ball of flames appeared on every star. Despite there being double the amount of divine flames, he sensed that his divine flame had multiplied many times. That power made even Long Chen feel fear.

“Is this heaven-defying? Advancing one Heavenstage results in the divine flame power multiplying?”

In his battle against Chu Yang, Long Chen had unleashed his full power several times, but even when the Daynight Divine Radiance appeared, he still had most of his divine flame energy.

If it was then multiplied with every advancement, his divine flame power would essentially be endless. He would never be able to use it all.

“With this, there’s no need to worry about running out of divine flame energy. I can freely unleash my ultimate moves instead of spending them thriftily like money.” Long Chen clenched his fists, his eyes blazing with excitement.

In the past, when he fought with enemies, the first thing to do was to get a grasp of the circumstances to make sure every bit of energy was used properly, avoiding the case where a miscalculation resulted in him not having enough energy and being defeated. He was undefeated because he didn’t dare be defeated. Just one defeat would be the end.

Thus, a constant worry for him was using up all his energy. However, now he didn’t need to worry about it any longer.

During the next few days, Long Chen spent all his time refining and consuming pills. The Divine Whisker Flame Divine Pill had no side effects, and he could eat it like food without any negative side effects to his body.

A full ten days passed. Long Chen managed to firmly raise his cultivation base all the way to the fifth Heavenstage. His 108,000 stars had five clumps of flames above each of them.

At this level, he was no longer able to contain his aura. He had no choice but to stop. When he broke through, all the stones and trees around him were blasted apart.

He spent three days outside just pulling in his aura until it was under control. Now he needed to consolidate his realm.

Although the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art never resulted in his foundation growing unstable, allowing him to freely raise his realm, if he couldn’t actually control it, then there was no point. That would actually lower his combat power. It would create weaknesses in the middle of combat. He had to be able to control his power in order to properly use it.

After advancing to the fifth Heavenstage, he temporarily stopped raising his realm. He had Huo Long and the Moon and Star Refining Furnace continue refining pills. He went to see Luo Bing, Luo Ning, Mu Qingyun, Li Cai, and the others. He gave them two treasure Divine Whisker Flame Spirit Pills.

For a high level pill like this, even for Long Chen, refining treasure pills was very difficult. If he was lucky, then he would get one or two treasure pills every dozen furnaces of pills he refined. They were very precious. The ten thousand Divine Whisker Flame Spirit Pills he had consumed were only ordinary spirit pills.

Here in the immortal world, it was possible to refine pills above ordinary spirit pills. Treasure pills were above spirit pills, and contained the profundities of the Heavenly Daos. Even for masters of alchemy, it required luck to refine them.

When it came to low level pills, treasure pills weren’t all too rare. But for the Divine Whisker Flame Spirit Pill, it was exceedingly rare for a treasure pill to appear. Their effect was tens of times greater than a spirit pill. They also contained the essence of the Heavenly Daos, increasing the consumer’s comprehension of them.

Above treasure pills were golden pills, but those weren’t sold on the marketplace. They were too rare. They were priceless commodities. As for their effect, there weren’t many people who knew of them.

Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and the others were around the fourth and fifth Heavenstages. When they consumed one of the treasure Divine Whisker Flame Spirit Pills, the immense power made them cry out in shock.

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