Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3061 Try and Look Again?

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Chapter 3061 Try and Look Again?

The ancient city stood tall and mighty. The city gates which stood as tall as the clouds were packed with people coming and going. They were like ants moving through the streets. Also, an ancient aura exuded from this city.

The celestial horse stopped far away from the city. After that, Long Chen and the others walked off, and countless gazes instantly turned toward them.

These were all youngsters in the Divine Flame realm. Their gazes were full of provocation. They observed Long Chen and the others wantonly, as if looking for their weaknesses.

These disciples were all competitors because the spectators were not yet welcome. They weren’t even qualified to enter the city.

These gazes were full of hostility when they looked at Long Chen and the others. It was only when they saw Bai Shishi that they had their breath taken away. Many of them waved in greeting toward her, but she ignored them.

It wasn’t just Bai Shishi who wasn’t accepting any greetings. When young master Changchuan came out, countless young maidens cried out adoringly. The ruckus was even a bit bigger than what Bai Shishi caused.

However, young master Changchuan seemed to be used to it and also ignored them. However, he didn’t just draw over the adoring gazes of women but also the envious gazes of men. In the distance, some of those men were pointing at him, seeming to be provoking him.

This was Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and Mu Qingyun’s first time seeing such a vast spectacle. They were both moved and nervous. All of these people had powerful auras, like mountains and seas. They were all top experts. Here, they felt themselves to be far too weak.

Mu Qingyun was the most nervous of them all. She held Long Chen’s arm, as if only he could give her a sense of safety.

“I said that your sword was sheathed to say that you have a sword. What are you afraid of? These are nothing more than some chicken with strong appearances. If you were to start fighting, you’d sweep through them with a single slash,” said Long Chen. Her hand was covered in sweat. If he wasn’t aware that she had never seen such a sight, he would have laughed.

“Really?” Mu Qingyun didn’t dare to believe it.

“You’re lacking combat experience and are being misled by their outside appearances. That is a grave taboo of a sword cultivator. You should know that sword cultivators have the strongest intuition. It was right to bring you here. You need more combat experience to raise your confidence,” said Long Chen.

Even though Mu Qingyun had set foot into the realm of sword cultivators, she still gave off the feeling of a dabbler. Perhaps it was because Long Chen was lacking as an instructor. Or perhaps she wasn’t that strongly attached to the Sword Dao.

Although to have reached this level from an ordinary disciple, it could already be said that she had soared like a shooting star. But Long Chen still felt that she was far too lacking compared to Yue Zifeng.

Long Chen then looked around and found that there were millions of disciples here. This was an incredible number. He supposed that this was expected of the nine prefectures’ largest gathering. There were countless heavenly geniuses.

The young disciples were just like Long Chen and were led by some senior experts. They lined up and registered here.

“Haha, the Martial Heaven Prefecture’s rank one High Firmament Academy only brought this few people? Have they simply given up?” Just as they were appraising their surroundings, a group of people walked over to them.

These people were all large with astonishing Blood Qi. It was possible to vaguely sense a hidden explosive power within them.

“They’re starting already?” Long Chen was surprised.

Bai Shishi’s mother had told them that the High Firmament Academy had suffered from other people crowding them out at the Nine Prefecture Convention. They had just arrived, but people already came to provoke them.

There were over seventy people in this group. Their leader was a thin elder with a walking cane, which head was a carved tiger head roaring at the heavens.

The elder’s eyes were different from a normal person’s. They were like a beast’s, fierce and sharp, containing a bloodthirsty wildness.

Bai Shishi’s mother looked at the elder and spat out a single word.


It was simple, direct, crude, and domineering.

The elder smiled sinisterly. His gaze then swept across Long Chen and the others before falling on young master Changchuan. “So you have a Primal? And he comes from a life forbidden area. Has the High Firmament Academy fallen to the point that it requires outsiders to help win them glory?”

The disciples behind him sneered as he said this, their eyes seemingly mocking them.

“Old thing, you fart a lot. Are you trying to be my enemy?” asked young master Changchuan coldly.

“No, no one would dare to provoke a life forbidden area. I’m only targeting the High Firmament Academy, not you,” said the elder. He actually dared to provoke the High Firmament Academy but not young master Changchuan.

Young master Changchuan snorted and didn’t say anything further. The elder continued to walk in front of Bai Shishi and nodded.

“Not bad. Your bloodline is pure and the fluctuations are strong. Although you haven’t awakened a primal bloodline, it shouldn’t be that far away for you. Girl, why don’t you come to our Dark Tiger Alliance to grow?”


Just like her mother, Bai Shishi spat out a single word, not even bothering to waste more words on this dislikeable fellow.

The elder still didn’t get angry. He smiled, very pleased. When he came to Long Chen, he eyed him up and down. Just as he was about to speak…


Long Chen suddenly slapped him in the face.

“What are you looking at?”

Long Chen was as quick as lightning, striking without any warning. Considering their distance, even if the elder’s cultivation base was amazing, he didn’t have time to react.

This was a resounding slap that was as loud as thunder. However, Long Chen’s hand hurt from the impact. The elder’s face was incredibly hard. It was like he had slapped metal.

As a result, the elder flipped through the air a few times. Teeth and blood flew through the air.

The disturbance caused everyone to jump. The bustling crowd fell silent as everyone turned to stare in astonishment.

“You didn’t investigate who Boss Long San was before daring to look at him? Let’s see if Boss Long San can beat your yolks out.” Long Chen pointed and cursed at the elder, bending his arm as if he was preparing to strike him again.

As he said this, he cast a look at Bai Xiaole and the others. But Bai Xiaole’s head wasn’t too agile, so he didn’t understand what he meant.

It was Luo Bing who was smart, so she, Luo Ning, and Mu Qingyun hastily held him back. Long Chen acted as if he was struggling to break free. He then cursed the elder once more.

“Stop holding me back! In all my years, I’ve never suffered such a grievance. Old fellow, try to take another look and see what happens!”

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