Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3068 VIP

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Chapter 3068 VIP

“Please, go ahead,” said the middle-aged man hastily.

“The person that I’m asking the Huayun Trading Company to find is called Zheng Wenlong. Just like me, he is an ascender from the lower plane. He is also a pious follower of the Wealth God. The two of us can be said to be life and death brothers. In my most dangerous time, I also received the Wealth God’s aid…”

Only after the middle-aged man heard what had happened in the lower plane did he learn that Long Chen actually had such a connection with the Wealth God.

“You could have directly explained this from the start…” said the middle-aged man, a bit embarrassed.

“Business is business, favors are favors. Let us first discuss business, and later we can discuss favors,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen had his own pride. If he first discussed favors, then it would be as if he had come to seek asylum and was living off of their charity.

Even Long Chen’s relationship with Zheng Wenlong was the same. They only discuss business. Business was business. There was no need for anything else to be mixed in.

The most comfortable thing for Long Chen about working together with the Huayun Sect had always been that neither side owed the other any favors. Favors were always the hardest thing to pay back in this world.

“My apologies. I was rude. I am Xuan Ming, and you can directly call me by my name. May I ask for sir’s great name?” The middle-aged man clapped his forehead suddenly when he realized that he didn’t even know Long Chen’s name.

“I am Long Chen.”

“Boss Long San?” asked Xuan Ming.

Long Chen was surprised. Seeing that expression, Xuan Ming laughed. “It seems that it really is you.”

“I didn’t expect you to have heard of this name,” laughed Long Chen.

“The news of someone beating up the leader of the Dark Tiger Alliance and challenging all the heavenly geniuses outside the city gates has long since spread. Even I received word of it. But I didn’t expect that you were that legendary figure,” said Xuan Ming with a smile. He continued, “The matter of Zheng Wenlong is something that I will handle. However, you should also know that the Huayun Trading Company is spread throughout the hundred domains and thousand prefectures. We have millions and millions of disciples. It will take some time to find him.”

Long Chen nodded. “I understand. I can wait. Brother Zheng Wenlong has helped me out immensely over the years. I have to find him. Before finding him, I can only trouble brother Xuan Ming. I hope brother Xuan Ming won’t find it annoying.”

“Where did such words come from? Junior brother Long Chen, your potential is limitless. You will only be bringing us bigger business opportunities in the future. If a business that sends itself to us is trouble, then I, Xuan Ming, wish to be surrounded by troubles day and night,” laughed Xuan Ming.

“That’s good then. Junior brother still has some things to handle, so I won’t disturb you any longer.” Long Chen rose and said goodbye. Xuan Ming personally sent Long Chen off.

When he arrived at the exit, the attendant took out a violet jade tablet, and Xuan Ming handed it to him with both hands.

“This is our VIP tablet, the Huayun Trading Company’s token. With this, you can go to any of the Huayun company’s business centers or auction houses, and receive the warmest welcome.”

“Then many thanks, brother Xuan Ming. Junior brother will take his leave.”

Long Chen said goodbye. Xuan Ming then courteously waited outside as Long Chen walked away before returning.

“Long Chen, why are you here?”

Long Chen had just left when someone grabbed him, startling him. He turned.

“Senior, why are you here?”

Unexpectedly, the person to grab him was Bai Shishi’s mother. She was staring at Long Chen in astonishment because she had been passing by in time to see Xuan Ming send him off.

Xuan Ming’s clothes clearly indicated he was an executive of the Huayun Trading Company, someone with authority. She was stunned to see him personally send off Long Chen so warmly.

“I was thinking of bringing you here in a few days. But you’re in such a rush that you directly came. You must have some ability. Do you have the capital?” asked Bai Shishi’s mother.

“Hehe, such a minor thing is something that I feel bad troubling you for. I can do it myself. It just so happens that I have a good brother from the lower plane who is a devout believer of the Wealth God. I myself have received the favor of the Wealth God, so I came to ask their help in finding that brother. That senior was very kind and directly agreed to it,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen didn’t dare to say that he would be conducting business with the Huayun Trading Company on his own. After all, he was a disciple of the High Firmament Academy. There would be suspicion that he was taking advantage of the sect like that.

However, there were many things in Long Chen’s hands that he didn’t dare to reveal to everyone. He couldn’t trade them for things that he needed in the High Firmament Academy, so he could only go to the Huayun Trading Company.

“Senior, where did you go?” asked Long Chen.

“Silver Moon City has some of the High Firmament Academy’s friends. I went to ask around for them,” transmitted Bai Shishi’s mother spiritually. Clearly, this was a top secret.

“Like that person from the inner city gates?” replied Long Chen spiritually.

“No, someone else. Although the High Firmament Academy is low-key, its network is very large. I didn’t expect that your Spiritual Strength would be so powerful. You even sensed our spiritual communication yesterday,” said Bai Shishi’s mother.

“It was just luck.”

“Speaking of which, there is something I need to discuss with you. Answer me seriously.”

“Go ahead?”

“In truth, the academy has been developing all these years. We ignore all the gossip of the outside world. In the outside world, not many people know just how powerful the academy is. The reason so many people are constantly challenging our academy is because they are probing our power, and some of those people have backers encouraging them to feel out the High Firmament Academy’s bottom line. This time in particular, the various powers are forming seals against the academy. Some people are already viewing our disciples as prey, and they are already arranging for the hunters,” said Bai Shishi’s mother.

Long Chen was enraged. “They’re going too far, no?”

“They really are. I know that they’re doing it on purpose to see if we will retreat. If we retreat again, our reputation will plummet. The High Firmament Academy was already on a downwards path, and now we are on the brink of a cliff. Originally, we weren’t planning on really competing, so the true experts of the Battle God Palace haven’t come. But now it seems that the other side wants to force us. I’ve already reported this to the dean, but the dean simply replied with three words: we will see. That’s why I am asking for your opinion. Are you really planning on taking first place?”

“Of course. That dragon scale is very important to me. I must obtain it.”

“Good. Then all of you, go fight as you please. When we get back, I will undo the seal in Bai Shishi’s body. We’ll have a real fight with them.” A sharp light shone in Bai Shishi’s mother’s eyes.

“A seal?” Long Chen was startled.

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