Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3075 Attacked On All Sides

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Chapter 3075 Attacked On All Sides

“It’s simple. Leave everything regarding the Nine Prefecture Convention to the Huayun Trading Company. I trust in the Huayun Trading Company’s reputation. If left to them, I believe that no one present will oppose it. Am I right?” Long Chen called out to the experts below the stage.




Those disciples cheered loudly. The golden reputation of the Huayun Trading Company was something that they could trust. If they really did this as Long Chen said, they would rejoice.

“If they don’t accept, we will refuse to attend this con! We’re all going home!”

“That’s right, we’re not going to stay idiots forever!”

“That’s not enough. You have to hand over all the money you conned out of us first!”

The seniors present didn’t say anything due to their misgivings, but the junior generation weren’t so shrewd. They roared furiously, unleashing their anger.

The elder’s expression was ugly, but he didn’t say anything. It seemed that he was waiting for orders. After a moment, he finally said, “The city lord has said that Silver Moon City is definitely innocent. We did not participate in such a shameless affair. Silver Moon City will definitely investigate this matter to the end and give everyone an explanation that proves our innocence. As for young friend’s suggestion, the city lord has said that this is no problem. We will immediately discuss handing over things to the Huayun Trading Company.”

The disciples cheered. Only a very small percentage of people glared at Long Chen darkly, as if wanting to tear him apart.

Bai Shishi’s mother sighed and shook her head. “I really underestimated this fellow’s ability to cause trouble.”

Originally, she had hoped for Long Chen and the others to get some of the rewards and show everyone that the High Firmament Academy wasn’t so weak. It was time to reveal some fangs.

However, Long Chen had completely flipped the Nine Prefecture Convention. Under that pressure, Silver Moon City was forced to hand the authority over the Nine Prefecture Convention to the Huayun Trading Company.

It wasn’t just Silver Moon City that was offended now. All the people who had been benefiting from this cheating were now filled with hatred toward him and the High Firmament Academy.

Cutting off their profits was like killing their parents, so their hatred was overflowing. Just thinking about the consequences gave her a chill.

“I must report this to the dean. Things have gone completely out of control.” Bai Shishi’s mother felt immense pressure now.

“The Dao discussion convention can continue.”

Seeing that everyone had calmed down enough, the elder shouted and vanished.

The Dao discussion stage quivered, and a screen of light appeared above it. It was crystalline and beautiful, with mountains, plains, rivers, birds, fish, stars, and countless other scenes appearing within it.

Translating the tablet was not the true Dao discussion. It was nothing more than a little desert before the meal that Silver Moon City had arranged, giving certain people an advantage.

Now was the true Dao discussion, and everything was under the control of the Dao discussion stage.

Although this was Long Chen’s first time attending, Heaven Master Yun Yang had explained the basic rules to him. This Dao discussion was a kind of challenge. People challenged each other with questions, and if the other side was unable to answer, or their answer did not obtain the Dao discussion stage’s approval, their divine pillar would drop.

The Dao discussion stage was the examiner, while everyone participating was a student. The examiner was to decide who was right or wrong, and who deserved to be rewarded or punished.

The Dao discussion stage was truly a mysterious existence, and no one knew its origins. Silver Moon City’s people were nothing more than its protectors. Legend was that it was a spiritual object from ancient times and that it was constantly manifesting all ten thousand Daos. The other legend was that it was a part of the Heavenly Daos. In any case, it definitely had the authority to judge everyone’s answers.

Once it started, Long Chen’s divine pillar rapidly lit up. Clicking sounds rang out.

When someone was challenged, their pillar would light up. If challenged by two people, it would light up twice.

Right now, Long Chen’s pillar was rapidly blinking, meaning that many people were challenging him. He was being attacked from all sides.

“Isn’t this unfair? So many people are challenging Boss Long San at once?” demanded some people in the crowd.

Although Long Chen had offended everyone with his entrance, the way that Long Chen didn’t submit to authority and directly accused the Nine Prefecture Convention of cheating, evening the playing field for everyone, had caused many people to also feel admiration for him.

Moreover, with the way that he was being challenged, it was far too obvious that he was being targeted. Long Chen’s words had already benefited them, so they didn’t want him to be kicked out.

Due to Long Chen’s previous nonsense, the Dao discussion stage had dropped him nine levels. Hence, one wrong answer and he would be eliminated.

Long Chen said things that other people didn’t dare to say, and he did things that other people didn’t dare to do. The majority of people felt enraged for him.

“Hahaha!” Long Chen laughed disdainfully. “A group of donkey and horse balls also dare to challenge Boss Long San? Then Boss Long San will give you a lesson today. Come!”

Long Chen patted his pillar. The flashing stopped and another pillar behind Long Chen lit up.

This indicated that Long Chen had accepted the challenge. As for the challenger, he was the one who reacted the fastest. Or perhaps it should be said that he hadn’t reacted at all. He had simply been sitting on the button, ready to challenge Long Chen as soon as it started.

Long Chen saw that it was the Nine Flower Sect’s Ji Li, so he sneered, “Does your face not hurt? If you have something to say, hurry up.”

Ji Li looked at him and also sneered. “What is the Dao?”

The experts’ expressions changed. This was truly a sharp question. They were starting off with such difficult questions. They clearly weren’t going to give Long Chen any chance to turn things around.

Everyone looked at Long Chen. With a disdainful smile, he indifferently answered, “All things within heaven and earth are the Dao.”

After he said that, his pillar slowly rose until it was the same height as before. As for Ji Li’s pillar, it sank one foot.

This showed that Long Chen’s answer had obtained the Dao discussion stage’s approval. As a reward, his pillar was restored to its original height.

“Boss is mighty!”

Seeing him recover from the border of death, Bai Xiaole cheered. Even Luo Bing and the others were excited. They had been so nervous just now that they almost stopped breathing.

“In this world, what came first, the chicken or the egg?”

The second person directly asked an even more difficult question.

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