Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3058 Enpuda’s Disciple

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Chapter 3058 Enpuda’s Disciple


Long Chen thought about it and solemnly nodded.

“Can you tell us who?” asked Bai Shishi’s mother with a smile.


Long Chen pointed toward young master Changchuan, enraging him.

The meditating Bai Shishi suddenly chortled, while Luo Bing and the others tried to hold back their laughter. It was unknown just how bitter it was to hold it back.

“Long Chen… I demand a duel!” raged young master Changchuan.

“Why? I really do like you.” Long Chen shrugged. “You look very beautiful, so I like to look at you a bit more. There’s no need to be so hostile.”

Young master Changchuan’s hostility lightened slightly, but he was still angry. He clearly thought that Long Chen was making fun of him.

“Young friend, you are being a bit disingenuous,” said Bai Shishi’s mother with a smile that was not a smile.

“No, I’m very sincere. I always like beautiful things. Handsome brothers, beautiful women, I always like to look a bit longer at them. I can feel how beautiful life is at all times. As for what senior is talking about, hehe, I’m not qualified to discuss it right now.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Why aren’t you qualified?” asked Bai Shishi’s mother.

Long Chen bitterly smiled. He looked at the vague images speeding past them outside the window.

“Some things can’t be stated clearly. Some principles also can’t be discussed unequivocally. You asked me, but I can’t answer.”

Of course he wasn’t qualified. He couldn’t even protect his women. How was he qualified to discuss liking others?

If he had to watch as the woman he loved died in front of him while he was powerless, then how was he qualified to like others?

Seeing Long Chen’s gaze suddenly become pained, Luo Bing and the others were startled. They felt a pang of grief for him.

They knew that Long Chen viewed them as family, not in the romantic sense. After being with him for so long, they had also come to sense the pain hidden in Long Chen’s heart.

Bai Shishi’s mother felt embarrassed. She originally just wanted to tease him a bit and play matchmaker between him and Bai Shishi.

That was due to her understanding of her daughter. Before Long Chen appeared, Bai Shishi was constantly icy, revealing no emotion, neither joy nor rage.

However, after Long Chen showed up, she went through more emotions, and Bai Shishi’s mother noticed that this was stimulating her bloodline power. The changes in her emotions were making her bloodline active, and in her current state, she might awaken a primal bloodline at any moment.

Thus, even if she couldn’t draw the two of them together as a couple, just having Bai Shishi quarrel and bicker would also be a good thing.

However, she hadn’t expected to touch one of Long Chen’s scars. She could tell that Long Chen had gone through something that left him deeply hurt. What he had gone through wasn’t something someone his age should have to go through.

“Brother San, don’t feel bad. Didn’t you say that you would be able to quickly find those sister-in-laws?” Mu Qingyun held Long Chen’s hand.

Long Chen took a deep breath. Rubbing his face with his hands, he tried to reinvigorate himself. He then smiled. “Yes, everything will go well. This time, I will definitely build my fame. From the Nine Prefecture Convention, the name of Boss Long San will spread throughout the entire immortal world.”

“Since you mentioned the Nine Prefecture Convention, let me give an introduction to some terrifying figures you will encounter there,” said Bai Shishi’s mother to dispel the awkward atmosphere.

Everyone’s ears perked up. They all wanted to know what kind of opponents they would be fighting.

She said, “To tell the truth, in the past, the High Firmament Academy’s rankings were always at the bottom. We haven’t had many disciples manage to get into the top hundred…”

Everyone was startled. Considering how powerful the High Firmament Academy was, just how was it possible that they couldn’t even get into the top hundred?

Only Long Chen’s gaze was flat. He had read about this. The High Firmament Academy truly wasn’t that competitive.

“The reasons that our performance records are so lacking is partially because we truly have never had such a powerful expert, but the other reason is because many powers are not too friendly toward us. They have created a barrier to prevent the academy’s disciples from getting into the top hundred. Everyone knows that anyone who enters the top hundred will get a bountiful reward, and they don’t want the academy to enjoy that reward.”

“They can do that? Isn’t it said that the competition system is fair and the fighting rounds are based on drawing lots?”

Bai Shishi’s mother shook her head. “This world doesn’t have anything absolutely fair. Furthermore, the lots are only drawn after the top sixty-four are decided. Outside the top hundred, it is more than possible for them to control things. I will give you all a warning here. Although it is forbidden to maliciously kill people during the competition, the ‘malicious’ part is truly willful. Whether or not someone is willfully killing someone else is decided by specific people. Due to not having good relations with other powers, you should immediately give up if you fight someone that you can’t beat. Don’t give them a chance to kill you. I’m going to tell you a few names that you should immediately admit defeat to if you end up matched against them.”

Long Chen’s heart shook. They should directly admit defeat? What did that mean? They weren’t even qualified to fight them?

“One of them is called Gui Yun. He comes from the Bloodkill Hall. According to the news from inside the Bloodkill Hall, he is the new, final disciple of their master, Enpuda. Enpuda announced that he wouldn’t be accepting more disciples tens of thousands of years ago, but after encountering Gui Yun, he was willing to accept him as his apprentice. You can tell just how much Gui Yun’s talent moved Enpuda. He’s also an assassin and is a master of killing people in one blow. You should all know how our relationships with the Bloodkill Hall are, so if you encounter him, you should be able to imagine what would happen.”

“Enpuda’s disciple?”

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. He had a thought that perhaps he could obtain something useful from this person’s body.

“If I kill him, will the academy be able to handle it?” asked Long Chen suddenly.

Bai Shishi’s mother was startled and then laughed. “If you can kill him, the academy will naturally protect you. Within the High Firmament Academy, even if Enpuda came, he wouldn’t dare to touch you. However, if you leave the academy, all the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins will have their gazes on you. You won’t have a moment of rest. Other than that, do you feel like you can kill a World King’s disciple? He very likely possesses heaven-defying treasures.”

“I don’t care whose disciple he is. As long as the academy can endure it, I dare to kill them.” Long Chen smiled slightly. He was already at the ninth Heavenstage of the Divine Flame realm. As long as they were within the Divine Flame realm, he had no fear toward anyone. Lord Brahma’s dogs had to be beaten to death.

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