Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3060 Golden Crow Monster

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Chapter 3060 Golden Crow Monster

“Someone is blocking our way?”

Everyone was startled. They were being robbed so quickly? Was that a challenge against the academy?

Long Chen went to the front of the chariot and only saw mist. Whatever was happening, it was unclear.

The mist was a strange tan color. Just as he looked into the depths, a scream rang out. The void was torn apart by a golden light, and a path was opened.

However, blood splashed through that path, and this blood still contained immense pressure that shook his soul. This was the blood of a powerful expert.

The celestial horse continued flying, quickly passing the region of mist. But they never saw who it was.

“They ran?” asked Long Chen.

“If they didn’t run, were they simply going to wait to be killed?” asked Bai Shishi’s mother with a smile.

“Senior really is amazing. You’re able to attack even through space,” said Mu Qingyun with worship.

It had to be known that she hadn’t even formed hand seals. With just a thought, she was able to unleash such a terrifying attack? Was this not the realm that Long Chen had mentioned to Mu Qingyun? When the heart contained the sword, a single thought could kill enemies?

At that time, she had thought that such a realm only existed in legends. However, Bai Shishi’s mother had done so right in front of her, so she was overwhelmed with various emotions. At the same time, she felt even more admiration for Long Chen. He had spoken the truth.

Bai Shishi’s mother smiled at her. “You are also very amazing. You’ve already reached the realm of sheathing your sword. You’re not too far from the realm of keeping your sword in your heart. Once your heart and spirit merge, you will also be able to unleash this move. Because you are a pure sword cultivator, when you do, its power will be even greater.”

Mu Qingyun was shocked and delighted, amazed by her vision. Just before leaving, Long Chen had congratulated her, saying she had reached the realm of sheathing her sword, and that the door to the Sword Dao had been opened by her. However, she didn’t know what this meant. When she asked him, he merely said that there was no difference between knowing and not knowing, and that rather than someone else telling her, it would be better for her Sword Dao to tell her.

Now even Bai Shishi’s mother told her that she had reached this realm, once more proving Long Chen’s words and that she was on the right track.

“What’s the point of being so amazing if you’re just going to get married off to someone that can’t even beat you? Especially when it’s two women sharing one man,” said the distant Bai Shishi frostily.

Long Chen was startled. He suddenly found that Bai Shishi was dissatisfied with her mother’s marriage to Bai Zhantang. Furthermore, from her tone, it seemed that Bai Zhantang’s power was inferior to his wife.

Bai Xiaole had mentioned that Bai Shishi looked down on all men, including her own father. However, Long Chen couldn’t help finding it a bit comical. If her mother hadn’t married her father, how would she have come to this world?

Bai Shishi’s mother seemed to be used to it and didn’t get angry. She simply smiled.

“Are you saying that if someone wants to marry you, they first have to beat you?” laughed Long Chen. Young master Changchuan couldn’t help having some thoughts when he heard this.

“The one who wants to be my husband must be stronger than me and must be faithful for a lifetime. His world can only have one woman,” said Bai Shishi frostily.

“Good thing I don’t want to then,” said Long Chen as if he was relieved.

While this girl was pretty, she was a bit overbearing and extreme. Such behavior only allowed others to remain at a respectful distance.

“Hmph, do you think a fickle-hearted man like you is rare?” snorted Bai Shishi.

Long Chen shrugged and didn’t reply. He then thought of Meng Qi, Chu Yang, Tang Wan-er, and the others. He couldn’t help smiling. He truly was fickle. Marrying any one of them would be the fortune of many lifetimes, but he had so many. What else did he need?

“Brother Long, I was hot-headed before and was rude to you. I apologize.” Suddenly, young master Changchuan stood and bowed to Long Chen, stunning everyone.

Long Chen couldn’t help laughing. “What? Do you no longer view me as a competitor? Let me tell you, as someone with more experience, there will be no conclusion between the two of you.”

“Why not?” If it was before, young master Changchuan would instantly be enraged. But now he was consulting him with an open mind.

“Because none of you know what love is. You like her simply because you like beautiful things. If she one day loses her talent, her status, and her beauty, becoming a bloated fatty or unbearably ugly, would you still love her, protect her, and view her as more important than your life?” asked Long Chen.

“I…” Young master Changchuan wanted to say that he would, but it seemed that he really wouldn’t.

“Love isn’t an exchange between two families who want it, nor is it a match between a talented man and a beautiful woman. It is a sacrifice. It is something ingrained in your bones, a yearning that rots the heart. It is happiness and pain intertwined. It is the moth flying into the flame, and it is what can make you die a hundred times with no regrets.” Long Chen looked outside the window, his thoughts drifting away.

Everyone was silent. Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and Mu Qingyun stared at Long Chen with a trace of yearning in their eyes. Was there really such a love in this world?

Even the icy Bai Shishi was moved. However, she quickly turned frosty again and sneered, “You put it so nicely, but you ended up with a whole harem. If you really loved them, why would you be so fickle-hearted?”

“Loving more doesn’t mean not loving deeply. Someone who has never tasted love will never know the bitterness and joy involved,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Just at this moment, the world turned dark, as if something was covering the sun. An immense pressure then crashed down upon them that made them turn ice-cold, as if they had been dropped into a glacier.

Long Chen looked up. A black crow was flying past their heads, and its wingspan covered the sky. In comparison, the war chariot that they were in was incredibly miniscule.

The illusion celestial horse was shockingly fast, but that black crow sped off like a shooting star. It quickly passed them.

“A three foot golden crow!” exclaimed Long Chen. While the crow’s body was black, its two claws were golden.

“Wouldn’t a three foot golden crow have three feet? But it only had two?” asked Luo Ning curiously.

Long Chen said, “The three foot part of its name refers to its three toes on each foot, not having three feet. It is similar to the five claw golden dragon. It doesn’t have five claws but five toes on each claw. Except for the true dragon, other dragons only have four toes.”

This was new information to most people. So they had been misled by the name.

“I didn’t expect that old golden crow monster to appear. It seems that his descendant is also attending the Nine Prefecture Convention. It will definitely be lively now…” muttered Bai Shishi’s mother to herself as she stared in the direction the golden crow had gone.

The illusion celestial horse passed by countless flying boats, war chariots, and mounts. It was also passed by others countless times. Three days later, they arrived in an ancient city.

“We’re here.”

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