Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3065 Blaze Dragon Gate

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Chapter 3065 Blaze Dragon Gate

What Luo Bing and the others hadn’t expected was for this person to have the shocking aura of a Primal but have no manifestation around him. Clearly, he had not just awakened a primal bloodline. He was already capable of fully controlling his aura.

In comparison, young master Changchuan was lacking. His manifestation was not fluctuating so intensely, but he still hadn’t reached the level of fully restraining it. Just when it came to bloodline control, there was an immense gap between the two.

After that person spoke up, the one that Long Chen had slapped sneered at Long Chen and left just like that.

The brown-haired man looked at Long Chen. Strange runes flowed within his eyes. He suddenly smiled. “Interesting. It seems that you aren’t someone easy to deal with.”

Long Chen also smiled. “You’re also very interesting. To walk the sword down a side path, using a weapon to enter the Dao. That’s very rare.”

The brown-haired man’s smile stiffened with a trace of shock, but he quickly nodded. “Not bad, you have some tricks. It seems that the High Firmament Academy is no longer willing to just send dancing clowns. You must be making the effort to take a ranking this time, hmm? Pray that you don’t encounter me too early, or none of you will get into the top hundred.”

“Are you very confident?” asked Long Chen.

“Precisely.” The man nodded.

“Excellent. I’m also very confident. I look forward to meeting you early on. Boss Long San always likes to fight those people who think themselves very strong,” said Long Chen.

“Then let’s see. Oh, speaking of which…”

Just as the brown-haired man started to turn away, he looked at the other disciples of the High Firmament Academy. “Let me warn you, if you don’t want to die, you should scram quickly. Otherwise, you will be implicated by this fellow. He’s really displeasing, so I will order my Blaze Dragon Gate’s disciples to have no mercy if they encounter the disciples of the High Firmament Academy. Take care of your little lives.”

After that, this person walked straight into the city, ignoring the line. Other disciples followed him, sneering at Long Chen. Some even made contemptuous gestures toward Long Chen and the others.

“Arrogance!” raged Bai Xiaole.

“No, this isn’t arrogance. This is nothing more than a counterattack to win back some of their faces. If you get angry, you will fall for it. They merely said a few words, while I slapped one of their faces. We’re at the advantage. Why can’t we let them say a few words?” said Long Chen with a smile.

“Haha, that’s right!” Bai Xiaole laughed.

Long Chen looked at the somewhat grave-looking disciples of the High Firmament Academy. “Relax a bit. You’re the top experts raised by the Battle God Palace. Whether it is in terms of talent or combat experience, after experiencing the baptism of blood and fire, you can’t lose face for the Battle God Palace. Otherwise, with the palace master’s temper, if you get stage fright, he will definitely make you lose a layer of your skin once you get back.”

“We’re not afraid of them. But…”

“I know you’re not afraid. Those misgivings you have are entirely meaningless. This time, the martial stage will be a battlefield. Fight them as you would on the battlefield. These powers that are targeting us won’t have any mercy. Practically, everyone here is an enemy. Do you not see me creating enmity left and right? It’s just so that you will feel free to fight as you normally do. We have no allies here, so just kill them as you like,” said Long Chen.

Luo Bing and the others were speechless. He dared to say that he was creating enmities with everyone just for their benefit?

Time passed bit by bit. It was finally the High Firmament Academy’s turn. At this moment, Bai Shishi’s mother handed over the invitation card, and their statuses were verified one by one. Long Chen and the others were then given tablets. Every tablet needed a drop of their blood, and then it would be exclusively theirs. There couldn’t be mistakes in this process, which was why it was so slow.

After that, they passed through the grand gates. There was a straight and wide path in front of them. Following that path forward, there was another gate.

This gate also had people guarding it, and after passing through, everyone was given a jade tile with the rules of Silver Moon City written on it. There were some taboos that they needed to be informed of.

After that, an elder appeared in front of Long Chen. He gloomily looked at him.

“After entering the city, be more well behaved. Don’t cause trouble.”

Hearing his voice, Long Chen realized that this was the elder that had repeatedly warned him before.

“This child isn’t sensible. I’m sure senior apprentice-brother has been inconvenienced.” Bai Shishi’s mother walked over and smiled at him. The two of them were actually acquaintances.

The elder waved his hand. “It’s fine. Why wasn’t it brother Zhantang this time? It’s been years since we’ve met.”

“He has something that he couldn’t get out of, so it was left to me to lead these disciples,” explained Bai Shishi’s mother.

The elder nodded and didn’t say anything further. Bai Shishi’s mother then led everyone onwards. However, just at that moment, Long Chen sensed a faint spiritual fluctuation, so he gave the elder a second glance.

The elder looked at Long Chen with a touch of astonishment, but Bai Shishi’s mother had led everyone deeper into the city.

They finally arrived in the inner city. Long Chen and the others couldn’t help crying out in shock. Every single building here was a skyscraper reaching the clouds. They gave off an ancient and heavy aura.

Runes slowly flowed across the buildings. It was as if this city had its own life. Upon setting foot in this place, their souls felt like they had been baptized by spacetime.

It was as if they were standing in the long river of history. This ancient charm was inexplicable.

“The history of Silver Moon City can be traced back to eighty million years ago. It has gone through countless battles. The ashen walls weren’t originally that color. It was the result of blood splashing onto them, and that blood belonged to the major large races, turning it that color. That is why you feel as if everything here possesses a kind of unreal feeling. It’s as if you can feel the call of history. But that is the undercurrent of remnant spiritual wills coursing through the city,” said Bai Shishi’s mother.

This was Luo Bing and the others’ first time hearing such a thing. It felt as if many unseen figures were staring at them.

At this moment, Long Chen and the others were welcomed by some beautiful maidens waiting for them on the streets. They held signs that pointed them in the right direction.

Following their guidance, they then went into a transportation formation. Silver Moon City was enormous, and it was forbidden to fly inside the city walls. Thus, there were many transportation formations built inside.

After three transportations, Long Chen and the others were led to their mansion. This was where the High Firmament Academy’s residence was.

“They really went too far this time!”

When they arrived, even the well-tempered mother of Bai Shishi was enraged.

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