Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3054 An Accompanying Treasure?

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Chapter 3054 An Accompanying Treasure?

For the dragon expert to call attention to it, that golden dragon scale definitely wasn’t ordinary. Was it its descendant’s reverse scale? It definitely knew something.

Right now, Long Chen could be said to be an encyclopedia of knowledge. He was no longer that rookie who had just set foot into the immortal world.

The dragon race was the emperor of all beasts. When the dragon might was unleashed, other than a few ancient species, almost all beast races had to submit.

However, there were many branches of the dragon race and many mixed bloods as well, which resulted in some low level dragon blood races.

Anyone possessing the slightest trace of the dragon race’s bloodline would be called a dragon. Thus, many people didn’t know just how powerful the true dragons were.

The true dragons were the true rulers of the dragon race, the most original beings of the dragon race. They possessed the purest bloodline.

When a true dragon was born, its entire body was green, and so they were called green dragons. After growing up and undergoing the dragon tribulation, their scales turned white. They were then called azure dragons.

The azure dragons were fully matured true dragons. Only after growing up and becoming azure dragons did they gain the ability to cultivate. It could be considered the human race’s qi gathering realm, the very initial foundation. Through cultivating, they could inherit bloodline divine abilities. After nine-nine tribulations, their 108,000 scales would receive the baptism of heaven and earth, taking on the foundation of the ten thousand Daos. Their scales would also transform, becoming golden.

At that point, they were called golden dragons, also known as dragon kings. The tribulations for true dragons were extremely terrifying, and even for the true dragons with their powerful physical bodies, the chances of them surviving the tribulation were very low. The odds were less than one in ten.

The true dragon race’s tribulations were challenges against the laws of the Heavenly Daos. Other people went through tribulation within the scope of the Heavenly Daos’ laws, but the true dragons wanted to suppress the Heavenly Daos and surpass them.

Such a tribulation style resulted in death if they did not succeed. This was the pride of the true dragon race. Either they surpassed the laws of heaven and earth, or they died trying. Rather than being a bird trapped in a cage or a fish caught in a net, they would rather die.

Thus, a true dragon’s reverse scale not only contained their pure essence blood, but it also contained their supreme will. To obtain that inheritance required its approval.

In the immortal world, there were very few true dragon reverse scales around. Even if there were, they were passed down, not forced to submit.

In order to subdue it, you required its approval and had to be in the same realm. If you were far stronger than it and tried to subdue it, it would explode to prevent being under someone else’s control.

As a result, the true dragon reverse scales that did exist were preserved quite well. No one could subdue them, so they could only be stared at.

Most of those reverse scales were only green dragon reverse scales. Azure dragon reverse scales were very rare. As for golden dragon reverse scales, the reverse scales of dragon kings, one might not appear in tens of thousands of years.

For the Nine Prefecture Convention’s championship prize to be a dragon king reverse scale, it was something that drove countless people crazy. Anyone who viewed themself as a heavenly genius would hope to have fate with that dragon scale.

Long Chen’s azure dragon reverse scale was obtained in the lower plane, and the current Azure Dragon Battle Armor was starting to lag behind his requirements.

With his divine flames activated, the battle armor couldn’t endure their power. Because of this, he hadn’t even managed to fully activate the Six Star Battle Armor last time.

Moreover, in the Jialin Immortal World, most of his power had ended up leaking into the air. When he tried to summon the Six Star Battle Armor, he ended up wasting almost ninety percent of his energy.

Although as his cultivation base grew, his physical body also grew stronger, his divine flames were growing even faster.

In order to control his divine flames, he had to strengthen his physical body. That was why Long Chen was so crazily planting the Wood foundation Divine Trees. That way, even if he tore his own body apart at the same time, he could continue fighting.

Since this was the case, this dragon king reverse scale was the treasure he needed the most urgently. He had to pay any price to obtain it.

“It seems that junior brother is very motivated. But watch out. This Nine Prefecture Convention is different from the past ones. Due to the bait being so great, it’s unknown just how many eyes are on it. Also, due to certain reasons, the High Firmament Academy is standing alone there. You will definitely be targeted, so make sure that you’re mentally prepared,” warned Luo Changwu.

“Senior, don’t worry. Junior understands. As long as their cultivation bases are within the same realm, I’m not afraid of anyone,” said Long Chen.

“Good! Youngsters should possess such heroism!” Luo Changwu laughed. “Junior brother, these medicinal pills are very important to my Luo family. I can’t waste time, so I’ll leave now. If you need anything, inform Bing-er and she will send word. Let me say it again, as long as it’s something that the Luo family can do, we will not shirk our duty. Let us meet again.”

Long Chen cupped his fists to send him off. Once Luo Changwu left, Long Chen sighed and bitterly smiled inside. This uncle of his was straightforward and upright. He was also very capable and steady. But Long Chen wondered. The next time they met, would they be friends or foes?

When it came to his mother’s family, he became hesitant and worried. Even though he could face battle without batting an eye, not all things in this world could be resolved with martial power.

After sending off Luo Changwu, he returned to the inner academy. Due to young master Changchuan’s return, the entire inner academy became lively. Some female disciples in particular were in high spirits.

That made Long Chen laugh. If young master Changchuan was judged simply from his outer appearance, it truly would be a case of a peerless piece of jade. This person was truly handsome and yet not at all womanly.

The title of the High Firmament Academy’s number one handsome man was not for nothing. However, when he returned, he was infuriated.

His guild’s people had all been killed in the Jialin Immortal Land. Now he was the only one left, so he had to gather new people and rebuild his forces. Not surprisingly, many female disciples applied.

Watching the bustling crowd in the inner academy, Long Chen suddenly felt a burst of loneliness. He found that it really was difficult to integrate himself into the academy. Despite forming good relations with many people, he still felt incompatible.

Loneliness wasn’t the result of having no one beside you. It was the result of having many people beside you without feeling the slightest warmth. The current him was missing his family more and more.

“Boss, my mom told me to come find you. She says that she wishes to give you a treasure to accompany you as thanks.”

Just as Long Chen was lost in a stupor, Bai Xiaole ran over to him excitedly.

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