Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3049 Nine Flower Envoy

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Chapter 3049 Nine Flower Envoy

A group of dozens of young men and women had appeared at the gates to the academy. There was a particular mark on their chests. Also, their clothes were completely different from what the academy’s disciples wore.

This group of people looked around, and seeing only a sweeper in broken-down clothes, they pointed and called out to him.

Long Chen was in the midst of sweeping when he was disturbed. It was like a rock had been thrown on a calm lake. The ripples completely broke his beautiful feeling, and he couldn’t help frowning.

The current Long Chen now understood why the elder had previously said that his realm wasn’t high enough to sweep before this. He was currently trying to grasp that feeling. It was a much higher realm and difficult to grasp. Just as he started to experience it, a group of people caused ripples to disturb him. He was almost broken out of this state.

Ignoring them, Long Chen continued to sweep according to his previous rhythm. His Spiritual Strength wrapped around the broom. However, he found that the damage was difficult to repair.

The more he tried to maintain that feeling, the more it slipped away from him. Like sand in the hand, the tighter he held it, the faster it flowed through his fingers.

“Hey, brat, are you deaf?”

Just as he was persevering to maintain this state, that duck voice man barged over to Long Chen and shouted in his ear.

Long Chen’s fury instantly soared. At that moment, any of that feeling vanished. It was like he was woken from a dream. A vein throbbed on his forehead.

“When the heart is covered in dust, desire blinds the eye, anger rages through the soul… When the heart is not clear, you cannot see your path, and every step is difficult…”

Long Chen took a deep breath and muttered to himself. After a bit, his anger was slowly suppressed, and that feeling slowly resurfaced.

That sweeping elder had imparted something that was not necessarily a kind of cultivation method, but a principle of pursuing a small path of the Dao until it encompassed the entire Dao. If Long Chen could comprehend it, mastering this one piece would be equivalent to mastering everything. That was why Long Chen was trying to hold on as much as possible.

“Fuck, I’m talking to you…!” That person grabbed Long Chen’s collar when he saw this beggar-like person muttering to himself.

“Every step is difficult… Fuck you!” Long Chen’s fury exploded beyond control.

Unable to maintain that state, Long Chen slapped this person in the face. His face caved in and blood splashed. Without even being able to make a grunt, he was sent flying.

“You bastards, you want to die?! I’ll send you to the path of reincarnation for free!” Long Chen roared like a furious lion.

Amongst this group of youngsters was a middle-aged man. That man furiously shouted, “Brazen brat, you don’t know how to respect your elders. Capture him!”

Following his orders, the dozens of young people around him charged forward, pouncing on Long Chen from every direction.

Unexpectedly, these youngsters were at the ninth Heavenstage of the Divine Flame realm. Their divine flames raged once they attacked.




As soon as those people pounced on Long Chen, the sound of bones breaking and screams rang out. In the blink of an eye, those people were on the ground.

Although their auras were powerful, it seemed that their combat experience was lacking. There were hundreds of openings in their moves. Let alone Long Chen, even Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and the others were easily able to defeat them. Their combat power was as weak as sheep.

“Brazen disciple! This Heaven Master will-”

The middle-aged man suddenly unleashed his powerful aura, but just as his aura was unleashed, he was slapped in the face. Stars revolved in his eyes, and heaven and earth seemed to spin around him.


Long Chen kneed him in the abdomen. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and curled up like a shrimp.

Long Chen grabbed hold of him and then slapped him like it was free. Twenty slaps were finished in one moment, and his head swelled like a pig’s.

It seemed that Long Chen had managed to vent his anger, and he gradually returned to calm.

“When your mood is good, the entire world becomes bright. When your mood is bad, the world becomes dark. Senior’s words are truly priceless gems.” Seeing those people lying on the ground, Long Chen nodded. He felt even greater reverence for that sweeping elder.

He also understood just how much effort the elder had put into helping him comprehend this. Understanding was one thing, but actually doing it was another matter.

“Long Chen, have you seen the Nine Flower envoy…”

Just at this moment, Heaven Master Yun Yang was leading a group of people this way. Midway through, he saw the people lying on the ground.

Seeing the middle-aged man’s current state, he exclaimed, “Heaven Master Ji Li, is that you?”

That Heaven Master Ji Li, the middle-aged man, struggled to climb up. He coughed up a mouthful of blood, with a dozen teeth included.

“Little bastard, you…” He pointed at Long Chen and cursed. In his rage, a rune appeared on his forehead.

He seemed to be summoning some ultimate move. As a result, a lightning spear appeared in Long Chen’s hand. In front of everyone’s dumbfounded gazes, he pierced Heaven Master Ji Li’s chest.

Long Chen was as quick as lightning, striking with no warning at all. By the time everyone reacted, Heaven Master Ji Li was lifted into the air by the lightning spear.

“Ignorant rat, if you dare to say any more arrogant words, Boss Long San will send you to the yellow springs today. If you don’t believe me, you can try it.”

Icy killing intent simmered in Long Chen’s eyes. He was like a death god calmly looking at his prey.

“Long Chen, you can’t. This is an envoy from the Nine Flower Sect. They came to discuss the Dao with us,” exclaimed Heaven Master Yun Yang.

He cried out inside. Just how did Long Chen appear here? And how did the Nine Flower envoy suddenly show up here? He knew Long Chen’s character far too well. Ji Li’s life was now in Long Chen’s hands, and if Long Chen wanted to kill him, no one could stop him.

The Nine Flower envoy had appeared without giving prior notice. At the gate, they showed their status, and the disciples in charge of receiving them sent a report, as well as telling them that others could receive them.

However, Ji Li and the others refused to wait and barged through, just in time to see Long Chen. The result was as such.

Long Chen didn’t seem to hear Heaven Master Yun Yang’s words. He stared coldly at Ji Li who was filled with shock and rage, but Long Chen’s gaze made him afraid. He clenched his teeth and spat out:

“Fine, I, Ji Li, admit defeat.”

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