Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3064 Privilege

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Chapter 3064 Privilege

“According to the Nine Prefecture Convention’s customs, if a disciple reaches the top eight, then during the next convention, the sects that they’re from don’t need to line up and register. They can directly enter Silver Moon City,” said Bai Shishi’s mother.

Clearly, these people were from a sect that had gotten into the top eight during the last Nine Prefecture Convention.

“Silver Moon City?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes, Silver Moon City. You’re not hearing wrong. But this is the true Silver Moon City. As for the disciples of the Silver Moon City that you encountered in the Jialin Immortal Land, they are simply named after this place,” said Bai Shishi’s mother.

“Are the two connected?”

“Yes, but not very closely. The Martial Heaven Prefecture’s Silver Moon City is nothing more than a branch of this place. They can be considered a subordinate. They pay tribute to the Donghua Prefecture’s Silver Moon City every year, but the real Silver Moon City doesn’t really care about them. To put it frankly, they are simply using the name of Silver Moon City. There are actually many forces like them with this name, but anyone who uses this name must pay tribute to the real Silver Moon City. As for why Silver Moon City would permit others to use their name, no one knows. But at the very least, they are making a large sum every year from the tributes,” said Bai Shishi’s mother.

“For a pack of dogs to be randomly running amuck, there’s no way that they don’t have the tacit acceptance of their master. It seems that this Silver Moon City also won’t treat us well.” Long Chen curled his lips.

“That is natural. That’s why I told you that it’s impossible for us to take first place. To put simply, the Nine Prefecture Convention is composed of all the large powers within the nine prefectures paying to hold a grand gathering. All these resources are piled up by the powers of the nine prefectures, and then whoever has the ability gets to take them.”

Luo Bing couldn’t help interjecting, “Then doesn’t that mean that many sects are simply paying money every time without getting anything?”

“Correct. There are millions of sects, all famous and powerful within the nine prefectures. But only the geniuses who get into the top hundred can get rewards. Your odds of victory are as low as possible. Powers that can enter the top hundred all have incomparably profound foundations, so they get the rewards almost every time. As for the rest, they can only clench their teeth. There is no other option. If they don’t participate, their reputation will crumble, and they will fall to second-rate sects and have difficulty recruiting any disciples. They would sooner or later decline. Thus, most sects came for face and fame. Second-rate sects aren’t even qualified to be invited to attend. If you do get invited, then even if you have no money, you would have to come up with it somehow,” said Bai Shishi’s mother.

When she explained it like this, everyone came to understand that this was all an exercise for poor people to look like rich people. It was quite the con.

“Isn’t it very risky to trust so much money to the Nine Prefecture Convention to safeguard? What if they simply pocket it?” asked Long Chen.

“That’s not a worry. All the wealth involved is entrusted to the Huayun Trading Company. The Huayun Trading Company is the most trusted commerce business in the entire immortal world,” said Bai Shishi’s mother.

“The Huayun Trading Company?”

Long Chen was shocked. The creator of the Huayun Trading Company was the Wealth God, an extremely mysterious existence. No one knew his true identity.

The Martial Heaven Continent’s Huayun Sect was composed of his followers, and Long Chen had always been thinking about how to find the Huayun Trading Company. He wanted to find Zheng Wenlong’s whereabouts. However, he hadn’t expected the wealth of this Nine Prefecture Convention to be managed by the Huayun Trading Company.

When the Martial Heaven Continent was destroyed by Lord Brahma, the dragon expert brought the innocent commoners away. But those qualified to ascend had been sent to the immortal world. In other words, Zheng Wenlong and the others were definitely in the immortal world.

If he could find Zheng Wenlong and start a cooperation with the Huayun Trading Company, then the things in his hands that couldn’t see the light of day could finally be exchanged for treasures that he needed. That would quicken his cultivation speed.

However, the Huayun Trading Company was incredibly high-end here compared to the Martial Heaven Continent. An ordinary sect wasn’t qualified to interact with them. Even the High Firmament Academy would only undergo a business exchange with the Huayun Trading Company once every few years. Since the trading hadn’t reached a certain limit, the Huayun Trading Company didn’t welcome them that much.

“Senior, can you help introduce me to the Huayun Sect’s people? This matter is very important to me,” said Long Chen.

“Scram, you blind-”

Someone suddenly shoved him, and without thinking, Long Chen slapped them.

As a result, that person tumbled across the ground. Only then did Long Chen remember that he couldn’t attack people. Just now, he had struck entirely due to instinct.

“He pushed me first!” Long Chen shouted to express his innocence. He had been warned once, and he didn’t want to have his qualifications revoked.

Just as Long Chen and the others were talking, the group next to them walked over. Originally, they should have been walking beside them, but whether it was intentional or not, they ended up taking a turn, ending up right in front of Long Chen and the others. While everyone else had come to a stop, Long Chen was thinking of Zheng Wenlong’s matter and wasn’t paying attention to them.

Seeing Long Chen not get out of the way, this person pushed him, only for Long Chen to slap him out of reflex.

That disciple was enraged. He crawled up and roared but was held back from attacking by the others beside him.

“If such a thing occurs again, then it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. You will all be stripped of your qualifications!” The elder’s angry shout came from inside the city again. Clearly, he was capable of overseeing everything here clearly.

“Brat, just wait. Don’t let me encounter you on the martial stage, or I’ll kill you.” That disciple spat out some blood and glared at Long Chen.

After hearing the elder’s words, Long Chen was put at ease. He immediately cloaked himself in arrogance again. Looking down on that person, he disdainfully demanded, “You seem dissatisfied with me? What, is this path yours? Why should I get out of your way? I’ve seen arrogant people, but I’ve never seen someone more arrogant than me. If you don’t like it, let’s find a place to train with no one else present. Let’s see if Boss Long San can beat the crap out of you.”


That person was enraged. He still had a handprint on his face.

“Luo Hao, give it up. Take note of your status. What is there to quibble about with a group of clowns that couldn’t even gather a hundred experts?” Suddenly, a man walked out of the ground. He had shoulder-length hair that was a rare brown color, and his bloodline fluctuations were extremely intense.

“A Primal!” Luo Bing and the others were shocked.

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