Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3046 Duplicated Three Flower Pupils

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Chapter 3046 Duplicated Three Flower Pupils

Three dots of light had appeared within Long Chen’s eyes, the exact same as Bai Xiaole’s eyes.

“How can he have the Three Flower Pupils as well?!” Bai Zhantang was filled with disbelief.

“The Three Flower Pupils are an innate divine ability. Other than a Primal, it’s impossible to acquire this ability. Long Chen isn’t a Primal, nor has he cultivated pupil arts. He is most likely manifesting the Three Flower Pupils based on Xiaole,” said Bai Xiaole’s mother.

The three dots of light slowly spun in Long Chen’s eyes, while Bai Xiaole’s eyes, which were the original, were slowly affected.

After an hour, those lights in Bai Xiaole’s eyes gradually came under Long Chen’s control.


Seeing this, Bai Zhantang shuddered. Bai Xiaole’s mother held his hand, smiling.

Suddenly, the three dots in Long Chen’s layered together, forming a three flower image.

Bai Xiaole’s eyes did the same. His aura grew explosively, and space started twisting. Luo Bing and the others felt the world spinning around them, as if heaven and earth had been inverted.

When the spatial twisting stopped, Bai Xiaole was lying on the ground, asleep. The moment that he fell, the three flower design in Long Chen’s eyes suddenly transformed from white to black.

In that moment, Bai Xiaole’s mother’s expression changed. Forming one-handed seals, a mirror appeared in front of Long Chen. That mirror had only just appeared when two rays of black light shot out of Long Chen’s eyes.

The black rays reflected off of the mirror and into the roof. A three-meter-thick hole silently appeared in the roof.

The hole was perfectly round and smooth, as if someone had meticulously carved it and polished it.

Everyone felt a chill. If that was the result of some explosion, perhaps it wouldn’t be so chilling. But the fact that this hole just silently appeared with a flash of light was a bizarre feeling.

As for the spatial mirror that Bai Xiaole’s mother had condensed, a black hole was left charred into it.

The spatial mirror slowly collapsed and vanished, as if nothing had happened. But the hole remaining in the roof still gave people chills.

“Does the Three Flower Pupil have such a divine ability?” asked Bai Zhantang.

“No, this isn’t the power of the Three Flower Pupil. The Three Flower Pupil only has spatial energy. It has no destructive power,” said Bai Xiaole’s mother.

At this moment, Long Chen’s eyes were closed, and he wasn’t saying a word. A sharp pain made it impossible for him to open his eyes.

The Three Flower Pupils were no secret. Many books had records of them, as well as how to use them. Using the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art as the foundation, he had also managed to condense the Three Flower Pupils.

However, once he managed to condense them, black energy deep inside his eyes instantly poured through the Three Flower Pupils, destroying them. At the same time, power leaked out. That power was what Bai Xiaole’s mother had blocked.

That black energy was something he had felt before. In the final battle of the Martial Heaven Continent, he had used it to wipe out the final Nine Underworld Hunter, and then following his power backwards, he had witnessed Lord Brahma.

Later, he was saved by the dragon expert, and only then did he learn that this power was called the Purgatory Eyes. The dragon expert had sealed this power for him.

However, this seal was temporary. It could not be maintained forever. The longer it was sealed, the more berserk this power would grow. It would eventually devour his mind.

Every time he was angered, this dark energy would start to grow active. He found it harder and harder to control his emotions. The desire to kill also grew stronger.

When he encountered Bai Xiaole, he had thought to himself that if he could learn eye techniques, it might be possible to unleash this black energy.

However, he hadn’t expected this black energy to be so berserk that as soon as he condensed the Three Flower Pupils, it would destroy them. He hadn’t even had a chance to control it before it was over.

After a long time, Long Chen finally opened his eyes. His eyes were scarlet with red lines filling them. It was a bit frightening.

“Brat. Thank you.” Bai Zhantang spit out some thanks.

Long Chen looked at Bai Zhantang. Bai Zhantang shook his head. “You don’t need to be emotional that you cry over my thanks.”

“Bastard!” Long Chen cursed. How was this from emotion? These involuntary tears were from the pain in his eyes.

Bai Zhantang laughed. It seemed he was very pleased with Long Chen’s teary appearance.

Long Chen rubbed his eyes and circulated the primal chaos space energy to recover. However, he found that for some reason, the primal chaos space’s energy was unable to heal this wound.

Bai Xiaole’s mother didn’t know if she was supposed to laugh when she saw Long Chen’s state that was like a kitten pawing its head. She was barely able to control herself and said, “Long Chen, many thanks. Now that Xiaole’s Three Flower Pupils have been activated, they will start merging with his bloodline. In the future, he can cultivate himself. You’ve helped us resolve this problem which has plagued our hearts for many years. Truly… many thanks.”

It had to be known that every time she saw Bai Zhantang beating Bai Xiaole, her heart shattered. Now that he could cultivate himself, she felt that even if she had to die, it was worth it. She bowed deeply to Long Chen.

Long Chen hastily stopped her. He couldn’t receive such courtesy. “Senior, Xiaole has recognized me as boss. I naturally have to treat him as a brother. When my brother is in trouble, as his boss, I naturally must help. Unlike some people, I won’t randomly shout and fail to do anything proper.”

Curiously, Bai Zhantang smiled despite knowing that Long Chen was talking about him.

Long Chen investigated Bai Xiaole’s state and found that it had gone as he had expected. Nothing was wrong with him, putting him at ease.

Long Chen suddenly noticed that at some point, Bai Shishi had also arrived. But she was standing at the very rear.

“Shishi, since you’ve come, shouldn’t you greet your father and mother?” The other woman beside Bai Zhantang beckoned.

“All I know is that I have a mother. As for a father… Well, it doesn’t matter. Your daughter will be returning to her cultivation.” Bai Shishi bowed to the woman, but didn’t even glance at Bai Zhantang.

“Haha, great minds truly think alive. This father of yours really is useless. Why don’t you take me as your-” started Long Chen.

“Scram.” Bai Shishi instantly frowned and spit out a single word.

“Let me finish!” You should take me as your boss. I’ll help you stand tall in the future,” finished Long Chen.


Bai Shishi once more spit out a single word before leaving. However, just as she reached the exit, she suddenly paused.

“Thank you for your medicinal pills. I will return this favor.”

After that, she left. Looking in the direction that she went, then looking at Long Chen, Bai Shishi’s mother smiled a strange smile.

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