Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3072 Does Your Face Not Hurt?

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Chapter 3072 Does Your Face Not Hurt?

Long Chen turned back and saw a familiar face. It was the Nine Flower Sect’s Ji Li. He was representing the Nine Flower Sect in the Dao discussion.

“Oh, Heaven Master Ji Li! Does your face not hurt?” asked Long Chen in a concerned tone.

As soon as he said this, Ji Li’s face twisted and flames almost burst out of his eyes. Long Chen had slapped him in the face back then, and that had cast a shadow on his heart.

And just when they met again, Long Chen picked at this scab, infuriating him.

In truth, although the Nine Flower Sect had been the one accepting the High Firmament Academy’s invitation to discuss the Dao, they were actually the one that had wanted to come, and not with good intentions either.

The Nine Flower Sect was ranked near the bottom just like the High Firmament Academy. However, while they weren’t strong in the Dao discussion, their disciples did have some accomplishments. They were at least stronger than the High Firmament Academy. Some of their disciples had gotten into the top hundred.

At that time, Ji Li had brought disciples over simply to give them a tempering experience. To put it frankly, they were there to bully others. That was why they hadn’t waited at the gates and had simply charged in, not wanting to give the academy a chance to be ready for them. This would allow his disciples to see the High Firmament Academy in chaos, boosting their confidence. A grandmaster of the Dao discussion might appear amongst them in the future.

However, he hadn’t expected a disciple sweeping the ground would ruin his plans. Ultimately, they left after a miserable defeat.

Now when he saw that the High Firmament Academy had sent Long Chen over, he instantly understood that they had given up on the Dao discussion. Their elders cowered like tortoises in their shells, and they sent a disciple to embarrass himself. He was already ready to target Long Chen when Long Chen said one single sentence that almost made him cough up blood.

“What is it? Your skin is pinched like a trouser crotch. Are you constipated?” asked Long Chen.

“You… just wait…”

Ji Li could barely speak. He knew that he would never be able to compete with Long Chen when it came to cursing.

After shutting Ji Li up, Long Chen smiled disdainfully. If he wanted to wait, then fine. When had he ever been afraid?

At this moment, more instructors arrived. Those people would first greet everyone around to express their own humbleness.

The people below the stage waved back to them. However, their welcome clearly wasn’t as enthusiastic as when they had welcomed Long Chen. In fact, due to their hatred for Long Chen, many people were simply ignoring everyone else coming onto the stage.

Long Chen suddenly noticed that there was someone looking at him hostilely. When he looked over, he laughed inside. He then warmly greeted him.

“Hey, does your face not hurt?”

That person was precisely the leader of the Dark Tiger Alliance that he had beat up in front of Silver Moon City. He was also present. That gaze full of killing intent was responded to with Long Chen’s cordial greeting.

As a result, the Dark Tiger Alliance’s leader’s expression sank, but he didn’t say anything in response. It seemed that he wasn’t baited, but Long Chen saw that his calmness was fake. Veins were throbbing on the back of his hands.

After a bit, the entire Dao discussion stage suddenly shook and rose a few meters into the air. Its runes flowed, and divine light soared into the sky. It was as if the heavens were lit up. It was a shocking scene.

Just at that moment, an ancient voice rang out. “All Heaven Masters of the Dao discussion have arrived. The Dao discussion convention is about to start. However, just before we start, according to custom, we will first give everyone a chance to get used to it.”

A ball of light appeared. There was something inside that was a few meters long. Due to the divine light, it was impossible to see what was inside.

“This is an ancient stele. There are Jiuli immortal characters carved into it, and whoever can completely translate it will win thirty meters for their divine pillar,” said that ancient voice.

This referred to the pillars that everyone was sitting on. Whoever translated it would rise thirty meters into the air. This Dao discussion stage was an ancient and mysterious divine item with its own rules. It could distinguish the laws and principles of the Heavenly Daos, and it was what would judge whether a person’s words were correct or not. It could be considered the instructor overseeing an exam.

When someone answered a question or said something that received its approval, their divine pillar would rise to show their placement.

If they answered wrongly or said something that didn’t receive the Dao discussion stage’s approval, they would fall. The starting point was only three meters, and every mistake would cost them a foot. Once they were wrong ten times, the divine pillar would recede back into the Dao discussion stage, and they would be out of the Dao discussion.

Such a scene was very rare. Most people were eliminated not due to answering incorrectly. Instead, as time passed, once the divine pillars had risen to a certain level, people would start being eliminated based on who was lowest.

Hence, this first question was actually quite important. Whoever could answer correctly would obtain a reward that brought them to a better starting point. Hence, everyone’s gaze concentrated on the divine light.

The divine light scattered, revealing a tablet with Jiuli immortal characters carved into it. For a moment, everyone was simply dumbfounded.

“Third generation? No, are they second generation Jiuli immortal characters?”

Just at this moment, a strange voice rang through the air, stunning everyone. That was the sound of a button being pressed. Someone had actually fully translated it so quickly? How was that possible?

Everyone looked around, and their eyes finally landed on one person’s pillar whose runes had lit up. It was as conspicuous as a full moon in the night sky.

When they saw the person on the pillar, they grew even more shocked. It was a black-robed man with a lifeless expression.

Long Chen was also staring in shock. His posture was very odd. He then slowly lowered his head and saw that at some point, a button had appeared beneath his hand.

Long Chen hadn’t even been paying attention to the tablet. He found that his sitting posture wasn’t too comfortable, so he was changing position when his hand pressed the button that came out of the pillar just at that moment.

“That fool!”

Bai Shishi and the others all knew what had happened when they saw his stiff expression. Bai Shishi cursed him.

“This shouldn’t count, right?” said Long Chen, feeling lost.

“Since you’ve pressed the button to answer, you must answer or you will be eliminated,” the ancient voice responded.

Fuck, wasn’t that a con? That was clearly not intentional. Long Chen was speechless. He could only look at the tablet.

He found that the Jiuli immortal characters on the tablet were a mix. Upon close examination, he could see third generation Jiuli immortal characters mixed in with second generation Jiuli immortal characters.

Long Chen could recognize third generation Jiuli immortal characters. As for second generation characters, he could tell what they were but not what they meant. How was he supposed to translate them?

Seeing his expression, everyone knew that he had accidentally pressed the button. Hence, sneers and scoffing sounds rang out from the crowd. Ji Li and the leader of the Dark Tiger Alliance both had delighted smiles.

In the worst-case scenario, he would simply give the wrong answer. Hence, after close examination, Long Chen suddenly exclaimed in shock.

“Lord Brahma?”

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