Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3056 Setting Out

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Chapter 3056 Setting Out

Just over thirty people were participating in the Nine Prefecture Convention from the High Firmament Academy. However, Long Chen was surprised that over twenty of those were unfamiliar faces.

Furthermore, their auras were quite powerful. They were not inferior to Luo Bing, Mu Qingyun, and the others, but he didn’t recognize a single one of them.

On Long Chen’s side were only Luo Bing, Luo Ning, Mu Qingyun, and Bai Xiaole. Even Li Cai, Zhong Ling, Zhong Xiu, and the others didn’t apply.

That was because Luo Bing said that people like her would only be cannon fodder in the Nine Prefecture Convention. Thus, Li Cai and the others had no hope at all.

However, they had all applied to watch. It was simply that they wouldn’t be leaving with those actually participating. Those given spots to watch would only be informed a few days later.

Furthermore, anyone who wished to watch had to take care of their own ticket fee and incidental costs. The academy would only provide flying boats and transportation formation protectors.

The cost was not small, and an ordinary person couldn’t afford it. However, as Long Chen’s worshippers, and considering they would get to experience the true elites of the nine prefectures, many people still chose to pay.

Long Chen instantly saw young master Changchuan who stood out amongst the crowd. In the distance, there were even countless women cheering and shouting his name. They had come to send him off.

“Tch, is having a pretty boy face so amazing?” snorted Bai Xiaole a bit irritably.

Long Chen patted Bai Xiaole’s shoulder. “Learn to appreciate beautiful things instead of having jealousy cloud your eyes. You should admit where you’re inferior to others. When you’re prideful, compare yourself to other people’s strong points. When you’re feeling inferior, bring out your own strong points to compare to others.”

Luo Bing and Mu Qingyun exchanged a smile. Any man would feel inferior compared to young master Changchuan, but Long Chen was still as calm as flat water.

“Hehe, do you compare yourself to others like this as well?” asked Bai Xiaole.

“Me? No, I never compare myself to others because that would make me lazy,” said Long Chen.

Luo Ning laughed. “What thick skin. Are you trying to say that you’re superior in every way?”

Long Chen shrugged. “There’s nothing I can do. Being unrivaled is truly lonesome.”

Luo Bing and Mu Qingyun laughed, but he was truly qualified to say this. It was just that his way of joking was very amusing.

“Long Chen, there will sooner or later be a fight between us. I won’t allow anyone to have the slightest fantasies toward fairy Shishi,” said young master Changchuan.

The crowd fell silent when he spoke. The atmosphere grew tense.

One came from a mysterious forbidden area, the unfathomable young master Changchuan. The other was a newcomer to the academy who soared like a shooting star and created legends. When the two of them went against each other, it instantly made everyone nervous.

Long Chen frowned. Examining him, he said, “Do you have something wrong with your head? You look so handsome that I don’t want to slap you and ruin that image, but you keep acting like this. My mood is good right now, so I can’t be bothered with you. If my mood was bad, it’d be over for you. I don’t care what status or background you have. Don’t force my hand.”

Young master Changchuan frowned. Battle intent soared out of him. “Then let’s fight. If I lose, I will leave the academy, and fairy Shishi will be yours.”

“Fuck, who do you think fairy Shishi is to be mine just because I beat you?” Long Chen laughed from anger, but just as he said this, he felt a chill on his back, as if two sharp swords were pointed at his heart.

He slowly turned to see a pair of sharp, beautiful eyes glaring at him, as if they would pierce straight through him.

“Cough, what a misunderstanding. Fairy Shishi, you are not… Ah, how should I put it… In any case, I didn’t mean it like that…” said Long Chen awkwardly in the face of Bai Shishi’s frostiness.

“The two of you should shut your mouths. Keep talking nonsense and I’ll kill both of you. Smelly men should stay away from me.” Bai Shishi’s voice hissed out of the cracks between her teeth. She was clearly enraged.

Seeing her so angry, young master Changchuan didn’t say another word. At the same time, Long Chen curled his lips and shrugged, acting indifferent.

“Fairy Shishi, in truth…” Young master Changchuan spoke up after a moment of silence.

“Shut up!”

Bai Shishi was enraged, and young master Changchuan shut his mouth. It seemed he was very used to being scolded by Bai Shishi.

Long Chen couldn’t help shaking his head. People really did look for things that they couldn’t have. With young master Changchuan’s talent and looks, he could find any woman he wanted. But he just had to pursue Bai Shishi. Why bother?

Bai Shishi had advanced to the ninth Heavenstage of the Divine Flame realm, and her aura was incomparably solid. Those two Divine Whisker Flame Spirit Pills clearly had an immense effect.

However, there were no manifestation fluctuations around her, so she clearly hadn’t awakened a primal bloodline. Amongst them, only young master Changchuan was a Primal.

After asking around, it seemed that young master Changchuan had expressly left the academy during this time just to return to his home in that forbidden zone to awaken his primal bloodline.

Awakening a primal bloodline was extremely difficult. Other than your own hard work, you needed the help of the outside world’s power as well. A bit of luck also couldn’t be lacking.

“Whoever talks about me next should be ready for me to turn hostile on them. I have said that I, Bai Shishi, need no man in this lifetime,” warned Bai Shishi.

The prideful Bai Shishi had actually been turned into the prize of a wager between others. Not even an ordinary person would be able to accept that, let alone Bai Shishi.

“What a waste…” sighed Long Chen, mumbling to himself.

“What did you say?” demanded Bai Shishi, looking as if she was going to kill him.

Long Chen looked to the sky. “The weather today isn’t bad.”

“I am the leader of the group attending this Nine Prefecture Convention. It would be best if you all listen to my rules and give me the minimum respect, especially you,” said Bai Shishi, looking at Long Chen.

Long Chen rolled his eyes. When had he not respected her?

After warning Long Chen and young master Changchuan, Bai Shishi turned to everyone else. “You are disciples of the Battle God Palace. You’re attending the Nine Prefecture Convention with us, so let’s get familiar with each other before moving out.”

Only then did Long Chen realize that these unfamiliar faces were those raised by the Battle God Palace.

After that, everyone exchanged names, and it could count as getting acquainted. A beautiful celestial horse descended from the sky at this time, pulling a golden war chariot.

A beautiful woman then walked down from the war chariot and smiled at everyone.

“Warriors of the High Firmament Academy, let us set out!”

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