Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3062 Violently Beating the Alliance Head

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Chapter 3062 Violently Beating the Alliance Head

Everyone was dumbfounded. Just who was this youngster? Was he really so amazing? The one leading each group was a member of the senior generation. Their cultivation bases were at least above the Divine Lord realm. However, this youngster dared to strike such a terrifying expert.

Even Bai Shishi hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so brazen as to attack such an existence.

As for Bai Shishi’s mother, looking at Long Chen’s incredibly exaggerated aggrieved expression, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Before leaving, the dean had personally told her to look after Long Chen and not let him be too arrogant, as that wasn’t in accordance with the academy’s style.

However, before she could even say something, Long Chen had done something like this. Moreover, the person he had slapped was not some random Elder but precisely the leader of the Dark Tiger Alliance.

That alliance head was sent flying back as Long Chen didn’t hold back with this slap. As he spun through the air, stars also spun in his eyes. He couldn’t tell east from west, north from south.

“Brat, you’re courting death!” When he finally recovered, the alliance head stretched his claw forward.

“Senior, it wasn’t me-!”

It just so happened that there was a black-robed man standing in front of him, and seeing the alliance head attack him, the man screamed in terror, almost pissing himself.

That alliance head was startled. He was facing the wrong direction and was still too befuddled to even recognize the right person. Everyone watching almost laughed.

Seeing that he had targeted the wrong person, and seeing everyone’s strange gazes, the alliance head grew even more infuriated. He turned to see Long Chen looking as if he wanted to fight him, and his eyes instantly turned scarlet.

However, just as he was about to attack, Bai Shishi’s mother stepped between them, coldly saying, “You should know who I am, and you should know my temper. I don’t want to waste extra words. If you dare to touch my academy’s disciples, you won’t see tomorrow’s sun.”

Bai Shishi’s mother stood there, her gaze flat. But her words shocked countless people. Just who was this person? She was so domineering that she actually dared to say that she would kill this alliance head.

The alliance head was so infuriated that flames almost burst out of him. As for the disciples behind him, they had taken out their weapons.

“Both of you can stop before you go too far. This place is the Donghua Prefecture’s Silver Moon City, not your own territory. If anyone in the Divine Lord realm and above starts fighting here, it will implicate the disciples. Your disciples then will lose their right to participate in the Nine Prefecture Convention.”

A voice drifted over from inside the city. The disturbance had also drawn their attention.

Upon hearing it, the alliance head’s anger turned into a simmering rage. As for Long Chen, his gaze suddenly flickered. Bypassing Bai Shishi’s mother, he once more slapped the alliance head just as he calmed down.

“Who said you could not wear a hat?”


The Dark Tiger Alliance’s alliance head had suppressed his fury due to the warning, and not expecting an attack, he was slapped through the air by Long Chen once more.

Previously, everyone had only heard the sound of Long Chen’s slap. This time, they personally witnessed it.

Everyone let out a startled cry. The alliance head was slapped around like a dog. Also, Long Chen’s movements were natural and graceful. They didn’t seem all too fast, so why was he still able to land his blows?

“Long Chen…”

Even Bai Shishi’s mother hadn’t expected Long Chen to do such a thing. Just what was he thinking? The most ridiculous part was that this seemingly ordinary slap couldn’t be avoided.


The alliance head roared, a terrifying pressure rising out of him. Seeing this, everyone around him hastily fled in fear. He seemed to have gone mad.

“Who let you randomly shout?!”

As everyone else retreated, Long Chen advanced. Another slap landed on the alliance head’s face. But this time, although it landed, the one sent flying was Long Chen.

Long Chen’s palm was bleeding. The alliance head had unleashed his cultivation base and summoned a protective layer of divine light. Most of Long Chen’s power was reflected by it. A Divine Lord expert was truly terrifying.

However, Long Chen’s slap also wasn’t something that an ordinary person could endure. The alliance head’s roar was interrupted midway, leaving people dumbfounded.

“That senior said that no Divine Lord experts can attack. If you attack me, the Dark Tiger Alliance’s disciples will lose their qualifications to participate in the convention. Let me ask you, if I keep hitting you, do you even dare to attack back?” Just to be sure though, Long Chen hid behind Bai Shishi’s mother. That evil chortle was the very picture of him daring someone to come beat him.

“You… pfft!” The alliance head suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, not from being injured, but from anger. A bout of dizziness made him sway. If it weren’t for the disciples behind him helping him, he might have collapsed.

The great master of the Dark Tiger Alliance, an almighty Divine Lord expert, someone who could turn mountains and empty seas with a wave of his hand, had actually been angered to this extent. What a pitiful sight.

“Brat, you’re making trouble. Although there is no express rule preventing Divine Flame realm disciples from attacking Divine Lord experts, if you don’t reserve yourself, I can still cancel your qualifications due to disturbing the peace.” The elder’s voice from within the castle rang out once more.

The Nine Prefecture Convention had its own rules, but those rules expressly forbade disciples from fighting, the senior elders leading the groups from fighting, and then those leaders attacking the disciples. There was no rule for disciples attacking Divine Lord experts.

Throughout the convention’s history, no such disciple had dared to do such a thing. But today, Long Chen had set the precedent. Since it was the precedent, that person could only give a warning and no actual punishment.

“Is that so? I understand. Many thanks.”

Long Chen cupped his fists. Hehe, in other words, things would end here. He had gotten three free slaps. That blessed smile of his was truly deserving of a slap. Even the cold Bai Shishi couldn’t help laughing. So there was such a marvel in this world.

“You attacked first. Apologize to the other side,” said the elder’s voice from the city.


Long Chen’s gaze turned cold for a moment, but he then smiled. Walking over to the Dark Tiger Alliance’s leader, Long Chen patted him on the shoulder.

“Brother, my apologies. But you can’t blame me. Who told you to have such a slutty mouth that’s constantly spouting crap? That’s why you should take this lesson earnestly and properly brush your teeth. Wash your heart and renew your face. Become a new person. After all, you’re still young. You have a long road ahead of you. Every loss you suffer is actually gaining wisdom, and that’s good for you. But you don’t need to thank me. After all, this is the tireless, sacred mission of an instructor…”

The alliance head’s blood was roiling inside of him. Finally, Long Chen’s apology caused that blood to rush to his head. He then coughed up a mouthful of blood and fainted.

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