Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3071 Provoking Everyone

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Chapter 3071 Provoking Everyone

When Long Chen arrived, the various experts stared in disbelief.

“Is he…?”

“Participating in the Dao discussion…?”

“An instructor?”

Seeing him walk up the Dao discussion stage, everyone was dumbfounded. Such a young person was actually part of the instructors discussing the Dao? Was this a joke?

Hence, everyone’s gaze focused on Long Chen. He looked more like a beggar in his tattered clothes.

“Isn’t he that arrogant Boss Long San who beat up the leader of the Dark Tiger Alliance?”

People quickly recognized his status and became even more shocked.

“I heard he comes from the High Firmament Academy. The High Firmament Academy has already declined, but has it really reached the point where they would send a beggar to attend?”

Those who could attend the Dao discussion were the wisest, most erudite instructors of the largest sects, and they were all old monsters that had lived for countless years. Such a youngster had never appeared.

Hence, all the others who were waiting on the stage had white hair and looked to almost be fossilized. Those elders instantly frowned when they saw Long Chen arrive.

“Long Chen, did you come to embarrass yourself? You want everyone to laugh at the High Firmament Academy? You should hurry up and scram.” He had only just arrived when someone shouted at him, trying to anger him.


Long Chen glanced at that person, his hands clasped behind his back. He arrogantly announced, “When Boss Long San arrives, the earth roars and the heaven screams. When Boss Long San leaves, ghosts cry and gods weep. In the past and in the future, wherever Boss Long San goes, gods retreat, immortals and devils submit. The name of Boss Long San resounds through the Three Daos and Six Worlds, the nine heavens and ten lands. Heaven and earth are within my hands, mountains and plains are beneath my feet. Little cultivators, shouldn’t you kowtow and worship me? Also, how dare you point at Boss Long San?”

Long Chen’s voice rang clearly throughout every corner of the plaza. It contained unparalleled arrogance and disdain.

“I finally understand what true arrogance is.” Bai Xiaole’s blood was practically boiling with heat as he watched.

The Dao discussion was attended not only by countless elite heavenly geniuses but also almighty experts like Bai Shishi’s mother. In front of all of them, Long Chen didn’t feel the slightest fear, instead viewing them as far beneath him. Just what kind of arrogance, what kind of wildness, what kind of domineeringness did this require?

Bai Shishi’s mother almost laughed. Long Chen truly was a marvel. Even his acting skills had reached the peak. Ignoring whether or not Long Chen actually had the ability to back up those words, just being able to say such a thing in front of so many people was already amazing.

Even someone like her would feel immense pressure when being stared at by millions and millions of experts.

But Long Chen was someone who had experienced far greater things. He had experienced the destruction of the Martial Heaven Continent, so this kind of thing was unable to make him nervous.

All the experts present were enraged. They had seen arrogant people before but never someone this arrogant.

“Ignorant brat, you will pay the price for your foolishness!” Even Divine Lord experts were enraged and cursed him.

“Who do you think you are? A little Divine Flame rookie dares to spout such wild words? Are you trying to make everyone laugh to death?”

“The High Firmament Academy has reached the bottom. They sent a little clown to infuriate everyone. Are they trying to find a sense of existence?”

“There are so many people here. If everyone spat out, they’d drown you. You call yourself Boss Long San? Are you trying to get yourself killed in a flashy style?”

Long Chen’s words caused huge waves, and countless people stood and cursed him, as if they really wanted to curse him to death.

Looking at their emotional faces, Long Chen spread his arms and announced, “Excellent, that’s right. Stand, stand for me, wave for me. Let me see your passion! Yes, just like that, cheer for me, shout for me! The day Boss Long San soars is the day you kneel and worship me. Don’t worry, I’ll be bringing all you trash flying with me. Come, one, two, three, four, follow along with my rhythm!”

Long Chen shouted along with them, gesturing as if he was a conductor. As a result, those people shouting and cursing him went green with rage.

Due to how many people were cursing, all their voices clashed, so it was impossible to tell what they were saying. Just like that, Long Chen’s act made it seem like they really were cheering for him.

“Sit down! Stop cursing him! Just let him stand there alone…”

Some people tried to control the scene, but there were too many people cursing. They couldn’t even hear their own voices. It was complete chaos.

Seeing such a sacred place be turned into this state, Luo Bing and the others didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Long Chen really was powerful. Just how had he done this?


Suddenly, space shuddered and the Dao discussion stage lit up. At the same time, a voice resounded like a celestial roar, which turned the world dark and then blindingly bright, causing everyone to jump. The shouting was cut off.

“Long Chen, as a Heaven Master instructor of the High Firmament Academy, you should hurry up and enter the Dao discussion stage. Don’t heckle with the crowd,” said that voice coldly.

“Long Chen isn’t warned?” Luo Bing found it a bit curious. To cause such a ruckus was not a minor affair.

Bai Shishi’s mother smiled. “That’s because he hasn’t touched any of the rules, so the convention can’t do anything to him. They can only advise him to hurry up. No such precedence has appeared before, so I suspect that the next convention will have a few more rules to avoid such a thing from occurring again. After all, a marvel like Long Chen hasn’t appeared in hundreds of thousands of years. He’s completely out of expectations.”

Long Chen smiled. Looking at those furious experts, he shrugged innocently and swaggered up the stage.

This was an ancient altar that was covered in runes. This Dao discussion stage came from ancient times. In fact, no one knew whether it was the Silver Moon City or the Dao discussion stage that came first.

This Dao discussion stage had pillars on it that were several meters high. An elder was sitting on every pillar, and there were hundreds of them.

Once Long Chen was on the stage, a screen of light blocked his path. Long Chen then took out a jade tablet.

The next moment, the jade tablet merged with the screen of light and vanished. A gate then appeared. After walking through it, he was officially on the Dao discussion stage.

Just as he entered, a place lit up on the ground for him. Long Chen walked over to it and sat down lotus style just like everyone else.

A stone pillar slowly raised him into the air, bringing him to the same elevation as everyone else here.

“Long Chen, I’ll return the humiliation you caused me this time.” Just as he sat down, a sinister voice rang out behind him.

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