Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3076 A Master

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Chapter 3076 A Master

This was a question perplexing the world for countless years. From ancient times to now, no one could answer it because it touched upon the origin of life.

Right at the start, all these people were targeting Long Chen not in order to discuss the Dao but to eliminate him first. Their questions came one after another, each sharper than the last.

Hence, everyone’s gaze concentrated on Long Chen. Luo Ning and the others were nervous for him.

In the face of this question, Long Chen indifferently said, “First came the egg.”

Just like that, Long Chen’s pillar once more rose. His answer had received the approval of the Dao discussion stage.

Seeing his casual answer be accepted so easily and him rise so calmly, everyone was shocked.

After a moment of shock, Bai Xiaole led the cheering, and Luo Bing and the others followed. Long Chen truly was amazing. He even answered this correctly.

“How do you know?” The third person asked his question. The Dao discussion stage was going in order of who had challenged Long Chen. Every time he answered correctly, he went up one level, while the challenger went down a level.

“I guessed.” Long Chen shrugged.


That person was dumbfounded. How was that acceptable? Was he part of the Dao discussion stage’s family? Were the two of them related?

Suddenly, that person’s pillar lit up, and he vanished from the stage, appearing outside. He had been eliminated.

The newcomers were dumbfounded, but someone laughed. “On the Dao discussion stage, you must answer questions pertaining to the Dao. Otherwise, you’ll be eliminated.”

It was forbidden to ask nonsensical questions. That was to prevent cheating. Otherwise, someone could simply send someone points.

Just like that, even after that person was eliminated, Long Chen’s pillar didn’t move. His response was accepted but not rewarded or punished.

Then the next pillar lit up. An old crone sat on this one, and she looked at Long Chen with killing intent.

Her voice was so sharp it raised goosebumps. “Sir said that the egg came first. What is the reasoning and principle behind this?”

It was still the same question, but now it was asked properly. Hence, Long Chen had to answer properly as well. If he once more said that he had just guessed, he would be punished.

“The origin of life came from nothing. The foundation was primal chaos. In the Great Desolate Scripture, it is recorded that Yin and Yang came first, then spirituality was born within the Heavenly Daos. Then Laws gradually appeared in this lawless world. Tracing back to the source, I feel that this is correct. Heaven and earth gave rise to spirituality, and spirituality gave birth to all living creatures. Those creatures created laws, and as those laws move along their course, they form this world. As a result, I feel that the egg came first, because compared to a chicken, the egg is the embryo, the foundation, while the chicken is already a complete lifeform. Without the first, there cannot be the second. All things came from nothingness, so they must have progressed gradually in proper sequence. However, this is ultimately just an opinion. The Dao is formless. Cultivators are nothing more than tiny boats on a raging sea. You can look at a mountain and see just a mountain. Later on, you look at the same mountain and see it is not just a mountain. After that, you might look again and find that the mountain is truly just a mountain. When cultivating the Dao, most of the time you only see the what and not the why. As a result, no one would dare to say that they are absolutely correct,” said Long Chen.

This response moved everyone. No one had expected Long Chen to be able to say such words at such a young age.

Considering how Long Chen had entered so arrogantly, how was it possible for him to answer so humbly and even say that he himself might not be correct in order to not mislead people? This wisdom did not match his age at all.

Long Chen’s pillar once more rose. He was now above everyone, looking down on his opponents.

This time, it wasn’t just Bai Xiaole and the others cheering. Quite a few spectators cheered for him as well. His words were eloquent and profound. That kind of deep comprehension of the Heavenly Daos caused quite a few young disciples to feel some worship for him.

After all, they were all youngsters, while Long Chen was competing against these old fellows. Just like that, it was easy for them to start counting Long Chen as amongst their own ranks. He was winning face for them, youngsters.

Those cheers lit Long Chen’s blood on fire. He actually stood on the pillar and took out a chair, sitting down cross-legged. He then took out some wine and looked down on those elders.

“I’ve broken your shady tricks. Now you can’t scam us out of money. Hehe, don’t like it? Come and challenge me. I really like seeing you look so constipated with anger but being unable to touch me. Master Boss Long San is an erudite full of wisdom of both the past and present. Do you think I’m afraid of you novices? Come!”

Long Chen’s arrogant display didn’t draw curses this time, only more cheers.

Long Chen played it quite smartly. By aiming his words at those cheaters, he ended up turning himself into the representative of the victims, which was ninety-nine percent of the people here. Those people naturally supported him.

The spectators cheered, not at all afraid of causing a ruckus. In any case, they weren’t the ones offending the other side. As long as they cheered together, these people couldn’t punish all of them. They could also vent some of their resentment.

Behind him, Ji Li’s expression was extremely ugly, looking as if Long Chen had killed his dad. Long Chen turned to look at him. “It was young master Changchuan who killed your split body, so why do you hate me so much? Do you think that I’m a soft persimmon? If he could kill your split body, then I can kill your real body.”

The first time Long Chen had seen Ji Li, he had sensed that the latter’s spiritual fluctuations were a bit off and thus knew that he was a clone. Because of that, Long Chen wasn’t surprised to see him again after hearing that he was killed. Furthermore, he trusted that this was his true body.

Long Chen’s words startled everyone. It seemed that Ji Li had had his clone killed? However, before Ji Li could answer, another pillar lit up. It was time for that elder to ask his question.

The elder snorted coldly. “Youngster, don’t be too arrogant. Tell me, what is most important for someone who cultivates the Dao.”

Everyone quieted down. This was also a very difficult question.

To cultivate the Dao meant to cultivate the heart, the body, the soul, fate, luck, law, etc. Not even one could be lacking. But as for what was most important, who could possibly say?

Seeing Long Chen fall silent, that elder smiled, very pleased with himself. “What, you can’t answer? What happened to your arrogance?”

He was intentionally trying to provoke Long Chen, distracting him with anger. That would lead to him failing to answer properly.

Long Chen solemnly said, “I feel that ultimately, the most important thing for someone who cultivates the Dao is to live.”

Hearing that, everyone almost coughed up blood. How was such an answer acceptable?

But shockingly, Long Chen once more rose. As for the person who asked the question, he was eliminated.


The spectators were all dumbfounded. Was Long Chen really related to the Dao discussion stage? How could this be?

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