Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3050 Young Master Changchuan

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Chapter 3050 Young Master Changchuan

Only when Ji Li admitted defeat did Long Chen slowly pull out the lightning spear. A bloody hole that was charred black was left in his chest.

As for the disciples of the Nine Flower Sect that were on the ground, they struggled to crawl up. They no longer had their arrogant appearance and only stared in shock at Long Chen.

Ji Li’s face was dark. With some one-handed seals, the wound on his chest rapidly healed. His cultivation base was actually extremely high, but Long Chen didn’t give him any chance to display it.

“Senior apprentice-brother Ji Li…” Although it was awkward, Heaven Master Yun Yang could only thicken his face.

“No need. My Nine Flower Sect came with good intentions to discuss the Dao, but we didn’t expect to get this treatment. Starting now, the Nine Flower Sect is no longer allied with the High Firmament Academy. We’ll meet at the Dao discussion convention.” Ji Li snorted coldly. Swinging his sleeve, he left. Those disciples hastily followed.

Once Ji Li and the others left, Heaven Master Yun Yang sighed. “The Nine Flower Sect’s envoy was arranged by the academy for you. It was to give you experience when it comes to discussing the Dao, so that you aren’t caught unprepared for the Dao discussion at the convention.”

The Nine Flower Sect and the High Firmament Academy were both bottom rankers for the Nine Prefecture Convention’s Dao discussion. Their instructor corps were originally on good terms and would always have some practice rounds with each other before the convention as preparation.

However, who would have thought that they would be driven out by Long Chen? Now Heaven Master Yun Yang was in an awkward position.

“People like that are capable of discussing the Dao? They themselves don’t understand the Dao, so how are they supposed to transmit it? Anyone who thinks themselves to be above others has already fallen and cannot discuss the Dao,” said Long Chen.

Whether it was the middle-aged man or the disciples, they were all exceedingly arrogant. Rather than discussing the Dao, it seemed as if they had come to mess around.

Long Chen didn’t know how many real characters he had encountered in his lifetime. As for people like that? They were nothing.

In Long Chen’s eyes, the only ones that could truly be called masters, existences that he truly esteemed from his soul, were Yun Shang, Qing Xu, Mo Li, Zi Yang, and Han Wei, the five Sovereigns.

In the immortal world, the only one he esteemed was the sweeping elder. He found him to be truly unfathomable and wise. As for the others, although there was admiration and respect, he wouldn’t call them masters.

Long Chen was originally feeling a bit uneasy about the Dao discussion, as the caliber of his opponents was unknown. But if even people like Ji Li were participating, then he felt much more confident.

Heaven Master Yun Yang had nothing to say in reply to Long Chen. They also knew Ji Li’s character. He was easy to anger, but he didn’t have a bad heart.

However, having repeatedly met setbacks in the Dao discussion, he started to feel a bit inferior. His arrogance was an outer robe to cover that feeling.

In any case, he had participated in the Dao discussion many times, and ignoring his results, he had plenty of experience.

He had some areas where he had unique viewpoints, which gave his words extra sharpness, and he liked to nitpick. That was why the academy had invited him over to give Long Chen some training. But they hadn’t expected such a thing to occur.

“Not good! The Nine Flower envoy… they’ve been killed!” Suddenly, a disciple ran over, terrified.


“What happened?!”

“The Nine Flower envoy has just left the academy when they encountered senior apprentice-brother Changchuan returning to the academy. They didn’t get off to a good start, and after just a few words, they started fighting. Heaven Master Ji Li unleashed his full power but was still unable to last more than three exchanges against senior apprentice-brother Changchuan before his head was cut off!” reported the disciple.

“Young master Changchuan…”

Heaven Master Yun Yang and the others’ expressions changed. Even Long Chen was shocked. That mysterious rank two expert on the Earth rankings had actually appeared at this time.

Based on this, he was truly powerful. The only reason that Long Chen had defeated Ji Li in one move was because he hadn’t given him a chance to unleash his cultivation base. But young master Ji Li had killed him in three moves even when he had unleashed his full power. That showed just how powerful he was.

“That’s not good. I’ll go take a look…” Heaven Master Yun Yang was about to rush off.

“No need.”

Just at this moment, the void shuddered, and a white-haired man appeared out of nowhere. Light flowed around him, and there was a sun behind him. There was also an illusory image within that sun.

The light of the sun set him off, making him appear particularly exceptional. He was tall with hair that reached his shoulders. His entire face looked like it had been carved out of flawless jade.

Even Long Chen had to admit that he was truly handsome, almost perfect. He himself was far inferior.

“Young master Changchuan, you’ve awakened a primal bloodline. Congratulations!” Heaven Master Yun Yang stared in shock at the manifestation behind young master Changchuan.

“That is a primal manifestation?”

Only then did Long Chen’s gaze focus on the sun. Looking closely at it, he saw the image within it suddenly change. A pair of eyes appeared.

Those were not human eyes, and he couldn’t tell what lifeform it was. When those eyes appeared, a sharp killing intent appeared. Long Chen felt like two sharp swords were shooting from those eyes and entering his soul.


Ripples exploded between Long Chen and young master Changchuan. Because of it, Heaven Master Yun Yang and the others cried out in shock.

Even Heaven Master Yun Yang and the others felt their souls quiver. Those ripples almost tore through their spiritual defenses.

Both Long Chen and young master Changchuan suddenly retreated a few steps, both shocked.

“Dragon blood power.”

“Fullmoon Rhinoceros.”

The instant their souls clashed, Long Chen saw the image of a Fullmoon Rhinoceros. However, it was different from others that he had seen. It was incomparably large, standing within the starry sky and surrounded by endless stars. Its body seemed to be even bigger than the starry sky.

Furthermore, the direction it was looking toward was a full moon. Within that moon, he saw a mass of primal chaos. However, before he could get a closer look, a dragon roar came from his soul, and the image shattered.

Although it was just one instantaneous clash, both Long Chen and young master Changchuan were shaken.

“I didn’t expect that you have true dragon essence blood. The dragon soul protects you. Then I don’t have any advantage over you. Do you dare to have a fight?” Battle intent soared out of young master Changchuan.

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