Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3045 A Useless Piece of Trash

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Chapter 3045 A Useless Piece of Trash

The divine flames within Luo Bing and the others’ bodies shuddered three times. Vast divine flame energy erupted and gushed throughout their bodies. They advanced three Heavenstages in a row.

Luo Bing’s original cultivation base had reached the fifth Heavenstage. Now, she instantly soared to the eighth. Her expression completely changed.

It had to be known that her cultivation path had always been a steady, step-by-step advancement. Every single Heavenstage had to be advanced through steadily. She had never had any consecutive advancements, let alone three in a row.

Such a rapid advancement would definitely result in her foundation growing unsteady. But she quickly realized that even after consuming the pill, the vast medicinal energy continued to circulate through her body. Her current realm was even more solid and steady than before the advancement, shocking her.

Luo Ning, Mu Qingyun, Li Cai, Zhong Ling, Zhong Xiu, and the others went through similar reactions. They didn’t dare to believe it. It felt like they were in a dream. This world actually had such a heaven-defying medicine?

Seeing them instantly advance like this, Long Chen couldn’t help being envious. For them, advancing was so simple. But for him, it was as difficult as ascending the heavens. He would probably need ten thousand pills at a minimum to advance.

“This should be enough for you to reach the peak of the Divine Flame realm. That way, you’ll get better results during the Nine Prefecture Convention. Luo Bing, send two pills to Bai Shishi as well.” Long Chen gave Luo Bing two more pills.

“Why not send them yourself?” asked Luo Bing with a smile.

“That girl is very proud. If she refuses, I’m not able to endure that awkward atmosphere. You give them to her, and if she doesn’t want them, you can give them to whoever you want,” said Long Chen, shrugging.

Bai Shishi was extremely proud, and aloof. Long Chen wasn’t very comfortable around her, so he didn’t want to go see her.

Luo Bing and the others had advanced so quickly that they couldn’t advance again for a short time. Just like Long Chen, they had to get used to their new power.

Luo Ning, Mu Qingyun, and the others went into seclusion to get used to their new power. Luo Bing smiled, and without saying anything further, left with the medicinal pills. As for Long Chen, he called over Bai Xiaole. He gave him three medicinal pills and told him to consume one every day.

After arranging things for Bai Xiaole, Long Chen dove into the Divine Scripture Pavilion. He consumed a huge amount of knowledge. In any case, he couldn’t raise his realm any higher, and Huo Long and the Moon and Star Refining Furnace were handling the pills.

The Nine Prefecture Convention’s Dao discussion would be a gathering of old monsters proficient in all kinds of areas. Although Long Chen didn’t plan on winning any impressive prize for this, he couldn’t be too embarrassing.

After all, it was because he had agreed to represent the academy in the Dao discussion that he had free access to the academy’s books. He had to at least put in some effort.

Furthermore, this knowledge was also useful to him. For example, in the Jialin Immortal Land, he had recognized several things that others hadn’t, and was even able to state those things’ origins and uses. That gave him a large sense of accomplishment.

The Divine Whisker Daffodil, the Heavenly Stone Spirit race, they were all things that he had read about in the academy’s books. Sometimes knowledge that seemed useless could become the golden key to changing his fate.

With his monstrous Spiritual Strength, Long Chen crazily absorbed this knowledge. On the third day, Luo Bing ran over in a panic.

“Brother San, not good! Xiaole, he… He has a terrible headache and seems to have gone insane.”

Long Chen hastily rushed back to the Luo Gate’s headquarters. Bai Xiaole was clutching his head and rolling on the ground, screaming. His eyes were scarlet as if he had been bedeviled.

“Brother San, he can’t seem to hear anything that I say! Touching him only makes him scream in pain!” reported Mu Qingyun anxiously.

“It’s fine. Protect me. Don’t let anyone get close.”

Long Chen comforted everyone and had them calm down. He walked over to Bai Xiaole’s side and sat him up. Bai Xiaole screamed miserably. Three small dots of light flowed in his eyes. It was both strange and terrifying. It was as if he had been lost in a terrifying nightmare.

Ignoring his screams, Long Chen forcibly crossed his legs in the lotus position, while he himself also sat in lotus position.

“What has happened to my son?!”

Just at this moment, a large man barged in, roaring furiously. He was the master of the Battle God Palace, Bai Xiaole’s father, Bai Zhantang.

Seeing his current state, he roared, “What did you do to him?!”

“Shut up. Your voice is making my ears ring,” scolded Long Chen.


Bai Zhantang was about to curse him when space twisted, and two women appeared. One of them was Bai Xiaole’s mother, while the other was also a beauty with a difficult to describe majesty. She wore a golden dress. Runes flowed around her, giving her a graceful and elegant appearance. She bore an eighty percent resemblance to Bai Shishi.

Bai Xiaole’s mother grabbed Bai Zhantang. Although she was also aggrieved at seeing Bai Xiaole’s state, she said, “Don’t panic. Xiaole’s Three Flower Pupils are erupting ahead of time. Long Chen is thinking of something.”

“This bastard, why didn’t he say anything?!” Bai Zhantang was still enraged.

“What do you know? Your method of helping raise Xiaole’s cultivation base did allow his cultivation base to advance, but due to his fear of you, you left behind a heart-devil, and made him look down on himself. If you have no ability, then don’t shout and scream. Other than marrying two beautiful wives, you are a useless piece of trash,” cursed Long Chen. He placed a hand on Bai Xiaole’s back, and stars appeared behind him.

“You little…” Bai Zhantang’s fury soared, and he had an urge to beat Long Chen. But his two wives smiled. Long Chen’s way of praising them was truly original.

Just at this moment, Bai Xiaole’s screams vanished. The three dots in his eyes seemed to suddenly be suppressed.

Bai Zhantang stopped speaking. He was shocked. Looking at Long Chen, he saw that his eyes were pitch black. It was as if some hidden power was currently controlling the Three Flower Pupils.

Bai Zhantang looked towards Bai Xiaole’s mother, and she merely shook her head slightly, indicating not to talk.

Stars flowed out of Long Chen’s palm, wrapping around Bai Xiaole’s body. Long Chen slowly closed his eyes. When he once more opened them, Bai Zhantang and the others jumped in shock.

“How can this be?!”

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