Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3055 Black Saber

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Chapter 3055 Black Saber

Long Chen noticed that Bai Xiaole had some new silver body armor on, and he seemed extremely pleased with it.

“Boss, look at what my aunt gave me.” Bai Xiaole pointed to his armor. “It’s impervious to blade or spear, water or fire! It also has its own divine runes in it. It was specially made for me.”

“Your aunt?” asked Long Chen. He still hadn’t fully recovered from his stupor.

“It’s Bai Shishi’s mother,” said Bai Xiaole.

Long Chen nodded. However, rashly accepting gifts like this wasn’t something Long Chen had no shame over.

However, Bai Xiaole refused to let him off, saying that someone who could take advantage but didn’t was a fool. Hence, Long Chen followed him to see his mother.

Bai Xiaole’s mother smiled when they arrived. “Long Chen, Xiaole was helped by you. You’ve pulled out a stake in our hearts, and such a favor cannot be forgotten. I heard that you are lacking a weapon for the Nine Prefecture Convention. My husband and I have fought others for many years, so we have quite a bit of leftovers that you can check.”

As she waved her hand, balls of light appeared in the air. Every ball contained a divine weapon.

Those weapons seemed a mix of illusory and real within those balls. But the divine energy fluctuations of those weapons continued to come through, making Long Chen’s soul shake.

Spears, sabers, swords, halberds, ropes, rings, towers, rods, and dozens of other kinds of weapons appeared. It was a dazzling sight.

“These are all Treasure items!”

In the immortal world, above Spirit items were Treasure items. The greatest difference between them was the power of their item-spirit.

A Spirit item’s item-spirit could assist the user and increase their power. However, their level was rather low. They lacked the ability to fully control themselves. But Treasure items possessed terrifying power just on their own.

A Treasure item had a far more intelligent item-spirit and was capable of controlling its one power. Some Treasure items were even stronger than their masters. When their masters were in danger, they could protect them.

However, they were incredibly precious. Even a genius like Chu Yang wasn’t bestowed a Treasure item by the family.

Furthermore, becoming the master of a Treasure item was very difficult. If it felt that the master was too weak, it wouldn’t accept them. Forcibly subduing one would require sacrificing a great deal of spiritual and bloodline energy.

Clearly, Bai Xiaole’s mother was not just giving him a Treasure item. She was also willing to help him subdue it. It could be said that she had invested quite a bit in this gift, showing just how grateful she was for Long Chen’s help to Bai Xiaole.

As for Bai Xiaole’s new armor, that was something that Bai Shishi’s mother had helped him subdue. With it, they were much more at ease. This upcoming Nine Prefecture Convention would not be ordinary, so they didn’t dare to be careless.

“Boss, I heard that your sword arts are supreme! Why don’t you take this sword? I feel like this sword suits you best. You can sweep through everyone with a single slash!” urged Bai Xiaole, seeming even more excited than Long Chen.

However, Long Chen was looking at a saber. Even through the divine light, he could sense its sharp aura, as well as its bloodthirstiness and domineeringness.

Long Chen then beckoned and the saber flew into his hand. As it rumbled, a sharp light erupted out of it. A void-ripping sound also rang out.

“Your vision is good. This saber is called Autumn Water. When I fought its master, I was almost injured by it. The saber seems to really like you. It seems that it suits you,” said Bai Xiaole’s mother, a bit surprised.

It had to be known that a Treasure item required an expert to at least be at the Four Peak realm to subdue it. But this saber was willingly throwing itself at Long Chen. It was a bit inconceivable.

Long Chen shook his head. “This saber doesn’t suit me. My power is focused on hardness, and it is too light. Furthermore, its material has plenty of sharpness but lacks toughness. It can’t endure my power.”

It was a good saber, but it was more of a nimble and agile build, and that wasn’t his fighting style. He could only send it back.

“Something hard and heavy?”

Bai Xiaole’s mother thought about it. She suddenly waved her hand, and a black saber appeared in front of Long Chen.

“What do you think about this?”

“This is…”

Long Chen stared at the black saber in front of him, his heart pounding. But the light within his eyes quickly faded as he felt a pang of pain.

This black saber made him think of Dragonbone Evilmoon. This companion that had fought alongside him in battle had ultimately left him.

This black saber’s length was about the same as Evilmoon, but it wasn’t as malevolent and sinister in appearance. The heavy aura it possessed was extremely shocking though.

Bai Xiaole was beside Long Chen, and the appearance of the black saber made space feel like it was being compressed. It was so uncomfortable that he retreated a few steps.

“This saber has no name, and it isn’t complete either. The forger did not forge its spirit, so it has no item-spirit. But its weight is astonishing, and the materials that went into it are very precious, even more so than an ordinary Treasure item. I’ve had no use for it all this time. Do you wish to use it?” asked Bai Xiaole’s mother.

Long Chen reached out and grabbed the hilt. He slowly pulled it out of the ball of light.

At this moment, the ground beneath his feet cracked. The runes on the stones lit up, but they continued to crack, as if they might completely crumble at any moment.

Seeing Long Chen receive this shockingly heavy saber with one hand, Bai Xiaole’s mother was shocked. His power was truly astonishing.

The saber’s runes lit up, growing brighter and brighter. A star diagram then slowly appeared on top of it. At this moment, immense and forceful power flowed within the saber.

Suddenly, the stars vanished. Long Chen rested the saber on his shoulder. One man and one saber stood there, appearing incredibly wild and domineering. It was as if they contained endless power, power that could destroy this entire world.

“Many thanks, senior. I will accept this gift.” Long Chen felt like he had found that old familiar feeling, and he smiled with satisfaction.

His astral power hadn’t destroyed the saber. Instead, its internal runes activated and seemed that they could still contain more energy. It very much suited him. With such a good weapon, he felt much more confident.

After that, time passed bit by bit, and the day to move out quickly arrived. Everyone participating in the Nine Prefecture Convention gathered.

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